I dont even recognize you anymore. What is it whats? The problem youre not even wearing your Apple watch youre using a home button. You dont want an iPad anymore. What the heck is wrong with you. How could we be considered family? We have the same mom. No, that means nothing if you dont want iPad OS to be a part of your life. Okay, Frank. I understand its just. It feels like Apples abandoning my iPad simply because it doesnt have an M1 chip in it, and these are all skill issues. You have simply forgot to order. The superior M2 iPad Pro okay, but just paying five bucks a month for Final Cut when Ive already bought it and Im using it on my MacBook Pro anyway feels like kind of a waste. I cant even talk to you right now, its ridiculous sorry. I know this is not a video I ever thought I would make, but its not something Im completely convinced of either, because obviously a lot of my perspective has changed on iPad OS within the past couple years and it feels like just yesterday. I was telling everybody: this is my favorite Apple Hardware, because the Silicon was so fast. The face ID was so good and we had promotion and we got USBC on this product that just felt like in terms of the iPad Hardware. Team Apple was listening, and then I think, where it kind of strayed from the course it strayed from that original, Steve Jobs formula was once Apple started, running out of things for the iPad Hardware to do so, thats when they tried to start making it more so Into a two in one, a hybrid device, it can do laptop things because it has a trackpad and it has a keyboard and it can do tablet things because its a touch, dominant operating system and thats.

When I think I started expecting the iPad to do a lot more, its like okay, now youve got the same Apple silicon as very powerful Max and youve got the same. I o now youve got the same input methods, so yeah, Im gon na start, expecting it to do a lot of Mac level things, especially when a lot of iPad combos start to cost more than MacBooks cost and weve been bickering about this back and forth. In the Tech Community for years now, where I keep saying, I think the iPad should have dual boot Mac OS and you guys all keep responding with the same thing and expecting my reaction to somehow change Drew. If you want to back just buy a Mac and if you want an iPad, just buy an iPad and I always respond with the same old. If you wanted a camera, you should have bought a Nikon, and if you wanted a smartphone, you should have bought a Blackberry and if you want an iPod, buy an iPod, but no apple found one of the most successful products of all time. By combining all of those categories into one very capable device called the iPhone that is capable of replacing our point and shoot cameras replacing our blackberries and flip phones and replacing our iPods and that ended up being a very successful product. Its weird its like, if you can find a way to merge multiple product categories into one, even though there are some compromises, people are willing to do it.

If the compromises arent that great and I still think theres a very, very plausible and realistic way, you could make an iPad do everything a Mac can do in terms of software, maybe not so much Hardware, but I think those compromises for a lot of people would Be worth it, but this aint getting anywhere right because we just saw a final cut and logic, are being redesigned and likely going to leave out some of the functionality that we like about. The Mac version in favor of some new touch friendly control features so that you can edit Final Cut or edit in logic without a keyboard and trackpad. But I think what overall impressed me about the pixel tablet was Google kind of admitting. What is a tablet? Really good for and as cringy as the event may be stuffful of their 150 AI references. I thought that brought up an excellent point that was actually very relatable to me when it came to tablets, which is that they mostly stay in the home and theres, often times where you go long stretches without ever using your tablet and then, when you finally do Feel like actually, you know what. Maybe this is one of those. I need a tablet type situations you reach for it and the batterys dead, because its been left in a drawer or, in my case, its been left under the desk untouched for weeks on end. So it didnt make it its just dead.

Something I want to give some credit for with what Google did with the pixel tablet is that they have fallen back, in my opinion, to not trying to make a tablet so much of a laptop that can also be a tablet, but instead theyre making it a Hybrid two in one device for the smart home, the smart speaker system that you can also disconnect from that speaker and take along with you in the house as you need a larger media consumption device and I think thats why it spoke to me. A lot is because its not that expensive 4.99 for an 11 inch tablet ensure its not that fancy and I think, thats kind of okay. It doesnt have 120 hertz, it doesnt have face ID it. Doesnt have lidar or an ultra wide camera or a state of the art M2 Chip in it thats going to be fully unlocked in a future update thanks to iPad OS 17, just a touch screen, thats bigger than a phone that allows for a larger media consumption Device and more comfortable video calls and more comfortable web browsing than what a phone can offer and simultaneously when youre, not using your tablet and your hands are busy with whatever youre in the kitchen or washing dishes, whatever it may be. Now, theres a essentially inductive charging method. I know its not technically inductive, but basically with one hand, you can drop this tablet on a charging dock and that tops it off.

Hopefully it has optimized battery charging, but I dont know yet, and that allows you to connect to a much Superior, sound system. So it basically replaces the job of what a nest Hub would do or for many of us a nest mini would do. I feel like thats, the one everybody has access to, so you have access to the smartest digital assistant, which, yes, even me and my wife are still using the Google home Max that we got all those years ago. So thats an actually pretty common use case. For us calling out to Google asking for it to play music and letting it kind of act as a Smart Hub system for the household, so that you can easily change the lights or set timers and also get a visual along with it. And also take video calls off of that tablet and watch videos off of that tablet. Yeah I feel like like this is actually a refreshing take because Im just so sick of Apple trying to advertise how this is the tablet that can replace your laptop and sure for some people it can but Im still using a Macbook because theres all kinds of Things that the iPad Pro still cant do, even if you spend over two grand on it basic software functionality that Mac OS is rocking that the iPad totally could but doesnt and every year it feels like apple, is constantly trying to justify you spending over a thousand Dollars on your iPad right, its like well, I know the a12x chip is still pretty fast on your iPad Pro, but were not going to give you stage.

Manager were not going to give you external monitor. Support were not going to give you Final Cut unless you upgrade and spend an extra 1200 1300 on this tablet, which is ultimately still going to run into circumstances where it says. Oh well, because its an iPad, it cant do that and you should really also buy a Macbook as well. I dont really love that business model like Ive played that game with apple before, and I dont like the road that theyre kind of leading down on of well. You just have to subscribe month to month for the this pro software, but then, of course, what other functionality are they going to come up with, like the calculator membership app and that calculator app is only going to work? If you have the M3 chip on your iPad, Pro 14 inch or 15 inch to screen and an OLED display and thats going to cost you, you know sixteen hundred dollars, not including the magic keyboard like Im, just willing to accept that weve. Had this bickering back and forth on what a tablet should be in terms of a two in one and Im, just gon na start accepting what you guys say, which is, if you want to buy a Mac, buy a Mac. Okay, I did that. I did that like two years ago and Im loving my Mac and Im using my Mac, but if you want to justify me spending a thousand dollars, twelve hundred dollars, or sometimes more than fifteen hundred dollars on a tablet.

My point was to justify that it would have to do some basic level things that a Mac is capable of doing yeah. Im gon na expect the software to be at least as good, because I know the hardware isnt going to be as good with less ports. Worse display smaller battery, worse cooling system, because theres no fans in the tablet, whereas Googles approach was lets, make it a hybrid two in one product but were not trying to make it a laptop here. And I appreciate Google for actually unveiling a somewhat affordable tablet. 4.99. In 2023, and at no point showcasing it with a keyboard in trackpad attached, thats something they didnt do back when they unveiled the pixel slate. You know they were trying to advertise it as this um, its kind of a Chromebook, but its kind of an Android tablet and kind of sucks at both no now theyre using their own custom silicon rather than relying on some other crappy chip and, if theyre making It easier to charge easier to top off. It has a resting place that allows it to be functional, even when youre not using it as a smart speaker, which I think a lot of us have started using in our day to day lives as digital assistants and as doorbell camera feeds and smart home controls. And you can put lyrics on the music youre listening to on there and yeah. I do despise the white bezel options, but, unlike the 24 inch iMac, they actually have an option with black bezels, so good job pixel.

That way, you please both parties. If some of you want white bezels, you can have it in my my only hesitation when it comes to actually buying a pixel tablet is when it comes down to the execution of a lot of pixel. Hardware has always been botched. You know theres a lot of good ideas. I think Google has had in the past, but how they execute them can often leave you wanting more. It can be buggy and Google is known for killing off things prematurely. So I hope thats not the case with the pixel tablet and also Im, not gon na be home. Im gon na be out of the country when deliveries of the pixel tablet begins so thats. Why I havent ordered one yet, but rest assured Im keeping a very, very sharp eye on this one, because I need my iPad as a tool functionality with now my iPhone, because I have an iPhone SE 2 now with subject, lift that kind of eliminated. A lot of the point of me having a tablet with a stylus so that I could mask out subjects and things now that I can lift any subject from any photo thanks to iOS 16 on my iPhone SE theres. Not a lot of point for me using my iPad these days, in fact other than just as a reference for when Im doing Tech. Videos like this, I actually they havent like genuinely used my iPad for several weeks.

Now it just kind of sits dead under my desk and pretty much. The only perk that my wife and I appreciate having a tablet for is occasionally watching a movie or show when were like in the kitchen or in bed or away from the TV. Essentially, if you want the speakers to be quiet for whatever reason its just turned into what any old iPad is capable of, which is a media consumption device, and she has the 10 and a half inch iPad Pro 2. If she wants to read books or FaceTime someone on a larger display than what her phone can offer, so I feel like Im getting to the point now, where Im accepting that tablets might be better off as just media consumption devices and if thats the case, then Justifying a one thousand dollar Plus iPad Pro is really really difficult these days, when our phones are capable of being such great media consumption devices already and productivity devices and Im very curious to see Googles, new implementation, because I havent really seen a tablet done this way Before and on top of that, Im also really impressed with their kickstand design. You know, instead of having this flimsy foldy fabric, that Apple charges 80 to 100 for and frankly this stuff ages horribly. I didnt talk about that in my 10 and a half inch iPad Pro review, but man this stuff just scratches and collects oils and starts falling apart just a few years into ownership, whereas Google has developed what appears to be a bit more of a premium solution And this big loop ring design on the back that still lets you dock it on the charging stand, which is really smart, but I was also thinking with that metal ring on the back.

You could probably hang it somewhere in the house. You know turn it into a picture frame, which is what Google says it turns into when youre not using it. I just think the functionality here theyve come up with is actually pretty compelling for the price. It would be a different story if the pixel tablet was, you know, like eight hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, but for 4.99 I got ta admit this is a pretty compelling option. Maybe it sounds way worse than I expect. Maybe theres other compromises. I dont know about yet, but when I get back from my overseas trip, this is something that I absolutely am curious about and want to check out and frankly, I would just love to see apple copy. I want Apple to make an iPad homepod product that can turn into a smart hub for your home when youre not using the tablet. But then you can easily remove and use as a media consumption device, in which case youre just streaming movies watching YouTube and then 60 hertz is fine. You know. Obviously, 60 hertz is not going to be as great for drawing with a stylus, but I didnt see Google really even pushing a stylus with this product or a keyboard case and trackpad, which ultimately makes most iPad products. Even the iPad 10 theyre lower priced here with USBC and everything that still requires the stupid apple pencil one. Even that thing when you buy it with the keyboard case, is more expensive than the pixel stand, which iPad 10 has a non laminated display.

Thats 60 hertz. As well, pixel tablet has the charging dock included and I assume a laminated display fairly high resolution. Nothing fancy so I feel, like Googles, actually kind of captured the market for what people use a tablet for better and Im just kind of accepting defeat on okay. If you want me to buy Mac, I already did that Im using my Mac, and I love it. The MacBook Pro is great Googles got nothing that can touch that, but in the tablet space I actually appreciate, where Googles going with it a bit more than Apple, which just seems to be trying to justify you. You got ta upgrade again. Four years have gone by and now your a12x chip is dated. You need to buy a new iPad to access these new features we came up with that are still going to be fundamentally limited compared to what a Mac can do, but will still cost more than what a Mac can do. Yeah Im kind of annoyed by it. So what do you guys think of the pixel tablet approach versus the iPad approach feel free to. Let me know down in the comments below and thank you to everybody, supporting this channel directly helps us out a ton, as does just watching these videos.