So remember, last time we had two different phanteks for volt x power supplies. Neither of those units worked, so i ended up swapping it out for this. Nzxt e850 works perfectly fine, but the custom sleeve cables that joey from nsource made for us are not compatible with this psu. So, instead of waiting another week or two for the new sleep cables to come in, phanteks actually sent over a third unit. But this one’s slightly different. This is the revolt pro, not the revolt x. The revolt pro is intended for single system setups, whereas the revolt x is more of a dual system. Psu, maybe that’ll make the difference. I don’t know, but if it does and this unit works, we can use these cables and press on. The second thing we need to check is that we need to verify if this system can actually give a video signal to all three of these panels simultaneously. If you remember in the last video the reason why this thing wasn’t giving us a video signal at all, is because of the displayport cable, i was using the second. We popped in an hdmi 2.1 cable voila video signal instantaneously, but i only tested that with one display now i got ta try doing an hdmi, 2.1 cable and two displayport 1.4 cables running to these monitors simultaneously, to see if it’ll drive all three panels, if the Psu checks out and the display cables check out. We can move ahead with wall mounting the sucker, so that’s what’s on the agenda today, let’s get it Music done.

Music, okay got the psu hooked up to the motherboard, just our 24 pin atx and our a pin eps for the cpu. So far, so good we’ve got power to the board, but we were getting that with the revolt x as well, so that doesn’t necessarily mean squat. This is the moment of truth, guys before that, this video is brought to you by warpath. Warpath is a historically accurate world war ii, inspired real time strategy game that lets you command troops and select an endless range of battle options to dominate other real players. The game’s mechanics are really well balanced and kind of feel like a mix of red alert, meets warhammer but it’s all online and played from your mobile device anywhere anytime. Inspired by real events, experience the normandy landing, the defense of moscow and other iconic moments from the second world war. All the units near arsenal stay just as true to their originals as well, while letting you modify and upgrade a host of different weapons. The chapters of the game are varied, with a thoughtful plot and cinematic gameplay to provide an engaging experience at all times. On top of that best in class, graphics, awesome, sound effects and voice acting offer a surprising amount of immersion. From the palm of your hand, you can even fight alongside comrades, by joining other units around the world in the battle for resources territories, while the game is definitely challenging. One cool thing is that you get to keep all of your resources.

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The whole time was this: were you the reason why we’ve been having so many issues? Little guy hold on hold the phone? I think the way that these psus are designed the way that the cable layout is is that the cpu cables are identical to the pcie cables, so we might actually be able to still use a sleeve cable here if this is compatible hold on give me give Me a second here: aha, aha, it does fit, it does fit. So maybe maybe this will work psu on power on the leds. Ah interesting, so none of these eight pin cables are working. What wait i think there’s i have one more. I have one more that i can try out: okay, just swap cables. This is the last cable that we can try out here: nope, okay, there’s, something going on this was this was the issue, but i could have sworn i used the stock psu cables for the revolt x in the last video and it still didn’t work i’m gon Na verify that really quick ahaha right there see i did use the stock, psu cable and it still didn’t work. I feel, like i can’t, really troubleshoot that right now i don’t have the proper testing or hardware to actually do any of that. I’Ll have to just pass on the notes to fantax, and hopefully they can get to the bottom of it, but for now, for the time being, it looks like we can get away with using this unit.

After all, we just have to use the stock 8 pin eps cable for our cpu, which is fine, i’m totally fine with that, because that’s the least visible one anyway, like you’re, only going to see it in the very top left corner here. But despite this really weird quirk, this is good news. This is good news. It means we can move ahead with installing this power supply, getting the system up and running and then moving on to our display cables. That’S a whole other can of worms we’ll just we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it all right. So these are the displayport 1.4 cables that i got from cable, direct, let’s, hope they’re better at making cables than they are it’s spelling but uh. You can see here, i think it says somewhere here, ep 1.4 vasa certified rated for up to 8k. Obviously, we don’t need 8k, but we are gon na try to push 4k 144 hertz. That should do the job i’ve already unpacked one of these cables, which is right here, look how thick these freaking display port cables are. This is you this is the guy. She tells you not to worry about like look. Why is it so freaking thick? I don’t know, but i just hope it works that’s. All i care about this is the hdmi 2.1 cable that’s, already connected to the middle panel. We’Ve got one display port connected to that display and now i’m going to hook this one up to the third monitor and we’ll, give it a whirl before we continue a special thanks to recover it for sponsoring this video.

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We got all three panels going. This is fantastic, thank the basic uh that still begs. The question, though, was the initial issue with my displayport cable or the fact that i hadn’t yet installed gpu drivers or was it both? Was it a combination of things i’m, not sure, actually, i’m. Very curious. Why don’t we actually unplug all these and use the original displayport cable right here and see if the gpu driver installation fixed it so pretty you’re, pretty aren’t you? Yes, you are. Yes, you are your pretty pc, this cable that previously wasn’t working is now working. So i think it was a gpu driver issue. I think now that we installed the gpu drivers for the 1600 xt it’s able to accept displayport 1.2 cables, even if they’re not based of certified, apparently and voila, but i’m, still probably going to use these thick boys anyway, because they’re longer and we’re going to need. The extra length to run them through the wall and stuff so but yay we cleared the psu test. We cleared the cable test it’s time to wall mount this guy. Oh my gosh, all right! So we can move on i’m so excited okay, so we’ve got our our cable kit, our wall cable kit. This is just so. We can pass cable through the wall. Cleanly it’s got an integrated power strip, so we’re not breaking code or anything like that, and then we have the wall mount initially.

I wanted to get a wall mount that had four mounting points like one two, three four, but i would actually need two studs to do that and the studs on that wall. Just don’t line up in fact, there’s one stud right smack in the middle right. Behind this monitor directly behind it in the center and then there’s obviously studs on either side of that, but those studs are too far apart. It’S too wide of a distance for a regular mount to cover. I would need a super wide wall mount that would actually probably be wider than the width of this case and obviously that would look really dumb if you could see the wall mount sticking out from behind the chassis. So this is our guy. It’S got a 70 to 80 pound weight capacity. This system doesn’t weigh more than 40 50 pounds, so we should be totally good on that let’s. Do it Music? Okay, the pc is on the wall, but we’re not out of the woods. Yet it is tilting. I i screwed in the the screws – and i try to make it as straight as possible. It’S not happening this arm. Mount is not designed for pcs it’s designed for tvs and most tvs. These days are pretty flat, they’re pretty thin. This is relatively front heavy for, for this particular arm mount so that’s. Why there’s a serious tilt – and i don’t like the way it looks so even though we’re very close to being done here – i’m gon na – have to macgyver something because there’s no way that i can get this any straighter than it already is using the stock hardware.

So we have to get a little creative here, which i’ve already begun the process of doing that: okay, so here’s here’s, a peek behind you can see that we got the wires by the way behind the wall and stuff. I just have to route them a little bit more neatly uh, but we’ll do that in a sec. So this is what i did. Uh there’s, actually two screws on the back of this case. That thread perfectly with with thumb screws. So i took some thumb screws and i had these little hooks on hand. I just mounted those to the back of the case, one on each corner at the top, and then i mounted a third one right here. This is into the stud, and basically, what i’m going to do is use rope and and tether it i’m, going to tether the system to the wall i’m going to pull it taut so that it actually forces it straight. On top of the rope, i’ve got some some hooks. These hooks are nice because you can actually um adjust the tension just by twisting them and stuff that’ll allow us granular control over it, and then these hooks will go on to the one that’s in the stud. There on the wall, so hopefully that works. I have no idea if i feel like it should, in theory, physics and stuff, but i guess we’ll see if that works. Assuming that it does go through and everything’s fine, then we can start doing cable management and clean all this stuff up.

We’Ll have this thing, hopefully flat and straight on the wall boot it up we’ll, have it all glorious with the monitors and stuff. It should be. Awesome if everything goes smoothly, okay, that was a whole lot of fail. I tried and tried many many different ways and i didn’t get anywhere this uh. This just wasn’t working. I think the reason is is because the hooks here on either corner they’re, just it’s too much at an angle. For example, if there was just one hook on the back of the system right in the middle and then there was another hook right behind it. On the wall – and we could just do a straight line, then that would probably pull it taut enough, it’d be a direct connection, but the problem is: is that the stud isn’t completely centered with the system? I thought it would be, but the reason why it’s not is because the mounting plate right here is actually offset by roughly two inches from the center of the mounting plate here so yeah. Basically, it didn’t work and i’m gon na have to deal with the tilt for now. There’S gon na be a follow up video where i actually put the whole setup together with peripherals and everything else, and in that video i’ll figure out a solution for making this straight. In fact, if you guys have any ideas on how to make this straight, let me know in the comments i need help on that note.

I’M, going to finish what i can do right now, which is tidy up the cables and we’ll be back in a bit Music, all right there. It is the progress we’ve made so far today, i’ve spent a good, well, i don’t i’m afraid to admit it. Like 10 to 12 hours today, just working on this, but so far totally worth it, it looks super clean already, and this is by no means the the final look. This is just to give you an idea of what we’ve done so far: i’m gon na change out the peripherals, probably a different ensemble one mouse pad different wallpaper. This is just to give you an idea of what it looks like right now, um, with everything put together, i haven’t even put the the tempered glass, i guess front panel onto the case because i didn’t want it super glarey plus i got ta save some stuff For the next video um, when we’ll actually do the final reveal of everything you can see, i haven’t done cable management, but just to give you a quick overview and rundown of what we did today. We mounted this pc to the wall and we still need to figure out a way of course, to make it completely straight. Oh here’s, a look at the back side of everything actually not too bad, pretty clean, fairly tidy there’s, some more tidying up that i could do especially like the camera and stuff, but uh overall looks pretty good.

So we mounted the pc to the wall and it looks glorious up there. I just hope it doesn’t fall and kill me one day. We also have the camera and microphone for our stream setup. So i just bought like one of these little arms, for it put a tripod head on it, so i can just like hot swap it or not, hot swap just like quick disconnect. Why am i using all these pc terms, here’s the microphone sennheiser? Mkh416. A beast of a mic on a boom pole from knee work, and you can see that i actually uh. I bought a wall mount for that as well, so they could just stick into the wall since there’s, just not enough clearance to actually mount it to the back of the desk. Just interfere with the wall, so that’s, looking pretty good uh. The monitor is looking great as well and let’s see what else. Oh as far as like what i’ve connected to the system. Obviously we have the three panels: there’s ethernet, which is 50 foot. I believe that’s just been routed very messily haphazardly to the router up there, but at some point or in the next video i’m going to route it cleanly, probably hug the uh, underneath the desks all the way around up and back so it’s super clean, and i Also routed two usb 3.0 extension cables, which are outright here. You can see my my keyboard is already plugged into one of them, but i’m actually going to uh plug in a couple usb 3.

0 hubs to these. So i have even more ports to play with, but uh yeah i’m probably going to mount those usb 3.0 hubs underneath the desk so it’s just easy access and out of sight. I’Ll have an audio interface with xlr input and stuff for the microphone somewhere within reach. That’Ll be visible, of course, and let’s see what else you know it’s looking a little blank up here, obviously we’re only like halfway done with the whole setup and stuff, but i was thinking maybe some bookshelf speakers on either side. I don’t know: what do you guys think any ideas there’s a bunch of other things i could do – possibilities are limitless and all but uh, if you guys have any uh suggestions, i’d love to hear them um. This is uh still a work in progress and nothing’s. Really set in stone, except for the monitors and the pc. Of course you know it’s kind of funny. I can hardly reach the power button up there like i could. I could, if i really wanted to but i’ve been using, that the surface mounted power, but i’ll probably have to get oh, you know what maybe i’ll bring back this guy. My big ominous button of doom just set it somewhere on the desk. You can actually program this. I got it on amazon, i’ll link it in the description, in fact, everything that you see here there’s a link in the description for you guys.

You can program this to do pretty much anything like wake your system up from sleep. Lock your system blow up your enemies. No, it doesn’t do that, but uh that’d be kind of a fun little. I don’t know accessory trinket thing on the desk. I don’t know i’m gon na figure it out. We’Re gon na dress this up and stuff. Also i bought some rgb led strips for behind the system, so there will be a glow all around the system when that comes in and that should look pretty sweet. Oh and remember remember how i wasn’t sure if the riser cable was going to work with the capture card. Well, Music, hallelujah, okay, that’s, that’s, that’s it but yay. It works, thank god, but i’m gon na cut it off here guys it’s been a long day. I hope you guys enjoyed the progress, i hope you’re enjoying the uh the build log. So far of this new setup, let me know what you think down below house like on the video get subscribed.