It comes from a parallel universe, where their world revolves around feet. Music, as some of you already know, one of my favorite shows growing up was icarly, because that comedy show focused on two of my favorite interests: technology and the internet. Some may say i’m, pretty similar to one of the show’s main characters which is gibby. I didn’t know you’re into computers. What kind do you have it’s white nah i’m kidding? I definitely relate to freddie the most Music. Damn it wrong clip anyway. Icarly is on netflix. Now so i’ve been reliving a huge part of my childhood recently and i’m. Still very intrigued by all the fake tech they use on that show. One piece of fake tech that is used in the later seasons of icarly is the smartphone shaped like pairs called pair phones. I’Ve always wondered what it would be like to own one and use it in real life, so i bought one. It came from the company itself pair of california, Music and i’m, still wondering what it’ll be like to own and use one, because this is just a replica, meaning it doesn’t work at all. Yes, i’m, aware that the ones in the show don’t actually work either. So this is probably the closest thing you can have in real life to having a pair phone. If you desire one for yourself, i’ll link the etsy store. I got it from in the description down below again it’s non functional, but if you’re wondering how i posted this photo to instagram, i just used my real phone to take the photo peeking out slightly behind the pair phone.

Then i photoshopped it out it’s so obvious. That was faked, because if anyone had a real working pair phone it would only let the user take photos of their feet. Another product from the pair company is pair books, they’re, not as unique as pair phones, as almost all of them shown on the show are just macbooks with a cover on their lid, so some of you are already using pair books and don’t know it. Yet. I have nine, but to get the exact pair book look, i bought this pair book macbook decal from redbubble again link in the description after carefully applying the decal. The look in the texture is exactly what i imagine having a pair book in real life would be like. If you want to go even further, you can install pair os, which is an actual working linux based operating system. It’S, not clear. If the creator is a fan of icarly, but thanks to him and the pair book decal, i can finally edit the feed pics taken with the pair phone. Both of these things are pretty neat, but i still want an iconic piece of tech from the show that actually exists. Actually works and doesn’t have a dumb phony name so presenting the camera that freddy uses to shoot icarly. I came across it when i was watching icarly on netflix. When i began to wonder what camera freddy was using to shoot the web show they covered the brand name of the camera, but they didn’t cover what appears to be a model number of the camera.

It looks like it says: xl1, so i googled xl1 camera and it appears to be a canon camera, so i’m working with familiar territory. I then went on ebay to search for one to buy and there were plenty for sale and i bought one if you wanted. Your own icarly camera that’s, how you do it now: let’s unbox, it god. I did not think the box was going to be this big. Oh, it smells like a casino, and here we have the icarly camera itself. This is the microphone, but one of the settings is a little sus and now it’s time for check time with plane rock. What are the specs of this camera? First of all, it’s a prosumer camera that came out in february 1998 for 588, 000 yen in normal money amount, that’s, 5, 352 and 76 cents and with inflation. The staggering total would be about eight thousand seven hundred sixty nine dollars and seventy nine cents – and i thought me paying two hundred and seventy dollars for it on ebay was crazy. Maybe it is because it is a 23 year old. Camera wait a minute, so the first episode of icarly came out in 2007 and the very last episode came out in 2012., so does that mean freddie was using outdated technology from the very beginning to film the show up until the end when it was super outdated? Oh, i can no longer relate to freddy, because it’s now, canon no pun intended that he’s broke anyway back to the camera.

It also uses mini dv tapes, for are you young kids. These were basically the time periods sd cards and it uses them to record for 60 minutes in standard definition, what’s that well let’s just say you won’t be able to catch anyone in 4k using this camera next, it doesn’t have an external screen to monitor what you’re Shooting you have to look through this tiny electronic viewfinder, which seems like a bad idea. If you’re trying to shoot a web show, the only external screens it has is to monitor the time code and the audio levels there’s, also a lot of buttons switches and knobs. Some of which i have no idea what they do, i’m, not a pro video shooter. So i just set everything i could to auto. This thing is also decently heavy with all the stuff on it, so that’s how freddy became so swole and here’s all the other specs that i don’t care enough about to read out enough of this. What does this camera actually like to use, and can i actually do a web show with it hmm first of all, it’s very sticky due to them using a type of plastic that disintegrates with age? I tried cleaning it, but the plastic kept on coming off and it just made it even more sticky so forget about that. This almost 20 year old battery still holds a charge, probably won’t. Last very long, though, like me to start we’re going to open one of these still sealed blank mini dv tapes i’m embarrassed about how long it actually took me to figure out how to get it out of its case and resorted to brute force, open this door And pop this little sucker in so now we can boot her up and start recording a video i also found out the year can only go up to 2020.

, just miss that mark let’s see if it matches the supposed quality it’s shown to have on icarly. In five, four three, two hey guys i’m coming to you, live from the icarly camera and i wan na give a special message using this camera, which is please don’t, subscribe to this channel. If you’re, looking for icarly content or any other tv show content, because i don’t know, if i’m gon na be doing this again, i’m – probably just gon na stick with what i’m good at, which is a lot of tech. Destruction happens on icarly too, so this works and so that i’m out peace wait a second the quality isn’t even close to what’s supposed to be on the show. I got scammed. Okay, if it wasn’t obvious already, this camera wasn’t actually used to film anything on the show. It was just used as the prop and the footage that appears to come from. It came from one of their professional studio cameras. Instead, lesson is just because something’s big doesn’t mean it’s good that’s, something i tell myself constantly if you’re curious about how this camera performs. In some other environments, let’s find out here, it is outside during the day in the sun. Oh so bright here it is inside. During the day, how depressing here it is outside at night time yeah, you can barely see anything. Oh things are kind of starting to get creepy. Oh let’s go back inside and finally here’s what it looks like inside at night.

The quality of this camera probably makes this look like an old found footage movie, but luckily there’s nothing sus going on in here. Oh my god above us now. How did i just import that footage? Well, you can’t just pop the tape into your computer, so it’s a process. The only way to output video is with these composite slash s, video ports. Then i had to buy a composite to hdmi converter from walmart. After that, i plugged it into my elgato capture card, then into my laptop, and i fired up the recording software, then, on the camera i had to put into vcr mode rewind then play back all the footage in real time to be able to capture all of It to import it into the pair book what an elegant setup now is it possible to use this camera to do a web show or, as we call today a live stream on the show they were able to do it wirelessly via two glowing antennas? I don’t think that technology actually exists, or at least works with this camera we’ll just use the same method i used to import video. The only difference would be to switch the camera into regular shooting mode and switch the capture card output to my live streaming. Software let’s do this in five four, three, two hey guys welcome to my twitch live stream that definitely doesn’t break too s you better, donate or else i’ll ban.

You come on don’t. You want your name on the board Music. Only five dollars what’s wrong with you. I am putting myself through how to bring you quality, entertainment wait. I also got ta film my feet because it’s not an icarly web show without that, as you can see, not great for live streaming either, not only because of the quality but because i couldn’t find a way to turn off the time code. So that’s a permanent part of the live stream, so what’s the conclusion of today’s video, the real life equivalent of the technology in icarly will never be as good. We still don’t have funny shaped iphones the macbook still aren’t, that colorful and this model camera doesn’t match. Icarly’S video quality, despite being the exact same model and no i’m, not gon na, destroy it. Now what about the future of icarly? As most of you know, it’s getting rebooted very soon, which is partially, why i’m making this video and the official promo trailer? You can see that freddy finally upgraded his camera. They covered the brand name once again, but i can tell it’s another canon. I don’t know the exact model, but it’s one from the canon cinema eos line, which, as you can tell by the name, is professional cinema cameras, whichever one he’s using they all still go for thousands of dollars and all of them are still probably better than the New canon camera i just bought, maybe i’ll, see what it’s like to use, one of them in the far far future after the price nose.

Dives i’m, looking forward to seeing if this will be the prop camera and the reboot can’t wait to pay for another subscription service to find out let’s personalize. Your experience pick at least three shows to get recommendations for you, okay, i carly, and what else is there? And some of that? Thank you guys for watching comment like and subscribe and i’ll see you guys later, bye wait. Why am i using my hand, bye, honestly, i’m nervous if the new icarly will be just as good as the old icarly without jeanette, mccurdy or dan schneider? Will it succeed without the feet, looks like we’re all about to find out pretty soon honestly, another reason i’m. So sentimental about icarly is because i don’t know if this is a direct reason, but icarly may have been one of the reasons.