I still remember thinking: okay, so you’re, using a bunch of products from the same company like what’s, the big deal it wasn’t until i added a desktop a notebook and then finally, a watch that i saw how well everything works together for the average user and for Creators, of course, and now the problem is that i can’t really unsee what i now know and when i go back to my other system, i do notice some friction. What’S up segee here and in today’s tech year, talk i’m going to talk about my choices. For my apple ecosystem, why i chose each component and why, in most cases, i choose not to use the most expensive models? Let’S get started it’s, true, that the iphone, at least for me, is the core of this ecosystem, but i feel like you’re, only fully immersed once you get a desktop or a laptop, so i’ll get to this iphone later on in the video. The reason why i’m, starting with the m1 mac mini, is that it actually grounds the system for me because it’s, the only stationary component that i have so far. I think that the mac mini is the perfect way to dip your toe into mac os. If you’re coming from a windows desktop, then you already have a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. So for 6.99 you can get an extremely powerful desktop with a small form factor. I added a usbc hub to mine, so i can expand the functionality and get additional ports i’ve, had it set up as a single and dual monitor setup and even with eight gigabytes of unified, ram and 256 gigabytes of ssd storage.

This computer will work great for the average user. I definitely recommend adding an external ssd, which is a lot cheaper than maxing out the internal storage and it really isn’t an inconvenience because you can just keep it attached to your mac mini. You do also gain the benefit of being able to share it with some of the other components that i’m going to talk about. So, in my case, i have one that’s dedicated to the mac mini and then another one that i use as a shared device in the m1 mac mini we’re. Getting a compact and elegant design enough input, output, or i o ports for most users and then even more with the added usb c hub and an extremely capable processor. Unless you need a ton of the absolute fastest internal storage, i would look at getting the 256 or 512 gigabyte ssd and then adding external ssd storage. If you want to upgrade your ram to 16 gigabytes it’s hard for me to imagine that you’ll ever regret that – and i do want to say that the 8 gig version has worked great for me so far. The next component of the system is my m1 macbook air, which, for the average user is a no brainer. I’Ve got the 8 core cpu 7 core gpu base model and there just isn’t enough of a difference between the m1 air and the m1 pro to justify the added cost and for what most people do they’re, simply not going to notice the performance improvement of the Pro because they aren’t running their macbooks at a hundred percent for eight to ten minutes, let alone longer than that you’re still getting a fantastic new keyboard, you’re getting best in class trackpad a dc ip3 display all in a light and sleek form factor.

Yes, the pro has a display that’s 25 brighter the touch bar, which i happen to love, but i know some people don’t a slightly larger track pad and longer battery life all that to go along with the active cooling system, but the battery life is already so Good on the air that i never really think of charging either one of them, and both last me several days of typical use. The macbook air gives me a ton of portable power and when i need additional storage, i use the shared ssd that i mentioned with the mac mini. The next component of my system is the ipad air 4. and i think it’s, just in the sweet spot of the ipad options. I’M, getting a newer chip than the 2020 ipad pro with a similar form factor: smaller bezels, a usbc port for increased connectivity with accessories and for faster charging. A smart, connector apple pencil to compatibility with wireless pairing and charging a great set of speakers and the upgraded touch id functionality on the power button. For most of what i do, i don’t need the 12.9 inch ipad pro and the smaller 10.9 inch display on the air 4 is beautiful and portable, just like the ipad pro it’s, a fully laminated display. So the experience of viewing content and using the second generation apple pencil is excellent, and really the only meaningful difference in terms of displays is that the ipad pro has a faster maximum refresh rate at 120, hertz and it’s 20 brighter.

So while i do appreciate the better speaker system and a larger display on the ipad pro, i think the better fit for what most average users need is the air 4., if you’re, still watching and you’re enjoying this video, give it a thumbs up, it’s, incredibly helpful And it lets me know what kind of content you like so that i can make more of it, and i still see that over ninety percent of you aren’t subscribed yet so hit that subscribe button next i’m going to talk about the iphone and until this year I was using the iphone 10s and i’ve been really happy with it, so there was really no reason for me to upgrade to the 11., but then i saw the camera on the iphone 12 and, and that was game over. It was one of those things where i took the same picture with the 10s and then the 12, and i was blown away so whether i was in good lighting or if i was outside in really challenging conditions where the camera has to be able to expose. For the bright areas and the dark areas, so it needs to have higher dynamic range or even when i was in low light situation, the iphone 12 just crushed my 10s in terms of image quality. I thought about picking up the pro max, because the camera system is even better, but for me the size of the pro max was a deal breaker.

I had the iphone 7 plus for a while, and it was just too big. It was hurting my hand, so i didn’t feel compelled to go that big again, and i was glad not to fork over that extra cash. The a14 bionic chip on the iphone 12 is that same monster that we saw on the ipad. Air 4. makes the phone responsive and extremely capable. I don’t do a lot of video editing on my iphone other than for testing purposes, but it handled 4k footage with no problems the all around. I really like this new squared off design again same as the ipad air 4.. I like it much better than the rounded design of the 10s. I think it’s cleaner, it’s, more comfortable to hold and it’s less slippery. I know that the average user is not going to upgrade their phone every year and for me, moving from the 10s to the 12 was a meaningful enough difference to justify the added cost. Next we’re going to talk about the apple watch and i opted for the series 6.. I like the brighter display the fact that it’s an always on display, so i don’t have to wait for it to wake up. Before i see the time i got the gps plus cellular model, so i can leave my iphone at home when i go biking or take the dogs for a walk and then i can stay connected and i love all the new colors and band options.

I might actually give this one to christy and then get the red one, because that red band is awesome. I really wish they actually made that red and black instead of red and blue, because i think it would match the watch better. But i don’t know it still looks pretty cool with the red and blue. And let me know in the comment section, red and black or red and blue. Now the new series 6 is faster than the series 5 by about 20 percent. It’S, not a mind blowing difference. But when you look at boot up times, switching between apps and just the overall responsiveness of the watch, any boost in performance is appreciated. I wouldn’t tell you to upgrade from the series 5 to the series 6 just for speed, but you won’t hate having a more capable processor. I also have the blood oxygen sensor, which apple really highlighted in all their marketing. Is it something that i think i need not really it’s, not fda, approved, then it’s a bit of a novelty, but with the added benefits i already mentioned, and the third generation optical heart sensor, i’ll. Consider it a bonus looking at all the devices that i mentioned, this is probably the biggest splurge, which is why it was the one that i upgraded last. A big reason for this upgrade was my previous one: didn’t have cell service, so i always had to have the phone with me and now i just love having that flexibility of being able to leave my iphone behind now.

Staying on the topic of being portable and connected, i have to include the airpods, and i have both the original ones and the airpods pro. I go back and forth in them, because i, like different things about each model. The airpods pro are clearly better in terms of audio quality. The actual sound is deeper and fuller. We also have anc or active noise cancellation, which further isolates you from ambient noises, basically uses a microphone to listen to what’s going on outside of your ear, and then it tries to eliminate that unwanted noise with what they call anti noise, and it makes something like 200 adjustments per second, which is kind of bananas, and then we have transparency mode which you can activate by holding the force sensor and this lets in the outside noise. So that you’re more aware of your surroundings, that’s good to do when you’re riding your bike or running again, i don’t really like to block out all the external noise. These also have a wireless charging case and smaller stems so essentially they’re better in every way, except for that. The original airpods are more comfortable for me to wear, and since i have them in my ears pretty much all day, i mostly use the original and almost don’t notice that i have them in my ear. So this is the dilemma that i have. The originals are more comfortable for me, but the pros are clearly better in terms of just sound quality and features.

This whole ecosystem works together seamlessly. So using my airpods with my iphone, my ipad air 4, my macbook and the mac mini is super easy and really convenient, sharing files using airdrop pretty much ruined my life for when i’m, not using a mac. My main workstation is a windows machine and when i just want to do something like share a picture with a group of friends, i have to start doing that dance of like pc to dropbox dropbox, to iphone photo library, and then i can finally text it out. Is it the end of the world? No, but when i’m used to just being able to airdrop from device to device, i feel like it slows down my workflow now being able to copy link or text from my iphone and then paste it on my macbook. Just blew my mind, i have to give props to my dude terry warfield, for showing me that we were on a call talking about a video and i had a link on my phone of a video that i wanted to watch on my macbook, and so he Goes dude, so you mean to tell me: you got all of these apple devices and you didn’t know that all you had to do was press copy link on your iphone and that it will paste that link across all your apple devices. So then, you can just press paste on your macbook and boom there’s your link, and i was like wait.

What no way it may be a small thing, but it does solve a problem and it just saves me from having to email myself links or use. Google docs to transfer them going back to texting, being able to start or pick up a conversation on any device is just so convenient and especially as conversations get longer, i’m always going to opt for using a keyboard and there’s a lot more that i can add. But i wanted to highlight that there isn’t, really a single component that makes this an ecosystem that i enjoy it’s. The experience as a whole remember that i have links in the description to all the products i talked about. Hopefully, this video was helpful. Click on my face to subscribe and then check out one of these other videos.