So let me explain you a little bit. Okay, so the thing is that this all in one pc, that is in front of you in white background, it contains four os’s. I know one of them is missing, which we will talk at the end of this video. So first one is windows 10, so it runs windows 10 and it also runs linux, ubuntu very nice and it also runs a android blis os android version 10 stable, very nice, and it also runs a chrome os. So this is the all in one pc. So now this is not a tutorial on how to do this, how to make a all in one pc. This is actually just a showcase tour. Okay and if you want me to make a tutorial how to make a all in one pc just like me, then do the comment, and i will do it quickly. I will try my best to do it as fast as possible, but if you don’t do the comment, i will make a video on it anyway, but it will take some time because i’ll have to redo all these things again to make a tutorial and it takes Around three to five hours yeah. So now let me show you how it works. Let me show you one by one so first we’re gon na run windows. You see that windows logo select that just hit enter and it will run the windows 10. Just like it runs windows 10.

. Does it make sense? I don’t know, but i think it does, because this is all in one pc. Okay, so let me log in. Let me just show you, okay, one okay, i’m, about to tell you guys my password, but uh. You only heard one so this is windows 10 running perfectly fine, smooth and just like the windows, 10. Okay, what else you expect now bruh i’m gon na run ubuntu! You switched your mind: okay, whatever just do the restart just like that. So once you restart your pc, it will take you to the refined boot manager. Again, oh my god, i forgot to explain one thing. So the thing here you see where you see your operating system is called refined. Boot manager – and i got this from installing a fed us, but you can actually manually, install it but i’m, just using a default, uh refined boot manager, which i got from the ferry os aka chrome os for pc, so yeah. I just forgot to tell you about this thing, but this is freaking amazing, because you can see all your operating systems in one place and you just got ta click on them and you will be booted so now, it’s time to go to the ubuntu linux. Let’S go choose that hit that enter button and it will open up the ubuntu grub, loader or bootloader, whatever you call it and it will run ubuntu. You see that ubuntu logo down there yeah that’s right that’s, the ubuntu.

Now i get a login. If i know my password, let me tell you the password of this actually one two, three four five and k very simple password just like that we logged in into our ubuntu linux, and here we have ubuntu. You know what you changed your mind. I mean i changed my mind now i want to use android, i don’t want to use ubuntu. I want to use some android applications. Maybe i want to play some candy crush saga or something it’s, all right, we’re, just gon na power off restart just like that, and it will restart our pc to the refined boot manager. Just like that, it opens very smoothly. You know now it’s time to open android, just like that, and i installed a android uh bliss os, which is android 10 stable version. There is also a android 11, which is an alpha state, so i don’t recommend you guys to get the alpha one because they are not stable, so yeah and oh, my god, i forgot to turn off the uh volume of the species now you’re about to hear Something crazy boot up sound. You heard that yeah that’s the boot up sound. You can turn it off if you don’t like it, but i find it very funny and there we have the uh android okay. Now let me show you, this is the android 10 and about tablet android 10. You can see there right there.

This is android 10. and it is very smooth just like you expect from your phone like it is just like your phone. You know very smooth, i mean it is way smoother than your phone. If you have phone, if you compare it with the pc version of android and your phone’s android, a pc version of androids are way way faster. You know what i don’t like it now. I want to use uh. What do you call it chrome os i don’t i don’t want to use android who uses android. I want to use chrome os the best one, because the chrome os is the lightest and fastest os, because it’s lightweight yeah, and it has some great features. So, just like that i’m gon na restart my pc and gon na go to the refined boot manager again and gon na go to boot. Our fatty os, aka chrome os just like that and it’s gon na boot, up our chrome, os we’re just gon na wait. A bit just like that now we got a login, so i’m gon na log. In with my password yeah, just like that, you see this chrome browser opened at the beginning yeah. This is the chrome os. You know the best thing about this. Is this specific chrome, os, uh, aka fatty os, is that it comes with android pre installed? Yes, you can install android applications onto your chrome os if you ever install a chrome os.

So actually i have made a video on fairy os, but you know there is a huge update in fairy os. So i need to update the video too. So i will make a different video for the ferry os alone, because it has new feature and it has become very simple to install actually so it’s a good os. If you want the chrome, os chrome os is very good man. I like it. I really like chrome os because you can install android apps and you can also install linux apps and you just need to enable linux actually uh yeah. You can see there linux beta turn on. If you turn it on, then you will be able to use any linux application in chrome os. Imagine that wow that’s amazing and you can also install some windows applications in window in chrome os using linux application called wine. There are so many things going on with the chrome, os chrome. Os is becoming a monster now these days, because it’s good it’s, good it’s fast and it supports so many features the major features. Actually, you can install android applications, you can install linux applications. If you can install linux applications, you can also install a windows applications. So it’s itself is a all in one os it’s, not all in one pc but it’s, still a all in one os, because you can literally install anything in it. So it’s uh it’s a great thing so that’s it.

This is the end of the tour hope you enjoyed it. I’M gon na go back to my uh, refined boot manager, okay and that’s. It hope you enjoyed it. I know only one operating system is missing, which is mac os and, to be honest, i have never installed a mac os onto pc. They call it hackintosh, but i’m always afraid to install it, because there are so many things going on with the installation, and now these days the hackintosh is slowly fading out because of the new chip that apple made and all that i’m. Not here to talk about the news and all that, but you know hacking torch will eventually die someday because of so many things are going on and and you cannot install mac os in all computers, because you need some specific hardware only on those hardwares, you can Run macos so yeah. I can understand that one thing is missing here, but other than that we have everything: windows, linux, android, chrome, os in one pc and that’s. That is almost complete. All in one pc, yeah that’s it this this project was uh in my mind from a very long time. I did it like uh, three or four months ago. This project i actually did it took me few tries i failed because of the sequence i didn’t know. The sequence: how do i do it, but now, finally, i know the sequence: how to properly do it so hope you liked this little project and what do you think about this project? All in one pc project? Is it interesting? Is it useful, i don’t think it’s it’s gon na be useful, because people always stuck with one operating system and they just love it.

But since i have like one main pc and one laptop, this is a laptop actually so it’s a very powerful laptop. It has a ssd, it has a nvidia graphic card and all that and it’s a good laptop for experiment and yeah it’s, a good experiment. I didn’t get any errors, yet everything is going very fine. As i said, i installed these four os’s like three or four months ago and yeah it’s uh, yeah that’s it. It was fun hope you enjoyed it, as i said, if you want me to make a tutorial on how to make a all in one pc just like this one then do the comment. I’Ll try to do it fast. If, even if you don’t, then i will uh do it someday, it will take some days. I mean it takes few hours to do it, but uh uh yeah. In few days i will upload uh how i made all in one pc that’s. It hope you enjoyed it. I will see you in the next one yeah. I guess, and i will put link in the description for all the oss that i used so maybe you’re genius, who knows maybe some genius guys is watching this uh video and maybe that guy wants to do the same before. Even i make a tutorial. So i will just put link in the description and i used rufus to make a bootable usb drive for all of these operating systems.

So i will put link in the description for these four os’s, where you can download them for free and also, i will put link in the description for rufus, which will make the bootable usb drive and maybe that genius guy is you and you will do it Without me, making a tutorial on it, so that’s it. You know there are some people very curious people. They can’t wait. They just do it yeah if you’re one of those you can do it. But if you want a tutorial uh wait. Few days i’ll upload a video on it, so that’s it hope you enjoyed it.