I try my best to help out as many artists as I can.. I get so many comments asking about different effects and tools and different programs. So I’m happy to announce that Clip Studio, and I are teaming up to give you this video. Let’s. Do it Alright. One of the big features I’m super excited for is Record Timelapse. I heard so many great things about this, so we’re going to make a new file and there is a checkbox right here called Record timelapse.. You guys know that I made my career on timelapse videos.. You know speed, painting, recording my process beginning to end.. I wish this feature existed when I started, but better late than never., Make sure to stick around to the very end of the video to see how the timelapse turns out. Let’s do it. So right now, I’m, just trying to capture that experience of being an artist Paint and magic flowing all around her., She’s, happy she’s excited, maybe a little scared, new program, … And also you guys know the meme and the joke. I hate drawing hands but new program, new challenges.. So my attempt to draw her hand., Hey guys, welcome back and here the progress of the piece so far. And yeah I’m having a lot of fun. I think the drawing experience is really smooth it’s, a little foreign to me. I don’t know all the hot keys or the shortcuts but I’m slowly and surely learning this program.

And one tool that I’ve heard such a great things about, and I can’t wait to try is the AI Colorization. I’m, a little hesitant on trying new things. You know I’m a bit of a grandpa, I like to stay in my comfort zone, but this is a whole new program with a whole new set of features, and I would love to try AI Colorization. The way AI colorization works. Is it maps out … But yeah that’s how it works? Pretty simple. Let’s let’s give it a shot. Insert a layer to a reference layer and without giving it any hints any color we’re just gon na colorize it., You ready Three …, two … one. Oh, my God, Yo …, that’s, kinda cool, It has a sense of highlights, mid tones and shadows. This is a great starting off point for a piece you know for someone that just wants to spit color onto a page is kind of scared of that white canvas. Don’T know what color to pick this is a great tool. And now let’s, undo., We’re gon na add a color hint to help guide the program into what color palette we want. All right now, this time, let’s see what happens go to edit colorize use hint image And colorize., Ah, Oh my God, I can’t believe it.. You know I was a little scared, because my actual line work is very chaotic. You know this is how I paint and the reference tutorial had really clean line work.

, And so I thought it was gon na mess it up, but the AI did an amazing job at reading what I wanted., I think this is looking pretty good so far. So I’m gon na commit to this palette and I’ll check back soon.. Hey guys welcome back to checking in with the piece I like it, a lot you know but I’m, not really sure about the color of these paint. Splashes that’s framing the character, so I’ll try a new tool in Clips Studio Paint that allows me to color drop from my desktop.. If you go to edit obtain screen color, it allows me to select any color whether you’re on Google Pinterest. Maybe you took some reference photos and you’re trying to see what value it is. And so maybe we’ll try this nice, yellow, here. And then Ooh … That’s awesome. This saves me so much time, so I don’t have to kind of drag it into my canvas.. Also. I record all my YouTube videos with OBS and what they have noticed is that when OBS is on – and I try to color pick from my desktop – it automatically turns all my colors gray, so that’s kind of weird, hopefully they’ll – fix it in a patch or two. But that’s something for you guys to be aware: of., Looking good so far so I’m, just going to keep working on it and I’ll check back soon., Hey guys so right now, I’m.

Working on this. Oh this weird hand – and I wan na talk to you guys about using reference. Sometime there’s, a misconception that professional artists needs to know perfect anatomy at every angle, all the time and that’s just simply unrealistic. And so there’s. No shame in taking your own reference photos. A quick photo shoot with Mindy to get some uh different angle to the hand you know trying to capture that anatomy And so we’re gon na. Let this guide us into making this better. So the next time, you’re kind of struggling with your piece, maybe take five minutes, take out your camera phone and experiment by taking your own reference, photos., Sometimes we’re, scavenging the internet to find that perfect reference photo, but maybe It’S easier to take your own, because you know exactly what you want. And I just stumbled upon some of the default brushes that come with Clips Studio Paint. Usually I hate using default brushes because it’s a little cheesy, but let me show you some of my favorite ones that comes with the program. There’s this flower, one actually really loved the line, work on this. There’s, a cherry petal one. If you kind of liked that Japanese aesthetic. – Oh my gosh there’s this gold chain one, but my absolute favorite, I think – is this bubble. Brush. I feel like. I could totally see me using this inside this piece. The colors of the bubbles match the paint splashes.

That has that fun, vibrant, energetic feeling., And if these brushes aren’t enough for you CSP, actually has a whole library where you can download the free brushes assets and elements for your projects.. Also I’m told that Photoshop brushes are ready to be imported into CSP, as is also my advanced brush. Pack is now available. It’S 24 brushes. I use in almost every single one of my painting all ready to be used in Clip Studio, Paint. And last but not least, what’s really impressed me was the Clips Studio, Paint Cloud System and because Clip Studio Paint is available for all major Operating Systems. Windows – Mac, Android and iOS.. I can work on my iPad.. I think they did a really good job at translating all the functionality from the desktop to the mobile version and when I’m done say I come back from school, come back from a coffee shop. I can let the piece sync up and finish it back on my desktop.. I really love this functionality because I think nowadays everything is fast paced on the go mobile, and I think this really helps me with my work. Flow. All right guys. You know what time it is: It’s …, Add Glow time oo, …, Add Glow. Oh Hey guys, Welcome back and thank you so much to CSP again for helping me make this video possible. There’s a whole bunch of other features. I haven’t tried yet so why don’t? You guys go, try them.

Tell me your favorites, because there’s a three month free, trial., Thanks again don’t, forget to subscribe.