That was like 10 seconds, thats, absolutely insane: Music, hey guys, whats up uh! This laptop is a 200 laptop that I got from Walmart, and you know what this things actually pretty decent at light gaming, and it only cost me two hundred dollars so Im gon na show you everything, thats, good and bad, about this laptop as well as where You can buy it, which is from Walmart and well see what we got all right. So this laptop here is from Gateway. It is a 14.1 inch laptop and, as you can see, the specs here. This thing currently has Windows 11 home a ryzen 5 3500u processor, which is a little bit old. A 1080p IPS display a 256 gigabyte SSD, as well as 10 hours of battery life at about a 60 watt hour battery, as well as a whole bunch of ports. Thatll, let you see right now, and this thing is available at Walmart for about 200 and Ill provide a link for you down below um. There are four versions: here you have the red version, which is the one I have. You also have the Green version or the gray, which is actually a bit more expensive and then finally, the blue, so this laptop here is not going to win any awards. The entire body of the laptop is plastic. As you can see, there is a ton of flex on the um on the top of the laptop, and you flip it over to the bottom and its the exact same thing.

You can see how much Flex there is on the laptop. The body of the laptop is plastic and its not very sturdy, when youre holding it, for example, if youre holding it from the hinge part like this. It feels okay, but when you hold it from this part, you can actually feel and hear that it starts crackling. So listen to this so yeah in terms of build quality, this thing is not going to win any awards its actually, not very good. But again this thing did cost me 200. So what can you expect from that all right and in terms of connectivity, this things actually quite good. You have a DC power in here, thats, your charging port. You have a USB 3.0. I believe you have an HDMI uh, 1.4 Port, so its not 2.0. As far as I can tell, and then theres also a USBC here, this one does not support power. Unfortunately, um and I dont know what that is, but I think that is an indicator light there and then, if we flip it over to this side, we have another USB port, a headphone jack, as well as a Micro, SD card slot, and this slot here is Actually kind of annoying, let me show you why so the problem with this SD card slot is that if you try and put a Micro SD in here, then this thing, oh sorry, the wrong way. I got to put it upside down like this, and then you push it all the way in the clicking mechanism that keeps it in place is so deep that you have to push it so deeply in that you cannot even do it with your fingers.

You either have very long fingers or you need to use a pen of some sort to push it all the way in otherwise it doesnt click in taking it out is easier, but otherwise that is a pet peeve of this its impossible to put in, without a Long pointy stick, but you can take it out if you need, but otherwise BSD card slot works, opening up the laptop here. You cannot really do it with one hand, but then again, I dont expect it to be able to open with one hand just because this is a very cheap laptop um. Probably the worst part of this laptop is actually the keyboard. These keys are very cheap, theyre, not backlit. All these are stuck on with those little cheap stickers. The worst part about this keyboard is actually that its skip letters, if you type a little too fast, I can type my maximum is about a hundred words per minute. So Im not like super fast. If Im going anything above 70 words per minute, then it starts losing. It starts skipping Keys, especially if you dont hit it hard enough, so thats, probably the biggest pet peeve of this laptop. There is, you know, Flex on the keyboard deck, as you can see over here as well, and you also have your trackpad, which is actually not a bad trackpad at all. In fact, Ill go through it a little bit more but theres a cheap trackpads actually can be quite good, and we have three LED notification lights here and then a power button on that Im going to turn on and then were going to see what happens.

So this trackpad also has a fingerprint sensor that works quite well, so there we go very fast. No fuss, no must so lets. Show you the scrolling capabilities of this trackpad over here, so Im, just going to go to Gateway and youll see that the two finger scroll is very its its pretty smooth, so obviously its a little bit there. There is a difference between This and like a Macbook or a Dell XPS 13, but its perfectly serviceable, for, I would say 90 of people, including for me, and I am once I have a power user. I mean I am a power user, but Im not too fussy about a trackpad now. The other thing thats good about this trackpad is that um. If you go to a more expensive laptop, for example, lets say you spend 400 or 500 bucks on a laptop. Then they start giving you glass track pads and glass track pads, while they could seem smoother well, they are smoother, but its also harder for your finger to Glide over them, because glass is naturally stickier than plastic is, and because this is such a quote. Unquote, cheap plastic. The plastic actually allows your finger to Glide across it very easily. No matter if your fingers are dry, your fingers are wet anything. It doesnt matter its going to Glide fairly. Well, accuracy is okay, there um. There are times where you move it and you can see the mouse is moving and sometimes itll skip very, very rarely but other than that theres really not much problem there and lets show you what I was talking about with regards to Microsoft Word: if Im typing Too fast itll itll skip letters like uh, which is a little too bad, but you just have to type a little bit slower.

So I dont know how fast of a typist are you, but if youre too fast of a type is this thing is probably not going to work for you all right. The screen here is an IPS display, its not matte its rather its glossy and the maximum brightness is 250 nits, which is not very bright, of course, but its, I would say its serviceable serviceable for anywhere indoors and minimum brightness is also not very dark. Unfortunately, as you can see, its still fairly visible, even under um studio lights, so not very bright, not very dark, but for two hundred dollars this laptop is screen is not bad, and let me show you what I mean in terms of colors youre gon na get A decent gamut of colors here with regards to the screen, I was actually quite surprised by how good quality the colors were in this screen. For example, like you look at this, can you tell theyre washed out, probably not because the colors here arent bad at all, like obviously I put this beside my Surface Pro, which does have a very good screen Surface Pro Beats this, but I dont know lets, say 30 percent, so its definitely not a very, very big difference. So I am quite impressed quite satisfied with this display. If I had to change something, it would be the maximum brightness well and the minimum brightness to see how dim it can go, but otherwise this screen is perfectly serviceable.

It is a 60hz display. It is not anything higher than that with higher refresh rates, but the screen will service most people just fine. We have two top firing speakers on the speaker, deck on the sorry on the keyboard deck right here. The speakers are not very loud, unfortunately, serviceable, but not very loud. Quality is obviously very lacking in terms of bass. So I would recommend that if you do use this laptop, the speakers are used only in The Last Resorts. You should be using headphones because these speakers just arent very good, so lets play this for you and then well keep going foreign louder than my phone, no its softer than my phone Music. So, as you can hear, there was basically no base on that. The loudness is barely louder than my phone, its just not a very good speakers, sound quality overall now in terms of the audio quality for meetings, for example, whether youre opening Skype, messenger teams Etc. The sound your voice quality is actually not bad, its obviously not great, but its good enough that most people wont notice youre on a really crappy laptop and next were going to talk about battery life, which is probably the most surprising thing on this laptop. The battery life is its quite good Im Im just completely blown away by this. This estimate here four hours and six minutes thats actually not right. I was able to get what brightness am I on so Im about 75 brightness.

I was able to get six to seven hours of battery life out of this laptop. This is a 200 laptop to get six or seven hours of battery life and if I lowered the brightness down to lets, say 25 percent, which is a little hard to see unless you are in a not so well lit environment um, you know, but it was. I could get upwards of nine hours, and this is you know, Chrome browsing. This is um everything like that, its really not bad and thats. Probably why its four hours and six minutes, because my power mode is on best performance. I go to balance that should change dramatically so again, Im very satisfied with the battery life. Here the battery size is respectable, which is why youre going to get such good battery life out of this laptop, this cheap laptop? Just because it is a 60 watt hour battery which is unheard of in such a cheap laptop, which is why Im So Satisfied with the battery life here and of course, here we have Windows 11, and we also have the ryzen 3500u and lets look at the Rest of the specifications, but we have a 256 gigabyte, hard drive as well as a actually. What I did is. I also installed my own extra m.2 SSD 128 gig as a secondary Drive um, but yeah. So in terms of snappiness, I would say that this laptop is fairly Snappy. You know that it actually feels in terms of the UI.

It feels a little bit slower than what a ryzen 3500u should be capable of heres a little bit strange. But that is that so not super surprised, because most likely, the power limits on this laptop were set to be lower to conserve battery, which is why youre going to get such decent battery life on this laptop. So in terms of snappiness, it actually works fairly. Well, all right lets open up, because this is a more intensive program and, as it launches lets talk a little bit about this, you know works fine. You can edit most of your photos on it. Itll do itll do just fine unless youre working on a insanely massive photos, but otherwise itll do okay. Lets open up a photo from here lets. Look for the largest one of the biggest photos I can find. So this is 2.8 megabytes. Yeah! Okay! Well, do that! Well open this one – and this is a 4 000 by 4000 picture, and so what well do is. We will apply some filters to this and youll just see how fast they tick or some colors well change the brightness and contrast on this puppy. So you can see that was pretty fast, most of the time slower laptops, theyll kind of change line by line, but, as you can see this does it almost into instantaneously and again this is still on balanced power mode, so its not on full power mode. So turn it to full power mode go to even better.

So if you do like lets, say a gaussian blur, and that did nothing because I did not lets do this there we go so as you can see that was instantaneous as well. So you want to use, you can do so with no problem. So next is opening up. Davinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve actually worked. Quite decently, scrubbing through lets say 1080p timeline. You can actually do so with not much problem at all. Exporting does take a little long, because this laptop will constantly throttle a throttle down when it gets too hot and then, as it cools down the speed pool well go back up again. So its finally loading, but as you can see scrubbing through the timeline, is quite smooth. Of course loading does take longer, because this thing only has eight gigabytes of RAM. But yes, you can do many things on this laptop, including video, editing, not 4K, mind you but scrubbing to 1080p thats, not going to be a problem at all right and in terms of gaming. Actually I could play CS. Go at low settings on 1080p at approximately 45 to 60 frames, a second which is actually not bad, so quite impressed with this laptop. Obviously, if youre going to be playing with more intense games, itll most likely not work, but otherwise, if youre playing less intense games, whether its this or youre playing stardew Valley. That should work no problem at all. So if you want a game on this laptop 3500u, that should work as well, so no problem there and lastly, as you can see, the camera here is 720p.

I believe and its a very pretty poor quality one because Im decently well lit and you can see how much grain there is on the video as well, but otherwise I mean it works well enough for Skype or Zoom or whatnot, and so you do have a Camera its not very good and thats that all right. So what do I think about this laptop honestly Im very happy with my purchase. This thing cost me 200, its obviously not a perfect laptop theres downsides to this, for example, this theres a lot of flex and a lot of the of the material, because its not a very well built laptop. The keyboard does Skip letters every typing too fast. The SD card slot is so deep. You can barely push it in screens, not super bright. The odd, like the sound quality, is pretty bad, but for 200 this is probably the most complete laptop. You can find that oversatisfy as many of your needs as possible with the least compromise as possible. So I really do highly recommend you try getting this. I got it at 200. It should be on sale again on Black Friday. So do keep your eye out. For that, but otherwise yeah, let me know what you think about this laptop. Thank you for watching and Ill see you guys in the next one Music Applause Music.