First off you’re, the type of person and i’ve talked about this before you’re the type of person that wants to replace your laptop with a tablet or you’re the type of person that wants a tablet, for the sake of it actually being a tablet, so meaning you’re. Going to use things like the apple pencil for pencil support or you just want touch – support a tablet user using a tablet as a tablet, rather than using a tablet, as a laptop now you’re going to find a lot in this video that i reference apple’s ipad. Pro which obviously isn’t the ipad air it’s a much more expensive tablet. But what i’m trying to do in this video is sort of make a differentiation between these two products, because they are so so similar and make you aware of how they both differ and whether you should spend the extra books on the pro. Because half a year ago, if you’d have said to me, alex i’ve got some money to buy a tablet, or i want to buy a tablet which one should i buy. My only reply to that question would have been the ipad pro now. The ipad air is around. My answer is now alex. I want a tablet: well get an ipad air or an ipad Music on the bottom of it. Luckily enough we can find ourselves a usbc port i’m, so proud of apple for not putting lightning on this thing.

It’S nice to see that we’re, trying to usb c everything iphone’s next, please, on the back of this thing, you can go ahead and see the smart dock connector by those three little pins. That is so you can use apple’s uh cases with them. The reason why i think they’ve made this ipad the exact same dimensions as the ipa pro is, so you can use all of those pro accessories, like apple’s keyboard folio case for ipad pro. It fits directly onto this ipad air. No questions asked uniform accessories again. Really nice to see one thing i loved the ipad pro 4 is its speakers. Now i did have to double check this, because a lot of reviewers online seem to have got this wrong and are telling people that the ipad air has four speakers in it. Like the ipad pro now it doesn’t, it only has two speakers and yes, they do sound a little bit worse, but they don’t sound bad here’s. A little sound demo. Music. Now i’ve already touched on some of these downsides and i’m, not saying they’re necessarily downsides i’m. Just saying these are downgrades from the pro touched on so far, the speakers and the thickness it’s a little bit thicker so are the bezels on the ipad air. Now i thought to myself that you would only really notice, if you put them side to side with the ipad pro. However jed, who was getting some b roll of the tablets last week, noticed the thicker bezels, even when the ipad pro wasn’t kicking around.

So, just take that, with a grain of soul, you can tell that the bezels are thicker. None of these things, i’ve mentioned so far, though, have made the ipad that much of a worse experience that i would feel the need to upgrade to the pro focus there on already mentioned, because there’s some stuff coming up, which we’re going to brush on which may Make you want to spend that extra money? One thing missing from the ipad air that’s found on the pro is face id now. I absolutely love face id. It works really really well on the ipad, and it even gives you a little arrow if you’re, covering up the face id sensor, because the bezels are so thin on the ipad pro well. You don’t even need to worry about that on the ipad air because it doesn’t have face id the actual biometric unlock, for this is a fingerprint scanner that is built into the lock button. So the lock button is a little bit thicker than that found on the pro but it’s reading your fingerprint at the same time apple are really really good. At biometrics inside this ipad you can find the brand new a14 bionic chip. Now you may be thinking what does that mean? Please simplify that. Basically, the a14 chip is the same chip as the m1 chip, which is in apple’s new desktop computers like the mac mini and macbook pro. All that means is that this ipad is absolutely rapid down to that chip and hardware to software optimization, which means this ipad is not only fast now, but it will be fast in five years time.

Two more on that later. First, big downside is unfortunately the screen for me now. I don’t think many people will be bothered about this, but if you could i’d definitely get yourself down to an apple store just to test this out. Basically, the screen is going to refresh itself 60 times. A second on the ipad air, whereas on the ipad pro it refreshes itself at 120 times a second. What does that mean? It means all the animations, when you’re navigating around ios opening and closing apps scrolling down web pages, which is primarily what you’re doing all the time on your ipad it’s going to feel like a much smoother experience on the ipad pro now. I’M. Going. To be perfectly honest with you, when i first got the ipad air out of the box, i genuinely thought it was broken. I restarted it twice because the screen felt like it just felt like it was lagging compared to the ipad pro now. I feel, like other reviewers, have really brushed over this and said it’s, not as bad as it is. But honestly, i really am not a fan of using the ipad air after i’ve used the fluid motion screen on the ipad pro it’s, honestly that much of a difference that for me personally, i would spend the extra money just to get the refresh rate talking about The ipad pro it’s right here and it has a paper like screen protector on it.

I scribble a lot and note a lot on my ipad, not with the keyboard but with the apple pencil itself. Now, if you knew this or not, the apple screen is glass. So when you’re touching this plastic tip of the plastic apple pencil onto the glass, it tends to slip around quite a lot. Paperlike have noticed this and come along and try to create a screen protector that makes your ipad feel like paper. Hence the name paper like another thing to note as well is the ipad screen is very, very reflective without a screen protector on it or, if you put a glass screen protector on it, it’s very, very reflective. These paper, like ones, come with a matte finish, which personally, i really really like. They make it really really easy to see in direct sunlight or when you’re in a very, very bright room, and obviously it really does make the ipad feel like paper when you’re using the apple pencil, which is the main reason you would buy this they reached out To sponsor my ipad air review, so obviously i said yes, if you guys would like to check them out. I’Ll put all the links for paper like down there in the comments now with the screen sat down there chilling at 60 hertz, it does come with. One benefit now the pro and the air, like, i said, pretty much have the same internals that goes the same for battery as well, so with the refresh rate sat down at 60, just chilling.

That means that you’re gon na get better battery performance than the ipad pro, which is having to work harder to push out 120 frames per. Second, i found that the battery on the ipad air was really really good and i was getting a solid three to four days of just using this thing, ad hoc, throwing it back in my bag and getting it back out again. Another thing that i really love ipads for as well compared to laptops and something that people don’t really think about is the instant on now apple are really trying to close this gap with their new m1 processors, basically using the ipad processors in their macbooks, which now Share the same instant on technology, but i think it’s something that is sorely missed when you’re used to it, pulling something out your bag and clicking a button like you would on your phone and expecting the screen to come straight to life. Whether you’ve even thought about that or not that doesn’t happen on your intel based laptops, i really really think when apple made the ipad pro they made the perfect tablet, like the one for all the thing that everybody should get and then they thought. How can we make a toned down version of this they’ve? Pretty much done the exact same thing, exact same shell, exact same screen, exact same speakers except they’ve, just turned certain features off and when i say the screens are the same, that is exactly what i mean.

The panels used on the ipad pro and the ipad air are actually identical. However, the bezels are just thicker on the ipad air. Why? Well, because apple need to make things that are going to make people upgrade to the ipad pro they’ve got to make the ipad pro seem worth it, and what they’ve done here is create two products which are the two best tablets that you can currently buy at Two different price points and i can see why apple have done what they have done, and this is my one liner, if you guys would like a tablet and you’ve got 569 pounds to spare. I really wouldn’t look further than the ipad air. However, if you are a little bit of a geek and you’re going to be using your tablet all the time, i really do think that you would really really like and benefit from the 120 hertz and the four speakers and the face id. These seem like really small things on the surface, but what they really do underneath is add to the user experience, which is ultimately what it’s all about. Do. I recommend the ipad air or the ipad pro for that matter. Well, i recommend both of them, for both of their price ranges. Question is how much money do you want to spend from your own pockets, but for now guys my name has been alex.