You can find it linked here or down in the description. Don'T worry nothing at all is changing with this channel, and the videos and content will remain the same over the last five years or so I found not. Everyone is that interested in watching a 20 minute video? Basically, the goal of the new channel is to take that detailed information that I have in my reviews and break it down into something smaller and easier to understand. So if you like hearing me, talk about laptops and come on over to the Jarrod's laptops channel now for some other announcements, I've just created a patreon page, where you guys can support me if you want to don't, feel pressured absolutely no obligations at all. I understand it's a tough time in the world right now, so make sure you take care of yourself and your family first, a lot of you have been asking me lately how you can support the channel, so I've decided to do this so that those who want To can honestly, it should help out a whole lot. I'Ve recently started buying a lot more gaming laptops than I used to like both of those Dell g5s, and hopefully this allows me to purchase more laptops in the future when companies don't send them to me, so that I can get those videos up much quicker for You all I plan on doing a behind the scenes series of videos for those that are interested there'll, be a discord chat so that you guys can come and chat with me and the other patreon members I'll leave a link in the description to the page.

If you want to check it out and what's on offer again, there's no obligation for you to come over and support on patreon it's, just for those that wanted honestly just watching the videos commenting and liking is support enough. The last thing I want to mention in this announcement video is that the child recently hit 200k subscribers, which is honestly pretty crazy. Thanks for all your support, I didn't expect this to happen anytime soon and it's just come really fast over the last few months. So it's good to see the channel growing and yeah just thanks for everything. I'Ve got a lot more work here to do and I'm not gon na stop making videos on this channel. So don't worry about that come over to the new channel if you're interested. Otherwise, the exact same content here not going anywhere and speaking of which I've got 13 more laptops here at the moment, which I need to get started on so I'm gon na go.