6 inches the samsung galaxy tab. S8. Ultra is a mammoth tablet, but is it too big ill? Let you know my first impressions here of using it for an afternoon now, so this is not a review, so spec wise. You probably already know it all its got the snapdragon 8gen one its their new chipset from qualcomm, and we do have with this model that i got the base model, so its the wi fi only model doesnt have 5g 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of Storage, so this is the box. It is a large box, of course, for a mammoth of a tablet. 14.6 inches here for the tab is ultra and its got this nice wrap around it to protect it ill, get onto the build quality and the design of that. In just a minute, so weve got our s pen right here and the good full size, but sadly theres nowhere. To put it still, no missile silo style in the actual tablet, which i would have preferred, but i guess being so thin. They dont have room for that. This will be our cable, which is, i think, its type c to type c. Yes, it is there. We go so typical, samsung, cable right here. We have a well thats for the micro sd card slot because i dont have the 5g version, but will be some trade tool for micro, sd card access and then yeah a little bit of paperwork in there.

I wont bother going through that. Just be a warranty or whatever so thats the unboxing part all right. So this things an absolute monster. It is really just like the tab, s7 plus, but a larger mammoth version of it. So the fingerprint reader ive been having a lot of issues with this fingerprint reader, and sometimes it just works for me straight away other times there you go. If you tap it, it works better. But if you tap and push or just tap and hold it doesnt seem to unlock too well. So i do think a few firmware updates needed for that. So the bezels around the outside here are very slim, really good. Looking now you see that when i get into, for example, internet website there, it makes it stand out a little bit. The bezels now theres some banding happening im having an absolute mission trying to capture the screen without seeing this weird and analyzing effect happening. Okay, thats not actually something in the background thats the screen or the banding its just what it is because it doesnt have dc dimming, unfortunately, and then reflections galore on such a big screen. So here with a darker image, it does look a little bit better and im im, not capturing it as good as id like, and i do apologize for that. So you can see a little notch at the top. Lets have a look at it closely there. It is so its not pretty its there, and i wish that they just did not do this id rather have just a single camera if they could have put that in there without having the ultra wide one, so 12 megapixel and then another 12 megapixel one just Being the main normal and then the ultra wide one and the unfortunate thing is this ugly notch but im sure ill get used to it.

The back of it again very similar to the tab. S7 plus weve got the antenna lines yeah, they love them or you hate them. I dont really mind them, because if that means weve got better wireless performance, then im im fine with it. It just looks kind of well like tron the lines i dont know anyway. It picks up smudges, like crazy ive, been using it for five hours. I havent wiped it down or cleaned it. You can see its a bit of a smudgy mess, so we have the cameras on the back. Theyve got 13 megapixel and then we have a six megapixel ultrawide, which is not amazing and you probably wont really be using them, but hey its good to have at least that option. So the s pin thats going to go right here, thats, where it will charge. Magnetically just clips onto the back there now it is incredibly thin and youll see here is 5.5 millimeters, but then its about seven, eight with the camera that sticks out a little bit now these are ak g tuned speakers, like we had with the previous models and Ill give you a sample later on what they sound like. They are really nice, theyre, good and theyre kind of like ipad, 12.9, pro level and other tablets like the lenovo, p12 or other ones, similar to that okay, so thats, where one of the microphones is, and yes i do have the protective plastic still around the outside Of the frame – because i havent got my keyboard case yet i dont want to scratch it on the right.

The other two speakers antenna lines, type c port with video out symmetry. If youve got the 5g version and for all of us thats our micro sd card slot right there thats that mic and then middle power button and volume up and down the buttons feel good dont rattle down the bottom weve got a pogo port pin connector for Our hardware keyboard and a little stays there to lock it in place, so magnets will keep it on. I dont, unfortunately have that keyboard samsung do tell me their tracking information, while the order that its going to be at least two weeks out before i get it, which is uh, thats a pain and ill display. So im still struggling to capture this correctly im. Getting this weird effect coming through now, theres no screen protector on it its just the way it is sharpening it so ive lowered my shutter rate to try and get rid of the banding here now. Touch response, as youd expect, is really good its excellent. I havent really had any issues with it at all, so weve got lots of settings in here, but the one for me, the key one is where is dc dimming. There is no dc dimming in here, so youve got edge panels on the side. Youve got all your eye: shield, comfort mode, adaptive, brightness screen modes; okay, you can go through and adjust the white balance there to your own preference. However, you like that, you know you want a little bit warmer.

You can tweak all of that which is great, but its just that wheres, the dc dimming, it probably doesnt support it, which, for such a large screen, i think, is a little bit of a shame. Now the screen doesnt look super sharp because it is that 14.6 inches and then were looking at a resolution of 1848 by 29.60 off the top of my head, which is, i think, you know, thats a good resolution. Dont get me wrong for 14.16 inches, but they should have gone for maybe 4k plus kind of resolution there. So just bring up here display test and well take another look at it and ill. Just show you some of the real life images with this one. The test that we can bring up so it is looking great its just that its not the sharpest panel and theres some of that banding. So these images they look great anything like any content. You look on this media consumption wow its its great, especially when youre gaming or looking at website content its just really perfect for that such a large immersive screen. So the performance of the ui has been really good im a big fan of one ui. I think its probably one of the best now – and there is a couple of things i want to go over to with it – that we get a little bit of bloatware just jump in here to my gallery. Where is it when you first get it youre going to be looking at this, but its not too bad? Um weve got a couple of things there now thats my own, that i installed 3dmark, of course, but theres a few little bloatware applications, but compared to some manufacturers like xiaomi.

This is nothing and with our ui we are not seeing the horrible janky terrible scrolling that ive actually seen on some other android; 12 phones, the oneplus 10 pro in xiaomi 12 and the xiaomi 12 pro. In fact, three phones with android 12 that had issues with scrolling with certain google apps not happening here, so optimization is really good. Now, if you do go in here, you can of course set up and go to. You want to split screen it. You can split screen it and having such a large screen, look at all that space youve got youve, basically got two tablets side by side to work with there with chrome, oh thats, just antutu, which ill get onto those benchmark scores on that in just a minute. So when you do the split screening, i notice a little drop in performance depending on what youre running thats pretty typical and normal right. There and youve got all of that. Android 12, goodness theyre in settings and there hasnt actually been any firmware updates come through yet, which is surprising, i thought they might have had one but ive done that check and theres nothing im on the latest firmware and with the screen like this, something like netflix. Just looks absolutely stunning, so i cant really show you anything or otherwise, im going to get slammed with a copyright strike against my account. But just let me tell you that everything thats on this is great.

So its got a widevine level. 1 cert, you get full hd resolution amazon, prime video 2 as well, disney plus and everythings, quick, very, very quick here with this. The peak speed so just show you just a couple of seconds of the witcher 3 there that looks great okay, so it takes a few minutes well with my network connection, to then swap over into full hd, but you do see the difference. It looks sharp. It looks great benchmarks now show that this is a real performer, but not as fast as ive seen with some other models running the same chipset, so snapdragon gen 1 here is powerful, very, very powerful and look at this. This is what im impressed with its only gone up 0.4 degrees celsius. That is great. Compare that to the same chipset and this the xiaomi 12 pro. It went up 9 degrees. Look at that the heat okay. So it looks to me like what samsungs done has throttled it back a little bit um but theyre just keeping those thermals. In balance, there was xiaomi its completely out of control and, of course, weve got a huge tablet here to dissipate that heat so theres, a big difference in the scores quite a bit there, but i think its well worth it to have these thermals, because the back Of its just getting slightly warm so far, whereas run the same test on this phone and it gets quite hot, so big difference there, so android bench, our internal storage speeds its looking very good.

So we do have, with this model here: 128 gigabytes of storage, eight gigabytes of ram and its a ufs, 3.1 storage. So look at this very good. I mean really fast there and i think thats thats great theres theres no bottleneck there at all with those kind of speeds. Now geekbench five here, thats a good score: okay, not the fastest. I have seen compared to other models again like the xiaomi youll see just bring that into the shot all right. It is a little bit faster there. But again i will take this over that with the the heat issues that that phone does have and then lastly, ive just run this, which is our wildlife. So you can see it gets on average here frame rate of 55.6 versus the xiaomi, which does get 56.4. So only a little faster there with the gpu performance. Now i probably will run a stress test later on ill run. The wildlife extreme test, which goes for 20 minutes in another video ill, probably compare it to snapdragon 8 gen 1 phone and well see the difference in the thermal performance between a large tablet and then a phone now for gps. It does have yes, gps on board. With this, even just the wi fi, only versions which ive got here and a hardware compass so im indoors and its still getting a lock here and the signal, strength, isnt actually too bad, considering im indoors its around 25 there and, if its up over well, it Should be over 30 at least thats when youre outside, so the accuracy is going to top out at 3 anyway.

But this is just live just to show you that this is going to be a fantastic tablet for navigation because of the compass and just how big and immersive that screen is very quick. Look now at the s pen. So it does have palm rejection, of course, and you hold it just above the screen youre going to get that hover. That shows up now. I found it to be very fast here. Thats always been the case really. For me, the s pens are great. Its very similar to other tablets that have wacom tech, which is always really quick too. In my experience like the surfaces, so you can zoom in here with this, and i just do a very quick little test here. You can see that that is almost instant and the stylus experience for me is really fast. There is almost well, i dont see any lag with it at all, although they claimed that the latin c. Now, what is it down to? I believe its down to about 2.8 milliseconds, which is really really quick, so very fast and no lag, and it does work right up into the corners of the screen. Okay, no problems with that, and it doesnt go all over the place. You can draw perfectly straight lines if youre that skilled to be able to do that im, not im just just little doodles here and ill gaming here, so i was a little concerned about the size of this tablet affecting gaming.

Just how comfortable is it now with some controls here? My thumb cant really get to things easy like looking around. I have to kind of do this and that to me is a little bit awkward and im. Definitely getting that feeling after playing this game now, for its only about 15 minutes, ive been playing that with jin shin impact here its more comfortable on a smaller tablet like the tab s 7 plus, this would be more comfortable now. What im running is the absolute maximum settings here at the moment and its been fine ive seen a couple of little frame dips and lags. But the good thing is its not getting too hot its not crashing and burning like the xiaomi 12 pro and the xiaomi 12 did on me with the same chipset. They just overheated and the game closed on me, but this ones good its just the sheer size of this tablet. When gaming is a little bit uncomfortable, i feel and im not over exaggerating here it just its just not doing it. For me, i prefer to game a game like this. This kind of style on a slightly smaller tablet. I think 12 inches is the ideal kind of size there. Now what about our thermals? I can feel a little bit of heat now after 20 minutes of gaming, but really for the snapdragon 8 gen 1. This is nothing absolutely nothing so thermal so far. Excellent. I dont need to break out my thermal imaging camera, but i possibly will later on when i do some real long, lengthy stress tests to see how hot its going to get.

But it is nothing like the snapdragon 8 gen 1 in a phone phones. Of course, much smaller, they cant dissipate that heat as quick. They run into overheating issues in my experience, but here no thats good, its just slightly warm to the touch where the chipset is around this area. Finally, what about the four speakers so side firing, akg tuned ones, uh? They are pretty good, theyre, really impressive! Theyre loud theyve got a bit of bass to them its great and yeah. No ones gon na be complaining about these speakers. I think they are good so ill. Give you a sample of them now just jump into one of my recent videos here and well hear what they sound like and looking now at the cameras here on the tab. S8 ultra. So this is the main front facing camera. Now you would notice that when i walk around that it shakes all over the place thats because it does not have any electronic image stabilization with these front facing cameras for vlog footage, which is a bit unusual. Considering the spec of this one, so this is the main camera. Then you can you get the ultra wide, which does fit so much more in the shot. Now, when youre, using these cameras, depending on what apps youre using it, can actually do this on the go automatic thats when youre in like skype, calls or something it pictures and detects someone else there. So you can swap over now just on the go where we do have electronic image stabilization see as i walk ahead now that at least does have the electronic image stabilization to me, its not really a deal breaker, because i personally would not be shooting vlog footage With a massive tablet like this and the quality well, its definitely not as good as their phones from that main rear camera, as i pan around here and just walk ahead, its cropped in quite a lot okay.

So the speakers in this fantastic, really loud and rich sounding great speakers, a good tune there from akg, considering its just a tablet, its really impressive, probably better than most of the laptops that i review and even gaming laptops. It really is that good, so theres a couple of things about this tablet. I i want to make really clear, even though this is a first impressions with this. I have reviewed now my lifetime a lot of tablets, and i do think what i suspected from the beginning that 14.6 inches is simply too large for what this is intended to be a tablet. I do find with games like genshen impact that when youre playing and you have to stretch your hands in to control it properly because its just too large, it gets a little bit uncomfortable now watching netflix on this, for the first 20 minutes is great and theyre Going oh, this is amazing uh watching my favorite episodes on it, but after about 20 minutes, youre going. Oh, i want to put it down. I want my stand. Wheres the stand. I want to stick it in the stand there, so it can support its own weight at 730 grams, its not exactly a lightweight tablet, so thats. Why? I think a lot of people should think very hard about this. One dont fall for all the hype: videos going, its amazing go buy it. I think my recommendation is dont, buy it actually go for the tab, s8 plus – and me personally, i should have gone for that.

I think i made an error here. I really should have got the slightly smaller version, while quite a bit smaller version, because its just simply too big – and i believe, itll be too big for most people. Now, when i get the keyboard for it, i can see myself using this all the time in the keyboard, because the keyboard will be a stand for it as well and thats. What i believe most people will do with the s8 ultra here is simply just use. It as a big android laptop now i havent covered samsung dex. I might in another video theres a desktop mode, but it works on this really good. I have tested it out, but i just havent recorded it. Youve got video out with it. The performance of it is fantastic and im pretty happy with the snapdragon 8 gen 1. So far in a tablet, as i suspected, i mean its logical, a bigger heat base there to dissipate that heat sorry away from the chipset. Its got all that back area there huge amount of alloy it can get rid of that heat quickly, so its not really getting that warm its not throttling like it is in the phones. Ive tested three phones from two different manufacturers now with the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. If you havent seen those videos for me its been very disappointing, its been a throttling hot mess that chip said in a phone bit in a tablet, absolutely fantastic, its its really not getting that hot at all its just getting warm.

So i think samsungs done a great job with the cooling on it so far, my testing, so i may possibly have more videos coming out on this, where i get into a full review ill see how this first video goes interest wise uh and i may come Back with some throttling tests with it just push it really really hard to see.