Can you name an actual dinner bowl now we’re going to test this? This is actually true, either way: there’s a bunch of minecraft myths out there for 117 that you guys don’t, know so watch this video all the way till the end comment down below of any minecraft myth that you know yourself are why there please tap the like Button but we’re gon na get to busting some minecraft myths, myth number one it’s easier to find diamonds, no chunks. So if i was to quickly activate chunks over here, if you guys don’t know what chunks are pretty much the little square portions of the entire game, and now what i’ve heard is, if you can actually check on chunks like the edge of a chunk it’s, more Likely gon na find diamonds here now we’re gon na go into spectate and check if this is actually true or it’s completely false, because this myth has been going around for a little bit. So, for example, if i was in the corner of a chunk, i have to go this way at some point. I should come across some diamonds. Now is this completely true, or is this completely false because so far i i see nothing yep, no seriously. I actually see nothing. I don’t, i don’t see diamonds anywhere i’m. Currently at y23, i should drop down a little bit and i’m gon na keep moving this way. Until i see any sort of diamonds, i came across two spawners on all the chances.

This is not part of the myth, but two spawners right next to each other joined together and finally, we’ve continued and we’ve come across like an edge of the border, but as you can see, as we found our first couple diamonds, it was exactly like around the Edge and to see how many diamonds, this actually was, it was only oh okay for a second, i was like there’s only one diamond. This was a bit of a scam, but we found two diamonds and that was currently on the edge of the border. If we only find it once, it doesn’t really count so we’re gon na see. If we can find another diamond on the edge of the border and off we go again we’re going to keep on going. Oh and we’ve come across diamonds, which are indeed in the corner of the border. I guess and how many diamonds is this? Okay, only three diamonds, the it was the deep side diamonds, but as you saw, this is the second time we find it on. Actually, the border of the chunk, which ultimately means that twice now that we found it out of all places on the chunk border, which potentially might mean that this myth is completely true. Samurai said this was a myth that was busted as correct, technically it’s, not a myth worse than you can shear goats. Now, with the shoe tools, you can actually see a sheep, obviously, and you get wool now.

This is a cool thing that you can do and in real life you can also shoot a bunch of other creatures. I’Ve got a bunch of walls, but now the cool thing is: they have introduced a new mobs first to quickly search sheep, and i also bring the sheep down. I have to spawn this beautiful creature. I kind of mean go this amazing. Looking girl, we can share ghosts and sheep are similar people, but now the myth is that, can we actually shear goats? You would realistically think so, but we’re going to test this out in three two one: okay, wait! Well, i can’t really shear goats, because if you don’t know you can actually milk goats, but you can’t shear goats, which is kind of sad, because i would have thought you could. So it turns out that this is actually a myth. Busted you can’t shear goats, who would i actually fall? I guess we stick to shireen sheep, then using slimes. You can create any portal now for this myth, we’ll first of all need obsidian. We’Ll need slime and we’ll need a flint and steel, and essentially, what this basically means is i’m gon na quickly make a pole, and this nether pole will be pretty cool i’m gon na light this up now, what this myth essentially says is, if i can actually Play slime, like this apple slime, on this side, i can theoretically destroy this entire pole and essentially it will make it so that this just it doesn’t break and i can create a diamond pole.

I create any sort of pole now we’re gon na test this. This is actually true, and if this myth is actually true, because this myth has been going around for a long time, so we’re gon na test in three two one, okay wait. I don’t think this was supposed to happen just in case i’m gon na test it one more time, i’m gon na lay up i’m gon na replace the slime, like so i’m gon na break it like so on yeah i don’t. I don’t think this is supposed to happen, so this myth has been busted as just not working whoever’s been spreading the rumor that this myth works well, we’ve busted, this myth, which is kind of sad because it seems kind of cool you can convert skeletons into snow Skeletons now, this one is rather interesting and only a 117 myth. Now what we need for this is powdered snow and essentially, what you want to do is you’re, going to put a powder snow here and just put skeleton on top all right, maybe maybe it wasn’t supposed to work like this i’m kind of sorry dude. Essentially, i put this powder snow right here: i’m gon na lift this up for a second and replace it here. I’M gon na put the skeleton down as opposed to get down and break it, and essentially you should fall down there and, if i’m not mistaken, this myth may potentially not work but we’re still gon na test it so i’m gon na maybe make a few more.

I just guess i throw a new one down this guy’s shivering. Why why? Why are you shivering bro? Why why are you he’s he’s, about to break down? I don’t know what’s about to go down. Bro. Is this a transformation that’s about to happen? Why he’s gone back into oh, my well, it seems like this. Myth actually turned out to be true. Who are you bro he’s, a man of not many words that’s all i’m gon na say, but i guess his myth was true. This myth turns out to be actual facts and not just a myth. It’S been confirmed, you can summon herobrine in 117. now realistically about this one i’m, not too sure how i feel about it. Herobrine’S always been a thing, but can we summon him in 117, we’re gon na have to find out so first of all, what you’ll need is copper and a lightning rod, and how i saw someone do this is essentially they made someone like this completely covered in Water, so i need to also get a water bucket and a water bucket there. I think it was somewhere along the lines of this and with that they added lightning rods everywhere and to top it off on top of there, they put, i think they put slabs like this, so with redstone torches, they put redstone torches along the lines of this, And fold this around to make it a complete structure and circuit. I don’t know how they did this, but we’re gon na test this out and to top it off, they use the biggest creature in the entire world and axel.

I don’t think i don’t think it matters what actually it was. I put an axle in here that axle is secured in this little area and if i was to make it completely nighttime and the axles vibing in here i’m. Sorry for what i’m about to do. Bro, but this is potentially to see if we can sum it in herobrine, this guy did but we’re going to test out ourselves. If this myth actually works, summon lightning bolt, i need i need to kind of summon it there. Did it okay, this might. This might not work, i don’t know i don’t know what this guy did, but i it seems like this might potentially do. I need to be in the middle bro that was kind of pain to do i’m. Not gon na lie to this axe at all. Just ask all you could take all these regen potions, you could survive, but essentially this myth has been busted. Herobrine is still a mystery. I don’t know if you could summon herobrine the minecraft world isn’t endless and stops at a certain point now. I don’t know how true this is. This has been a myth for a while that minecraft is completely endless, but how endless is minecraft really because minecraft is known for it’s a sandbox sort of game? So what if i was to tell you? Maybe there was an end and i don’t mean the end dimension. I mean an end to the overworld.

Apparently, if i was to tp 30 million away so currently i have 30 mil actually enabled here and if i was a tp 30 mil away from tp. Oh well, it’s it’s. Oh, i see so we’ve tp. We tp we tp 2999999999999999 as we tp 299. This was officially the world border. This was actually the world border for minecraft, oh and we can’t get don’t get to the other side and, as you guys know, this is normal survival. I didn’t set this world border and you really can’t do anything there’s a border and if you do go past the board anyway, there’s actually a physical wall that stops you from going to 30 mil. This is kind of destroyed all my hopes and dreams that minecraft was an open world because there’s actually a border, so minecraft’s not completely endless that there isn’t a way to go past here. You can’t do anything. So this myth has been confirmed. The minecraft world is not completely endless, although 30 million is kind of endless. Who’S gon na run that many blocks axel laws are stronger than guardians and drowns, so for this, we’ll need an axolotl and we’ll need a drowned and also a guardian. So if i was put one axel all down and one drown down having a fight, who’s gon na win an axle or a drone, we’re gon na find out in this episode of there’s no way moving on, we have a guardian versus a drown.

Who’S going to win in this one, we have a guardian. Is he being paralyzed he’s playing dead, smart choice? Okay! Well, this is an epic battle of the momentum of the people and come on come on play. Then, if you need to regen and play dead he’s getting his region, so whatever the axles do? No, no okay! This is actually an epic about loki if it actually couldn’t actually be a guardian. We’Re gon na see right now. If this is actually a myth that works out, if they beat him in a 1v1, not a team battle, do you guys know about this? I think i think the axle is going to be the guardian, but it can’t be a drowned interesting enough. There we go and it’s being a god, okay, but why can’t you be a drown, an actual versa guardian, the axel will win, but actual versa drowned. The ground actually wins, which is kind of sad. I thought the axe also stronger, so i guess this myth has been busted. Axles are not the strongest creatures which moves us on to what if we were to spawn 10 drowns who’s gon na win, this 10x lols or 10 rounds we’re going to see right now. I mean potentially, i think at this point: the 10 drowns are gon na win i’m i’m, not even yeah yeah, oh he’s playing dead, though he’s smart, he’s, smart being a team scenario. The axles will always win like look at this.

This is the most intense fight you’re ever going to see. Wait. They they’ve actually beat him well. This myth has been busted tax, all can’t be 10. Just drowned axolotls will lose a drowned kinda sad, a desert pyramid is personally set up for a beacon. Now i actually did not know this. All the way is rather simple: i’m, a desert pyramid. Right now and at first glance it does look like a little triangle pyramid. But little do you know this is actually perfectly set up for a beacon, and i kind of show you exactly how so time to start placing all these diamonds in to show you exactly how this is gon na work and so far we’re already on the second Layer which kind of works out and now the third layer, and so far our theory is being proven correct. This myth seems to be turning out true, but we’re gon na find out at the end and with that we’re on the last layer and, if that’s, what beacon. Now that is a full beacon there you go, that is actually a full beacon. This myth has been proven to be correct. You can get a full working beaking inside the desert perimeter. If you’re going to try it out yourself, you can. But this myth has been confirmed. You can name an actual old jeb so for this we’re going to grab a name tag and an anvil and we’re going to do jeb underscore now.

If you don’t know what jab bonus score does essentially – and you can see if i name it – jeb underscore it turns the sheep into a rainbow creature. Now, will this work on an axolotl we’re going to find out right now? So if i suppose that acts a little down – i name it jeb underscore. This is kind of sad to see. Mojang please implement this. For now this myth has been busted. You can’t name an actual gemini score to make it rainbow. Can you name an axle or dinner bone moving back with a name tags if i was to quickly make this dinner bone? If anyone, if any of you guys don’t, know what dinner bone does dinner bone, makes everything upside down like, for example, anything i want it make upside down now, the question is: does it make the axles upside down and it does this one seems to be correct. It does make the axles turn upside down, which is hella cool. So this myth has been confirmed to work. You can name axolot’s dinner bone to turn them completely upside down. Shields can be repaired with oak now. For this i’m gon na grab a shield and i’ll grab a stack of oak, but first of all i still need to damage the shield so i’m gon na go into the game of survival and i’m gon na quickly fight this creeper. As you see, the shield is damaged, so first quickly go over here and take the shield off and if this turns out to be correct, this is going to be something that i did not know.

Okay, how in the world did? I not know this so. First of all, you can actually repair this, not even with a shield, but with one with one o. You can actually convert this to make a brand new shield and, like that, we’ve got a brand new shield. This myth has been confirmed, it’s a small myth, but it actually works it’s, a hellish. You can use optifine with spy glasses, so i’ve grabbed spyglass for now i’m going to test this out. So with this, this is a normal spy glass and if i right click, this is there, and this is optifine, although the optifine isn’t, actually that big of a deal, if you can see optifine doesn’t, show that much but spyglass does show a lot. If i was to use them both together, where i can use them both together, so this isn’t me using the spyglass – and this is me using optifine with spyglass, and this is me using optifine normally – and this is me using just a spyglass – normally look at that Difference but although it’s hard to control look, how much close i am, i can completely see the skeleton’s face. You see that you see that over there at that right, it’s right next to me, i can see inside the cave. This myth has been confirmed to be true. You can use actually spyglass well fine and it’s hella sick.