Your host and in this episode, were having a look at this because a little while ago I did a video on my search for the perfect USBC Hub, which turned out to be a complete failure. At least so far, and the only USB hub that has performed well enough has been this one. The Anker power expand six in one it attaches to the iPad, but because of the cover and other things it doesnt fit that quite well. If you want to see what I had to say about all of those hubs and this one, you can watch the video popping out in the upper right corner right now or also linked down in the uh pinned comment. Im sure that wasnt, proper English but Im Swedish, so a lot of you told me to get an extension cord to use with this, and I thought that was a good idea. First of all, I can see right now that I ordered the wrong one. I was supposed to order one that was uh 50 centimeters long. I dont know what that is in inches, but Ill put it out on screen, but instead I got the one that is half as long. Let me check my order here because I dont nope. I definitely did place that order its my fault, why, if this works unboxing, so this is basically a nerdic brand cable and its very, very robust, very thick and thats it its a USBC extension cord thats.

All it is so one end goes into here, and this is gon na, be so sweet, so in there and the other one goes right on to the Anchor hub foreign goes. No, I give up I give up, you know I give up. I give up. I give I cant even edit, this video. It makes me so mad. The housing of the extension cord is even thicker than the iPad, so I cant even get it to connect. You know what Ill make a new video in a month and Ill order. A few of these extension cords just to make sure I can get one that isnt too thick for this unit and Ill tell you why I got one that was this thick from the beginning. First of all, I wanted to be robust. I wanted to be heavy duty because you know I use my stuff all the time about 10 to 12 hours a day Im using my stuff right. So I need this to be really robust number two. I wanted the power through charging to be rated really high. So I chose one that was rated for 100 Watts, basically for like a laptop or something like that, so that it would properly charge the iPad, because there are a lot of these extension cords that are only rated to 15 watts or 10 watts and thats too Little for an iPad Pro like this one. That means that it will charge, even though it might say that it doesnt, but it would charge very slowly and so youll end up running out of battery, even if you have the charging on while youre working.

I dont want that Ive had that experience before with other cable that were too thin. So I chose the thick one. I think Im gon na try to find one that is rated for 60 watts and see what happens, but in a few weeks Ill make a new video show you, the extension cords show you how it works, and I also want to tell you that I have Also ordered a new Hub that might solve this problem completely, at least for the studio situation, where I need a hub to connect all of my gear. You see on that video on USB hubs. Some of you tipped me off about the UN Hub. It was basically a Kickstarter backed project from the beginning and now theyre selling them retail. No, maybe theyre, not retail, you have to order them from their site. I think I dont think theyre on Amazon, but either way I did order one but its going to take some time before it comes over to Sweden, and you know me I like taking my time before I review anything so yeah just wait a few weeks and Ill make a new video and well see how this goes. Thank you so much for watching um yeah. Just give me a Im. Just gon na end this video now okay update this one.