2020.. I still remember that day like it was yesterday that’s when i came into his life, i was the first m1 macbook pro he ever held. We spent a lot of time together. Life was Music, but it great started to change in april 2021 and i knew that smile on his face. It was the same look when i was the latest tech, so i knew what was coming. It was inevitable. I was phased out Music. My fate is now of any old tech. I lie somewhere waiting for the younger generation to appreciate me again. Oh new macbooks are coming out, apparently that’s, pretty cool and, as for you, the latest and greatest your time will come it’s the curse of the tech, reviewers Music. Tell me if you’ve seen a love story more beautiful than that comment down below. Let me know, because i haven’t guys how’s it going today, we’re going to be talking about why i’m going to be selling my m1 macbook pro. I already have a buyer i’m going to meet with them tomorrow and after that, this thing is gone now as a tech reviewer. Given our tech life cycle is a lot shorter than the average person, because we tend to switch through products very often in order to review them, but here’s, why i’m really selling my m1 macbook pro the first reason being, although i absolutely love this machine and i’ve Been using this as my primary machine for editing for everything pretty much for the past seven months, but i still think that this particular macbook is probably one of the least values that you can get out of the m1 macbook lineup here’s.

What i mean the base model of this macbook pro comes in at about 12.99. So does the base model of the imac 24 inch, but with the imac 24 inch you’re getting a lot more right, you’re getting all the peripherals so like the keyboard you’re getting a mouse you’re getting uh. You know a much bigger and nicer screen a 24 inch screen, you’re getting better webcam system, better speaker system, everything and it’s like a whole entire desktop setup. The thing is, even if you told me to see if you know what i can’t take this to coffee shops, i need a portable laptop honestly speaking, i think the m1 macbook air is probably the best m1 laptop computer that you can buy right now, at least Currently – and the thing is with the m1 macbook air you’re – pretty much getting identical performance on the m1 macbook air compared to the m1 macbook pro, which is generally not been the case before right in previous generations. The air lineup was always much more consumer friendly. It was lower powered uh versus the pro lineup had, like you know: uh, better graphics, cards, better internals and performance for the more pro user. Now. The main reason why i went with this versus the macbook air uh for my daily editing and everything like that, is simply because it has a fan if the computer gets lit up like you’re using it quite heavily, then it’s gon na be able to cool the Machine down and you won’t get thermal throttled but i’ll be honest.

In the last seven months of my usage, i have rarely ever heard the fan on this turn on maybe it’s, just whisper quiet, and i just don’t hear it, and on top of that i did use the macbook air for two months as my daily driver. As my main machine before i got the macbook pro as my daily driver and to be quite honest, i was i was getting by on it. Like i didn’t have any issues i was able to edit videos just the way i’m able to edit videos on this. So, in my opinion, macbook air much better value. Secondly, we’re rumored to get brand new macbook pros the 14 inch and the 16 inch, so i kind of want to get rid of this before those come in that way. You know the value of this is probably going to depreciate more once. Those are out, but i mean it’s rumored – to have a brand new body, so you’re getting new chassis, you’re, getting a more upgraded uh m1 chip, so it’s going to be more powerful, apparently it’s going to have max safe. I don’t know how that’s going to work, but apparently it’s also gon na have more. I o it’s gon na get rid of the touch bar entirely uh, although i was a little bit of a fan of the touch bar but that that’s yeah i digress and, most importantly, it’s gon na have a new design which i think we’re all kind of.

Looking forward to so that’s number, two number three to be quite honest: ever since i got the imac and the ipad pro both with the m1 chips, i’ve been actually really enjoying my usage of the imac and the ipad pro like that combo. This imac has been an absolute treat to use. I absolutely love using it. Um i mean the screen is really nice. All the peripherals and everything the weight looks the way it films the way you know the it looks in photos everything the whole package. I absolutely love about the imac. I love the fact that for 12.99 you’re getting so much value out of it and then when i need to leave the office and i’m on the go or i’m going home, then i just take my ipad pro with me and you know i can do majority Of whatever i need to do on the ipad pro literally, the only reason why i used to use mac os was to edit videos and to do any more serious tasks that i needed to, but literally photo editing, scripting uh, you know all my emails and business Work and everything i could do all of that on the ipad pro and that’s. What i intend to do again so now that i have the ipad pro and the imac i’m going to try to see if that sort of combo works but make sure you guys are sub to the channel. So you can see what my thoughts are on the matter or, if i’m just going to end up going back to another macbook pro once it comes out and what my thoughts are on both of these sort of solutions, so i’ve been usually using the macbook pro As the bridge uh between both of these, so i never really had a desktop setup.

So when i was using this portable and then when i come to edit or anything like that, i kind of just dock it to the um. You know the external monitor that i have there, but you know what that got pretty annoying, and that brings me to the next part where i’ve been running into like issues where, if i slightly touch like the connector, sometimes it disconnects. Sometimes, when i have the monitor connected to the laptop and i open up the laptop, i get like these like resolution, warping issues um that kind of persist until i have to restart this laptop. Sometimes the laptop just restarts on its own, so there’s been a few different issues that i’ve had to deal with by having to connect it to the external monitor, almost every single day for the majority of the day, and on top of that don’t forget you’re, also Degrading the battery life of this, because you’re constantly charging this macbook pro, while you’re plugged into that monitor so there’s a few things like that, and also some other quirks right. For example, if i wanted to increase the brightness or change the brightness on my monitor, i’d. Have to adjust the monitor separately like i have to look for like the knob on the monitor, because i can’t do it directly from the macbook pro. If i want to adjust the speakers on the monitor change the volume i can’t do that, i have to again reach for the monitor controls with the imac it’s all built in.

I can change the display brightness right away right at the tip of my fingers on the keyboard. I can change the volume that’s coming out of the imac right, so all of these little things kind of tended to add up, and the experience on this was just a little better for me. However, i do miss that super, like extra, like width, uh, ultra wide display screen. I do miss that, and also good to mention. I’Ve, never seen youtube. Videos in that sort of, like big screen, fill up the entire screen in a very long time, because in the ultrawide you get like these, like black bars on the side. With this, it fills up the entire screen, which has been absolutely like a really good experience. Um, i love it so yeah. Those are pretty much my thoughts on the m1 macbook pro 13 inch. Now i just want to reiterate: if you have the macro for 13 13 inch, don’t think like you’ve been shafted or something like. I still think this is a phenomenal machine. I think you’re not gon na go wrong with this now, even though i did say it’s, one of the lower tiers in terms of value that’s, just based on how much you’re getting for your money, but when it comes to performance and output like this is probably At the top, because it’s, portable and it’s got a fan, so yeah that’s about it. If you have any questions or want to, you know just discuss your use case scenario and what you think might be the best m1 mac for you guys, which is a video that i’m going to be doing very soon, where i’m going to be comparing all the M1 max, so, if you’re interested in that then go ahead and sub to the channel, but until then you can leave a comment down below.

I pretty much try to read and respond to every single person so really appreciate you. Thank you so much for all the love you guys have been giving me i’ll, see you guys on the next video.