When i sold my windows laptop about a year and a half ago, and i was looking for some alternatives, that was actually around the same time when i made my most popular video to date about installing windows on a chromebook, and so i decided why dont, i Just use this laptop now, because it does pretty much everything that i wanted to its relatively cheap and i dont need to go out looking for a new laptop and so for the past year and a half. I have been using this an acrc 720 with windows. 10 installed on it now, maybe you are considering getting a cheap windows laptop and youre. Considering doing this method, or you already have a chromebook, and you want to install windows on it because, like me, you dont, particularly like chrome, os. This video is mainly going to document my experience on using windows on a chromebook for the past year and a half now ive used a variety of computers. I have used well, obviously a desktop behind me. I have used a chromebook. I have used a 2020 macbook air, a 2015 macbook air and some older, cheaper windows, laptops and my main issue with a lot of the cheap windows laptops is that they have bad touch pads, thats a big thing. For me, the keyboards are just very, very mushy. The screens are not great, usually theyre, going to be tn panels, not ips or va, and honestly they are just big and clunky.

A lot of them have big frames, which is really not ideal, especially when im carrying it around a school, because that is the main purpose of my laptop is. I want to be able to bring it to school and use it for school work. Now, one of the biggest issues that i had using windows on a chromebook is that the battery life kind of sucks, unfortunately, i dont think there is any workaround. I tried multiple power options on windows, but so far i could not get it to last. More than around four hours on a single battery charge even doing simple things like adding a google doc theres, also some pretty significant battery drain, which means that, even if youre just going to be editing documents, you pretty much have to bring the power supply with you Everywhere the charger everywhere in order to make sure that you dont run out of battery now, i was really only using this laptop for basic tasks such as document editing, microsoft, onenote, maybe spotify and some discord. That was pretty much about it. That was basically most of what i would do on a daily basis. There really wasnt room for much else, because the specs of the laptop are really not that impressive. It has an intel, celeron, 2955u, four gigabytes of ram and a 128 gigabyte ssd. Now the total cost for the entire build was around 170 dollars for the computer. The screen upgrade the ssd upgrade and the power cable, the laptop itself with the power cable, was about eighty dollars.

The screen upgrade was about sixty dollars and the ssd was about thirty dollars. A couple notes on somebodys upgrades. First of all, the screen, i would say, if youre going to get a chromebook like this and you cant afford to get the screen upgrade and youre really committed, like youre sure, youre going to get this. You want to invest the money. I would say that getting the ips screen upgrade is pretty much a must need or a must have if youre going to be doing it. The screen looks a lot better and the experience overall is a lot better, especially on such a low end model like this one. Now, as i said before, cheap windows laptops are really no stranger to a hefty amount of poor design, but chromebooks, on the other hand, are typically meant to be theyre meant to be cheap, theyre meant to be on the low end and theyre meant to be for People who are on a budget and thats why? I think that installing windows on a chromebook is a great option for a lot of people, because yeah you do have to trade off the battery life, which is obviously not ideal in any situation. But if you cant keep it charged and you cant keep the power supply with you. Id say that the experience on average is a lot better. You can upgrade the screen pretty easily its pretty easy to find replacements, especially for the acer c720.

It was really simple to just find the screen pop it out. Put the new one in the touchpad is great. I would actually say that, although it is on the small side, the touchpad on this chromebook is actually very, very nice and i would 100 be able to use it on a daily basis. If i had to go back to using this machine, the keyboard is not amazing, its a little on the mushy side, but it is definitely very usable and i enjoy typing on it. I would say that it is a decent typing experience, its not terrible at all and its nothing to be worried about if youre looking at this in terms of the screen, the keyboard and the trackpad now bringing the chromebook to school was obviously not comparable to an Experience like with a macbook where its a lot slimmer, you dont, have to carry around the power cable wherever you go, yes, its on the smaller side, its a little thick but its not that heavy and its really easy to just pop it in your bag. And it, i really cannot feel the difference between the chromebook and a macbook, for example, and now we get to the main point of this video. Should you install windows on a chromebook and use it as your daily driver if youre someone who has a relatively low budget say around 100 to 300, if youre willing to put in the work to find a chromebook model that is compatible and also suits your needs And do the upgrades, install windows etc, or if you already have a chromebook that you dont want chrome os on then this process is probably not too bad for you.

I would say that youre going to get a better experience, installing windows on a chromebook than you are on a cheap windows laptop if youre, someone with a higher price range or the battery life issue, is a big deal for you. This is probably not the place to look now in preparation for college. I decided to buy a new computer and i got this the 2020 macbook air. It is a lot of things that i wanted to do. I dont really have a lot of negative things to say about it. The battery life is great. The performance is great. I can do a lot of things. I can have multiple tabs open. Finally, unlike this one um, i can do photoshop video editing even play a couple games as well. I really only have to recharge the computer after around two to three days: theres relatively no battery drain, and another big thing is that the speakers on the macbook are 10 times better than whatever is in this piece of garbage, because the speakers in the chromebook are Terrible im not sure if its the trifers for windows, specifically but the speakers, if youre trying to watch any kind of media on the chromebook, i would advise you to look in other places, because this is not it now. Obviously the macbook is going to give you a much better experience. I know it has for me, but its also seven times more expensive. So if its going to be a big financial burden, you might want to look at the chromebook yeah, all right thats.

All for this video, solid, chromebook, great price, um great for the value too. If you want to check out my videos on any of the other topics that i posted on this chromebook specifically or for installing windows on chromebook, i will leave those in the description below. Thank you for watching.