. Its wireless ergonomic solidly built has USB C charging works with Windows and Mac and perfectly integrates with macOS, giving you all the functionality of an actual MacBook keyboard, and then some. Did. I mention it can seamlessly connect between up to 3 different computers More on that later.. First, a quick word from a long time, supporter of the channel Parallels. Parallels, allows you to run Windows on your Mac without rebooting or partitioning your drive., Its a great option to be able to play games that arent supported on macOS or even use your favorite Windows Programs like Office 365 in their native format. Check out the link in the description below and use code CREATED10 for 10 off. Lets start with the size., Its a full sized keyboard. So those of you who prefer tenkeyless designs might not be suited to this one.. That being said, its still relatively compact and low profile, especially when compared to other keyboards on the market. Heres, a comparison with the standard wireless keyboard Apple sells., The MX keys, was clearly inspired by Apples version.. However, it has a much higher angle than the Magic keyboard, making it more ergonomic and comfortable for long typing. Sessions. Heres a comparison with my Razer tenkeyless mechanical gaming. Keyboard.You can see that the adjustable legs make the Razer much higher and steeper when the legs are fully extended.. Theres, no doubt about it. The MX Keys is one of the most premium and well built keyboards.

I have ever used. Just holding it in your hands or using. It is a very enjoyable experience., Its much sturdier than Apples, Magic keyboard.. The MX Keys is quite heavy around 800 grams and if you try to flex the keyboard its rock solid., I prefer a keyboard with a bit of weight to it, because it sits very firmly on the desk and wont move around.. It also features rubber feet on the base to help with stability.. The build quality also extends to the finish of the keyboard.. The key caps dont show fingerprints easily and Logitech has made the right decision to make the dark parts matte. So you wont see fingerprints or smudges there either.. I havent been able to test out how the finish will last over the years, but I would be confident in saying it will hold up quite well.. The keys themselves are surprisingly comfortable to use.. Logitech went for a more laptop style of keys rather than a traditional keyboard, and they managed to do it really well.. It feels similar to the redesigned keyboard on the latest models of MacBooks., But the MX Keys is sturdier nicer to type on and has a bit more travel on each press.. The keys have almost zero wobble or flex, and the travel on them is just right., Not too deep that you have to stab each key and not too light that you constantly miss keys when typing quickly., Curiously Logitech went for an indented keycap.

. I thought I wouldnt like this at first, but it quickly grew on me.. It kind of catches your finger tip and keeps it in place. As you depress the keys., While typing you actually dont notice, they are indented its more of a very subtle guide to unconsciously guide your fingers toward the centre of the keycap.. I had my girlfriend try the keyboard for a few days and she found it really comfortable for her small hands. Im 64 and have pretty big hands, and you know what they say about guys with big hands …. They need big keyboards.. However, I found the MX Keys just fine to use. Theres adequate gap between each key. So, even if your finger misses the centre, you usually wont accidentally type. A different letter, like you would, with more compact key layouts.. Unlike Apples, Magic keyboard, the MX Keys has more of an angle which lets you keep your wrists at more of a neutral angle.. You cant, increase or decrease the angle at which the MX Keys sits as it doesnt have adjustable feet, unlike other keyboards, but I found this to be not an issue.. The angle it comes with is comfortable already.. You can, of course, substitute the keyboard with a wrist rest, but thats at your own personal preference.. One thing I will mention is that there are two versions of this keyboard: the Mac version and the standard version.. The only difference between the two is that the standard version has both Mac and Windows, icons on the keys, whereas the Mac version only has Mac icons.

If youre planning on using the keyboard solely on Macs, it wont matter, but if you switch between PC and Mac, Like me or plan to in the future, I definitely recommend the standard version. Instead. Makes it a lot easier to use shortcuts and commands.. You will also see some variation in color between the two versions, but this depends on your country and which version you choose.. The Mac version is space grey with black keycaps, whereas the standard version is more of a darker matte color scheme.. Moving on to connectivity, the MX Keys can of course be connected to your computer, using the 2.4Ghz receiver that comes with it.. However, almost all modern computers these days have bluetooth, so you can connect the keyboard directly to your Mac or PC.. The pairing process is really simple. Turn the keyboard on wait until it pops up in the devices list on your computer and pair with it.. Perhaps the most intuitive and helpful feature of the MX Keys is something called Logitech Flow.. In a nutshell, this allows you to seamlessly use the keyboard and MX Master Mouse. If you have one between different computers., For example, if I have both a PC and Mac on my desk, I can simply move my MX Master mouse across the screen and onto the screen of the other computer, and the keyboard will follow.. This allows me to use both Mac and PC computers at the same time, with only a single keyboard and mouse.

. Oh did I mention you, can copy a file or photo from one computer and simply paste it onto your other one. Yes, the file will transfer via bluetooth.. This has come in handy so many times, because I frequently switch between my Mac for productivity tasks and my PC for more intensive tasks like gaming or editing 6K video.. Now, if you dont have a MX Master, Mouse and cant take advantage of Logitech Flow. The MX Keys has 3 pairing hotkey buttons on the keyboard, allowing you tro switch bhetweren computers with a single tap of a button.. You can pair up to 3 computers to the same keyboard at once.. The Logitech software also allows you to customize the keys on your keyboard, so you can assign different keys to different actions.. Although the default hot keys are already really intuitive. For Mac, Mini users simply tap the lock key in the top right corner and your screen will lock.. It also has a screenshot and calculator key that can come in handy, although there are already shortcuts for that. So you can reassign them to different functions if you prefer. Personally, I do like the option of having a single, dedicated button.. One of my favorite things about the MX Keys is just how silent it is., If youre in an office, environment or simply at home, working and the bedroom, is nearby. You dont want a big, noisy mechanical keyboard, hammering away for hours at a time.

. I mean you can, but you run the risk of getting run over by a coworker in the parking lot or quickly becoming single if your significant other cant sleep because of the noise. First, heres, what a typical mechanical keyboard sounds like.. Now this is what the MX Keys sounds: like., Pretty quiet right. Moving on. There are a few super cool features of this keyboard that makes it well worth the premium price. Tag. Lets start with the backlight.. It works very well and is motion controlled.. When it detects movement, the backlight will turn on.. When you take your hands away from the keyboard, it turns off.. You can also control the brightness, just like you would on a MacBook keyboard. This includes turning it off entirely.. If you frequently use the backlight Logitech states, the charge will last up to 10 days.. If you keep the backlight off like I do, youll get up to 5 months of battery life before youll need to charge. Logitech, also implemented a genius default setting that automatically switches. The backlight off once the battery gets down to 10.. This means youll easily get a few weeks of power out of the keyboard, even if you forget to charge for a while and it wont just die all of a sudden while youre using it with the backlight. Im, really happy to see that this keyboard has a Usb C port for charging., This can streamline your entire desk setup, especially if you also use the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, which also includes a USB C charging port.

. If your desk setup is similar to mine, you probably have a thunderbolt, 3 or USB C cable. Attaching your MacBook to either a monitor or dock.. If you ever need to charge any of the USB C devices on your desk, you can simply plug them into the cable. You use to connect the monitor or dock to your Mac and leave them for a few hours to charge.. And, yes, you can use the MX Keys while its attached to a cable and charging. With a 5 month battery life when the backlight is disabled. I doubt youll be charging much anyway. Theres, a small LED light near the charging port that blinks green. When you turn the keyboard on and will flash red when its getting low, giving you plenty of warning to charge it. If youre not going to be using the keyboard for a while, you can also switch it off using the power switch on the back near the Charging port. In terms of negatives, about this keyboard Im really scraping the barrel, but here are some that I found.. Firstly, if you have the backlight enabled it stays on even during the day. Much like the MacBook keyboards. Logitech says the backlight intensity adapts to lighting conditions, but theres no point of it being on at all when theres enough illumination in the room., This isnt a huge deal because I usually have it turned off anyway.. If your environment is so dark that you need to use keyboard, backlights thats not healthy for your eyes, so invest in a light bar like the BenQ screenbar, linked in the description or some additional lighting in your room.

. The other negative is that theres no option to adjust the angle of the keyboard., Like I mentioned previously, it likely wont be a big deal, but if you buy the keyboard and find its uncomfortable youre going to have to come up with your own solution.. Finally, the pricing. – This is certainly a premium product with a premium price.. Can you get much cheaper, keyboards out there, Of course, but they wont have the functionality and pleasurable user experience of this one., Not to mention the incredibly helpful feature that is Logitech flow. Id pay extra just for that alone.. In conclusion, I give the Logitech MX Keys keyboard the Created Labs seal of approval., Despite the premium price tag, its build quality and feature set are highly desirable and I will be using this as my main keyboard from now on, replacing my trusty Apple Magic keyboard..