We don’t have the map, but we rather have um. The current state of the of the ppe let’s continue let’s get the last speed pod. I just noticed that it’s the text says 3 8, even though i’m not 3. 8, but now i’m 38, so everything should be good. Next next task is to level up wisdom, which is pretty cool. I like the dungeon. This dungeon is really cool and tea room t t t room hello. Oh you break. Look at your white star like why. Don’T you do team first, he doesn’t deserve the tea room. Look he just left. Does he even have his chat on? Oh, we have two tea rooms in this dungeon that’s pretty park. The only thing with udl tea rooms is that i always almost die. I i would always take another tea room. No way there are three tea rooms in one dungeon. What the hell! I would love another tea room realm gods. If you hear me um, i know that heron would be epic no way shut up. Am i cheating hello? Is deca watching uh here’s the map by the way, just three tea rooms in one 40 rooms in one dungeon i’ve, never seen that what the hell! I also need to upload more to youtube than maybe upload stream highlights, or something like that. I think i do pretty good content so typical there we go again: oh that’s, a park upgrade two tears.

Oh let’s hope that i get a vitality and uh yeah attack. Is that hirom yeah that’s t? How am i supposed to hit that dude? How am i supposed to do that when i’m not range that’s? How? I can see myself already dying? Oh nice, oh actually, pog upgrade. We got an upgrade that’s cool. Here we got tea room. We got the boss, we can get out of here. We’Re really close to the summoner skin like that’s. The only thing i was playing the campaign for for the summoner skin, which is pretty pog. I love to summon a skin. Maybe he drops udl, maybe please oh poggies, okay, now let’s hope for 40 rooms. Again, oh yep, tearoom, nice slow me anyways, give me another tea room. Thanks, what’s wrong with my luck today, yeah i missed oryx again like i. I think i haven’t done a single orex on this character because i missed all of them yeah. I i haven’t done a single oryx on this account on this character. The only thing i’m begging for when i’m in this dungeon is for tea rooms. Give me one potion: bro don’t, let me down one one wisdom part. Are you serious, but how much do i need still for the skin? Oh, my god, so much i just got a skin today, uh yeah! I i think i will get it today, too. That’S. The only reason i wanted to play that campaign uh.

I got like nothing out of the chest from voids, but more from cools, which is i like. I got uh. What did i get? I got the ring the cult ring and another white bag which i forgot, but it was potato potato right and i got a white from nbc which was cola sword. I also got so many pog whites that’s cool to hear that’s cool all right before it. Let’S change that thing in obs, and this is so boring what the no way, what the uh uh. Okay. Now i have dragon on. The end tablet right back, hey yeah. One of my tricks is once insane look me up on rail, my oh that one! Oh dang, oh, i think we’re talking about the same one that one what’s your what’s your most base frame. Oh, that was your most bass. Film thing.