But someone has finally made something to wet your appetite and it just so happens to be an update to one of my favorite handhelds hello, everyone taki here today, we’re going to take a look at the new rg351v. The 351v comes in three different color variants: there’s, a fake wood pattern smoke and a gray color option, similar to the rg 350 from last year. Out of all of these options, the smoke color is my personal favorite. I think the wood color could have been a top choice if it was made out of actual wood instead of plastic it’s, not a bad option, it’s just different. As you can see, this is a clear update to the old archie 300. I really like the rg, 300 and i’ve been waiting a long time for amber nick to upgrade this design with a better chip, and i was surprised that they never did it with the 4770 chip from last year, i’m kind of happy that they didn’t, because this Is a much better chip for this form factor. So what is different here compared to the other recent rg devices? Well not a whole lot, except for the fact that this is currently the only rk3326 device that has a screen with the proper aspect ratio to fully showcase what this chip does best and that’s playing the vast majority of retro games in their native aspect ratio. Without stretching or huge black bars in this first part, let’s take a look at what’s changed in this updated design.

We have a d pad abxy buttons start and select, and a single analog stick with l3 functionality. We also have a function button under the amber nick logo that you can use in combination with other buttons to perform some useful functions inside emulators, along with the mono speaker in the corner, here’s. A quick, sound test of that Music speaker on the left side of the screen. You have a volume up and down button and on the right side you have a reset button and a power slash sleep button both of the tf cards are also available on this right side and you have quick access to the 16 gigabyte sd card that holds The firmware and the additional 64 gigabyte card for your roms, just like the rg 300. We have a set of shoulder buttons on the back, but now we have two of them. They did keep the small grip on the back of the battery, which does help a lot with making this device easier to hold and more comfortable the shoulder buttons kind of resemble the ones in the 280v, with r2 and l2 buttons stacked higher to make them easier To press with the tip of your finger, i’ve taken off the back cover to give you a good idea of how it looks to use and hold this device, as you can see, it’s really easy to use these shoulder buttons. You’Ll also notice that we have a bigger battery now, but there does seem to be some extra space between the battery and the pcb for an even bigger one.

The company claims that this device can last for around five hours, but that’s going to depend a lot on the types of games you play and your brightness setting. I will say that this device is going to take around 3 to 3 and a half hours to fully charge back up to 100 from dead based on my tests. I also want to point out that the processor sits right above where your index fingers will be, and this area does get a little warm depending on the types of games you’re playing. Finally, on the bottom, you have two usb type c ports with one for charging and a headphone jack. The reason why i love the rg 300 so much is that it’s easy to hold and the screen is pretty good, but this is even better thanks to a bigger screen and overall bigger size of the device for size. Comparison here’s the 350v compared to a gameboy color, even though i really like the gameboy pocket. I would love to see a gameboy c inspired design because it’s one of my favorite consoles now we’re going to do a deep dive on the screen and we are going to compare it against other products on the market. This part was recorded in 4k, so it’ll be really evident. Why? I think this is now the go to option when it comes to rk 3326 here’s donkey kong country running with no filters and integer scaling turned on here.

It is again on the retro pocket one. You can see that we’re, probably one to two stops brighter than the 351 v and the color temperature is different, and here we are on the 351p, with 4×3 scaling, and here we are with full screen scaling. It should be clear as day how much better the 351 v screen is compared to the 351p, the color temperature isn’t as good as it could be, but it should be perfectly adequate with our added resolution on this device. We can also do things like upscale ps1 games and the visual difference when you have this device in your hands is absolutely stunning. This is something that you cannot do on the older 4×3 rg devices. You can do the same thing on nintendo 64, but you may have to sacrifice a few fps to do so. I’Ll, just briefly show off the stock ui that comes with this device and the additional 64 gigabyte card. This is pretty much identical to the other 3326 rg devices. The 64 gigabyte card is filled with roms and some scraped artwork, but not all of the roms are real versions of games, so you’d be better off just wiping the card clean and filling this with your own games. I will show off some of what comes with this device in the following section. You may also have to wait a little while until custom firmware supports this device. When that happens, you should definitely jump ship because they are much better than the stock firmware now.

Let’S. Take a look at gaming performance on this device and i’m mostly doing this section just to showcase how the games will look on this 4×3 screen. So you’ll know what you’re getting when you buy this product. You can find a list for all the games that i’ve tested in this video in the pin comment down below let’s start off with game boy advance. I have the emulator set to display the image and its original aspect. Ratio of 3×2 so you’ll see some black bars on the top and bottom, but the image that you do have is really good and sharp when we transition over to what the rk3326 does best. You will see how well this product shines, the picture quality is great, and all these retro games look stunning for those of you that own the rg350m. You might not know why this is the better option since there’s a lot of overlap between what each of these devices can do, and it really comes down to being able to use more accurate emulators to play your games. This chip isn’t powerful enough to use the most accurate versions of some emulators for games, but it’s very easy to learn how to change the emulator when something doesn’t run, as well as it should let’s take super mario rpg, for instance, using the default emulator. That is good for pretty much the whole library of snes games. This game runs very slow, but we can change this by selecting a less demanding version of the emulator before we boot the game up in retro, arch or in the system menu.

You can see the difference now and just for the sake of demonstration. This is how easy it is to change an emulator using the system, menu here’s. Another super nintendo game that won’t run well on the best version of the snes 9x core, but this is again remedied by changing to a different version of the emulator i’m doing this to illustrate a clear difference to owners of the rg350m. This chip supports more emulators and more versions of emulators than the 4770, so it’s inherently less plug and play, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more complicated. As with other devices, we do have limitations in what the rk3326 can do without android. So i wouldn’t go into this with your hopes dead set on n64. But if you’re willing to make a compromise, you can get some playable performance with some titles – Applause: oh Music, Music, Music, switching gears from nintendo for a moment, here’s genesis, making great use of the 4×3 screen Music. The rk3326 supports some dreamcast and, if you’re willing to put up with less than perfect emulation, you can get some playable performance with some Music titles. This victory collect gold to buy power. Ups, coming from the rg350m, most arcade systems are going to feel very similar to you, but when we’re going to the upper end, you’ll find games that don’t run well at all on the 350m can run on this chip without issue Music, Music. So playstation 1 is another system that is able to run on the 350 without too many issues, but you do have the added benefit of now being able to run games with that improved render resolution that i showed off earlier.

We only have one analog stick in this device, which is obviously less than full coverage, but you can get by with what we do have here. If you’re willing to forego a few ps1 titles, i happen to really enjoy using the 351v to play. Ps1 rpgs on the go with a set of headphones Music, so Music, just like n64 and dreamcast playstation portable, is gon na, be a hit or miss depending on the game. But this is a system that isn’t held back by the software. The performance that you see here under linux is pretty much identical to android. This is just the limits of what this ship can do. You can play some less demanding psp games at 1x resolution, but you’re, obviously going to be better off with a modded psp and the proper aspect ratio screen Music. That leaves us with nintendo ds, which should be running flawlessly on the 3326. But the developer of this emulator never ended up open sourcing his work last year, so it could be properly ported over to linux, but here’s, hoping that he comes through this year. That’S it for this review of the rg 351 v i got ta say i really like this device and i hope they continue using this design in the future with more powerful processors. If you want to buy one of these, you can find a link to amber nyx store down in the description box below and if you like, what you saw here, please consider showing your support below the video i’ll catch you next time with another review.

Happy gaming.