No, i promise. Okay, all right speak soon, bye so guys its no secret that i really do love my apple silicon max, but it is important not to get too entrenched and blindingly loyal to a single brand or product, and this means maybe every now and then having a look At some of the other options out there so for this particular video, i switched to a windows laptop for seven days, and i just wanted to give you guys my opinion and my experience over the last couple of days now. I think this is a really important comparison to make at this point in time, because i think up until now, everyones been kind of blinded by the really poor performance of intel macbooks and not just intel macbooks but intel in general, while in the background companies like Amd with their ryzen lineup and also nvidia with their rtx gpus, have really been releasing some awesome and really powerful products, and laptops featuring these particular components might actually be more competitive with apple silicon than you might think. Now this is a razer blade. 14. It has a ryzen, 5900 hx cpu and a rtx 3060 gpu. Now the actual price of this thing is very similar to an m1 macbook pro, if you upgrade the m1 macbook pro accordingly, with one terabyte, ssd and 16 gigabytes of ram, and if you actually do that, youll find that this particular model is actually a hundred dollars.

Cheaper than the equivalently spec m1 macbook. Now this video is not about this razer laptop, in particular its just about switching from an m1 macbook to one of the competitors and talking about the experience, if you want to see future videos on these topics, such as the performance breakdown between these two machines and Other laptops stay tuned for that content, so first things first lets talk about the ecosystem. So, as you guys already know, the macbook and just apple in general, has an awesome ecosystem. So you get things like icloud app, handoff, imessage and ive featured and talked about. These features a lot on this channel already so after seven days. The thing that i realized about the ecosystem is that if you use it very frequently so youre sending imessages all day or airdropping frequently, you will miss it and you will sorely miss it because windows, you know as good as it is, and as good as windows. 11 may potentially be it just doesnt come close to what the mac and apple has to offer in terms of ecosystem and handoff, and that kind of thing, and i never think windows will ever come close and probably the biggest realization i had after spending a week. Switching from the mac to a pc is, i dont actually use this ecosystem as much as i thought – and i also realized, is that, no matter what platform were on whether its mac pc, we tend to use the same apps anyway.

So for me personally, i dont use the notes app any longer. I actually use notion for that. I also use discord slack and things like whatsapp to actually talk to people, so i dont use imessage and then, if we actually talk about airdrop, i very rarely use that because ill just use icloud, which can be downloaded as a client on the pc. By the way to just sync, folders and files between my devices now, this realization was a little bit surprising for me personally, because i really did think i would use the mac and apple ecosystem more than what i actually did and it took switching to the pc To realize that now again, like i said before, if you are a heavy user of the ecosystem, things like imessage airdrop notes all that kind of stuff. You definitely will notice a different switching, but if youre kind of on the fence like me, the difference is not as big as you might think. So. Moving on to the next biggest difference i found and for me i do a lot of file management, so i have obviously this youtube channel. So all the footage, the files, thumbnails audio and ive also got the business end of things. So invoicing emails. All that kind of stuff, so i spend a lot of time managing files and putting folders together and while the finder app on the mac works perfectly fine, i dont really have any complaints about it.

I found that file explorer on windows was much more intuitive and just easier to use for me personally. So, for example, just a single click on this pc will reveal all of your drives connected to the pc and their available capacity. I also found sorting and renaming files a lot easier and again. This is such a hard thing to put into words, because at the end of the day, the differences between the two are very subtle, and this is mainly gon na come into effect. If youre like me – and you do a lot of file organization now moving on to the next section, which is gaming – yes guys – i know, obviously you shouldnt buy a macbook. If you want to do a lot of gaming, get a pc for that, but guys the reality is for a lot of people out there. Their macbook is their only computer and they cant afford – or they simply just cant – have another computer to play games on. Like a dedicated windows, pc or a laptop, for example – and this makes total sense because a lot of the most popular videos on my channel are actually gaming – videos featuring the m1 max. So people are obviously interested in this topic now its pretty fair to say that windows laptops will destroy macbooks when it comes to gaming, not necessarily because theyre more powerful, because you can get different configs, but a lot of the time its because of the operating system And windows is just a lot more gaming friendly compared to a macbook and, for example, this razer blade here absolutely destroys gaming.

So i can play triple a rated games like warzone on this bad boy and get around 100 fps on a 144 hertz screen and theres. Just no way that a mac can come close to this performance, even if youre using boot camp, which you cant on apple silicon max because it doesnt work. So why is this big difference in gaming performance important to me personally? Well over the last couple of years? One of the main things that has stopped me from switching fully over to mac os is that i just cannot game on it at all, so its great for casual, gamers things like really old school games or fortnite. Things like that that you can still play on the mac, but if you want to play anything competitively so rainbow six siege, tarkov warzone, you need a pc and so ive always had to have a dedicated gaming pc on my desk or some kind of laptop to Play any kind of games with my friends and the result is of course, as long as i still play games every now, and then i have to have two computers. If i want to continue using a mac, i need to have the mac and also a pc to play games on now, moving on to the next section, which is how you can sort of configure and customize each of these products, and i think guys this has Given me a really deep appreciation for macbooks in general and just how solid of a product they are all around, and i really just dont think any windows laptops out there at the moment can come close to that overall package and performance that the apple silicon max Can offer that being said, though, it is really nice and really refreshing to have a really wide range of products and configurations and specs to choose from on the windows side of things.

If you want a juiced up laptop for gaming, you have multiple options or if you want a super lightweight two in one pc like a surface theres that option too. I have noticed that apple has been locking down its products at an ever increasing rate and, to be honest, guys, its getting a little bit worrying macbooks are slowly becoming unrepairable by anyone other than apple and, although apple silicon is great, i fear that its going to Allow apple to lock down its ecosystem even more as apple silicon is obviously proprietary. With these windows laptops. You can basically choose any configuration you want and when it comes to repairability on average, they are much more repairable than max. So if this thing stops working or just dies, youre not going gon na be as screwed as you would be. If this bad boy stopped now its only been seven days with these two machines and, like i said guys, im gon na be doing a lot of videos on not only this machine, but other windows laptops out there and also comparing them against the m1 macbooks and Also, the future apple silicon max like the m1x or m2, for example, and i think this is going to be really interesting because, like i said before, other manufacturers are catching up to apple and were going to have a really large battle of the computers. Very, very soon, in my opinion, anyway, guys thanks for watching this video.