Okay, i mean how thin do cameras get well its? Definitely not. You wait a paper camera. What this is gon na be saucy. Okay, uh thinnest tablet in the world the remarkable two, its only 299. okay ‘9, when you dont get their subscription. No, i just said i didnt want the subscription. Yes, im, sure. Okay, you have to buy the pen separately. 129.. The the cover is 119.. Oh you cheeky little did that actually just become 700.. I feel like ive just been robbed. Anyways lets find a charger for it. Well, would you look at that the size of a credit card? You will do just fine, hmm slimmest earphones in the world, the slimmest printer in the world. So one of the things that i normally try and do when im ordering stuff is to see if i can build a computer setup in the theme of that video. So worlds thinnest mouse check, weve got a mouse mat fractions of a millimeter thick check. What about the keyboard, though, its pretty thin im sure we can do better, though oh logitech thats, very thin, its just its just the keys, if only you could have a keyboard without the key sticking out: okay, um thats, probably going to do the job. This is a keyboard made completely of glass, but of course, for a computer setup we need a computer, so we could get like a really high end gaming pc, but built into a really thin case like this um.

Well, this is the coolest pc case ive ever seen in my life. We could get one of those really mini pcs, um, no, no okay. This has got to be special lets, get something custom made. This is not gon na be cheap. Speaking of computers, though, ive wanted a good windows laptop for a really long time now lets see dell xps 15, which is 17 millimeters, thick thats less than two centimeters theres, the razor book, which is actually 15 millimeters. I think we got our answer. The acer swift 7 is 9.95 millimeters thick less than a centimeter. Oh, my god, im looking at the thinnest screen, ive ever seen, im just gon na buy it im. Not even gon na show you. Yet. This is gon na be worth the wait. Okay, what kind of stuff do i just wish was thinner a suitcase, why not the narrowest sunglasses ever the skinniest wallet ever im, so confused like how does that even hold anything and then, finally, to finish off the budget, i want to see if we can find A speaker now this might be a bit of a challenge because youd normally need to make speakers chunky so that they can get enough bikes. I, like the battery bike, wait thats a speaker, ah its not for sale how convenient. So i think this is the slimmest speaker that you can buy its apparently as thin as your phone, and this is even thinner because its not actually a speaker in itself, but it can turn anything.

You stick it onto into a speaker. Okay, someone take this laptop away from me right, two months later and its time to unbox it all so lets start thin and just keep getting thinner. I mean all youve got to do is to look at this packaging to realize just how thin things are going to get okay, so starting at nine centimeters. You know that custom pc i was talking about. We got it and youre actually looking at it right now. So basically, i found this company called novatech and they have a sub brand called rain gaming, which has some of the coolest custom, pcs ive ever seen, so i told them im looking for the thinnest extreme pc on the market and from there we came up with The idea of building it into my desk now ill admit this is still not the most razor thin pc youve ever seen. We could have made it thinner, but wait till you see what it can do. I mean just for starters, mechanical legs, so with one tap of a button. This can go from below my waist to above my head, mr whos, the boss, themed colors across all cabling and lighting electrochromic glass, such that. If all that color becomes a distraction, i can just tap one button and bam. Itll pass a specialized current through it, which changes the chemical arrangement of that glass to make it opaque. But on top of all of that, power were talking a 12th gen intel, i7 12700 kf processor, nvidia, geforce, rdx 3080 ti graphics card and wd black sm850 storage, which is so fast.

It can copy an entire one. Terabyte hard drive across in just three minutes. Well, keep adding things to this pc setup as we go through the video and unbox thinner and thinner devices. Okay, dropping all the way down to just five centimeters. We have a rolling suitcase and youre, probably thinking five centimeters. I couldnt even fit my underwear in that, but it expands. It seems like a very solid piece of kit. This feels wrong its not a suitcase. Surely i love the concept of this. It only ever takes up as much space as it needs to now at half the thickness of even that were only three products in and already reaching 2.5 centimeters hps sprocket. This is a printer thats, just ridiculous. So in theory, i should just be able to pull up a photo on my phone. Oh somethings happening its really fast, and the picture goes right up to the edges. Im quite impressed pretty high resolution, but if you think thats thin, okay, just for perspective heres, a pair of apple airpods, pretty thin credit where do but nothing compared to this monstrosity inside this pack should be the yobyo card. 20 earphones. Oh, look! What theyre called card, because theyre so slim that its its not just that theyll fit in your pocket? These could fit in your wallet. I wonder if theyve just given them like no battery life. Now i honestly have zero idea what to expect from this one.

It genuinely looks like someones taken a proper camera and then just sat on it repeatedly to flatten it its quite a strange product like it does actually feel quite solid and well made, but then to look at its more like a middle school origami project. But then it is actually a proper digital camera with real interchangeable lenses so lets stick. Our sd card in here weve got a slider to select from a bunch of different filters, one things for absolutely sure, though, these photos are an entire mood. Its got a really old school quirky style to it. You know, i would genuinely say that testing new speakers is one of my favorite things ever to do and that pleasure is never greater than when youre testing a record breaking one. This lenovo 700 is just 1.1 centimeter thick. That is unbelievable. How is that going to sound, because normally for proper bass, you need physical depth for the speaker to be able to like push air. I think this is smaller than my phone. The speakers so thin. The sound is so fat, especially when you factor in that theyve also apparently squeezed an eight hour battery life into this, oh, but we can actually get even thinner audio and to get this thin were having to use a completely different technology. This is blade its not a speaker and of itself, but you can place blade onto anything and i mean anything to turn that device into a speaker.

It sounds like science fiction instead of turning your music into a sound wave directly its instead converting it into a mechanical vibration that can use the space inside another object as a sound chamber to induce that sound wave from it instead. Okay, so you can kind of hear the vibration already right, Applause, its like magic. Oh, my god, i can feel the bass through this cardboard box. The bass im getting while its sitting on this pc is insane. Okay were about to break the one centimeter mark and i still cant quite believe that the product were doing that with is a laptop. This is the record breaking acer. Swift, seven apparently made possible through a razor thin magnesium, aluminium, alloy material and also presumably a severe trimming of the speakers and battery. No, it barely feels heavier than my ipad. I feel like the hardest thing to complement here is the fact that this is two layers. This is a screen, a keyboard, ports, its everything. It genuinely feels like im using a dummy unit that doesnt actually function lets try watching a quick video. The screen is a bit dim, though, and the speakers are oh yeah, oh god, moving on okay time to completely switch tact coming in at 0.9 centimeters thick. These are the rove sunglasses, slightly cheap packaging, but well look past it and there it is. I feel like i need to stress this 0.9 centimeters is how thick they are when folded.

If i unfold them with one two, three, four, five, six, oh seven, this is so thin. I feel like i could slice something with it. Fruit me just for science. Oh were in Music no way, i didnt think id be doing this today now sweeping in at just 0.8 centimeters. We have that keyboard, which is effectively just a sheet of glass with touch sensors on it. Doesnt sound the most appealing to use, like the reason that normal keyboards are comfortable, is that the keys will travel as you press them in this one. Doesnt have that and what is that font? I cant complain too much, though its extremely thin and the core concept of this design is straight out of a sci fi film plus, if i turn it on here, it also has leds baked in yeah this aint. The best kind of crazy, though, is that even thinner than that sheet of glass there is a company called espresso whos managed to build a fully working display, its not the highest spec screen out there, its a 1080p lcd, but still the dimensions are shocking and it Feels quality: this is an aluminium and glass shell. It reminds me a lot of an ipad in terms of design. Lets come back to that when we have all the pieces of this setup. Okay, not so fun fact about me for quite a while. Now i have struggled with falling asleep. I think my brain is so used to just constantly churning out video ideas that it doesnt know how to shut off anymore.

Well, these earbuds called the cocoon night buds are designed to solve that problem: theyre pretty funky, looking but thats because of this hub in the middle here, which is packed with sensors that well be able to detect when youve fallen asleep. So you no longer need to keep setting these sleep timers for your content. These earphones will automatically fade out your music, the minute you no longer need it, but thats, not even the coolest bit. They can also track your sleep quality and help you understand it. They can detect snoring and mask the noise from it and theyre so thin from every angle, a quarter of the thickness of normal bluetooth buds for such that it doesnt really matter what position youre lying down in you cant really feel them they just. They feel like an extension of your head, based on a quick first impression. I am a big fan of this, and the sound quality is not the best but pretty good Music. I think you just broke the box on my head. Okay, well heres, the product kind of looks like i damaged it more than it damaged me were talking a mouse that is just 0.5 centimeters thick incredible novelty, but i just i cant quite understand, apart from specifically this video who would buy this, i feel like, as Were getting further and further through this video, each successive product is becoming more and more of a feat, and this the remarkable 2 tablet might be the coolest so far its not an android tablet per se.

But it is a smart tablet of sorts and it just feels a bit surreal to hold its like its got, the density and the weight of a coaster for your mug. It doesnt feel like theres anything in there. So for starters, this is an e reader. Just like a kindle, but with a high resolution, large screen, you can read web pages on it, but, more importantly, thanks to this pencil right here, you can write all right lets just give this a shot. A sub to the channel would be remarkable. This is shockingly responsive for an e ink type display and oh check this. If you write with the pen completely upright, it comes out narrow, but if you use the sides its thicker, you can even rub out using the eraser on the back. But then maybe the coolest aspect of this is that with one tab i can convert all this handwritten text into an editable format and then literally pick up my phone and carry on where i left off. Dont really know how to rate this one, though ive never really used anything like it. Thinnest power bank in the world coming right up what in gods name, okay hold up. This is my normal power bank. This is the clutch charger, its its literally the size of a credit card and its not as useless as you might think. It still has led indicator lights to show you its charge level its got the usbc cable baked inside it.

I guess because its so thin that it otherwise wouldnt fit and the battery capacity itself is still three thousand milliamp hours, which you know weve seen more weve seen way more, but thats still enough to get your phone from completely dead to anywhere between 50 and 100. Depending on what model is speaking of credit cards, though at just 0.15 centimeters, which is basically two dimensional at this point, we have the win wallet, i mean its safe to say this is at least five times thinner than any other wallet ive ever seen. It is very cool but im just thinking like when you get to a stage like this. Can you really call it a wallet like at this point? Isnt it basically just a 3d printed clip all right. So, just before the thinnest thing in this entire video ive got something pretty mind blowing to show you, you know how we had that thinnest espresso display. Well, that is nothing compared to what royal has come up with. Okay, so the display connector has got to go into the power board. Were gon na need a power supply. This is like really high stakes lego and then, if we had a power source – oh my god. I genuinely think this is the coolest piece of tech ive ever held in my hands. What youre looking at right now is a fully functional android device, thats barely thicker than a piece of paper, and it is completely flexible.

This is basically a development kit. Its royal saying to other companies look look at our screen. Look how versatile it is! Look how bright and beautiful it is look how thin it is. These screens already exist on some foldable phones that you might have already seen, but its just being able to hold the display on its own and use it as a standalone device. It kind of just opens you up to whats, potentially possible well lets see if we can make a call. Actually, where am i going to fit a sim card in on that? I sound like a broken record at this point, but we are getting even thinner. Oh my, i just realized something. You know this like incredibly, incredibly thin mouse mat we have here. This is the mouse mat with a layer of packaging all around it. It almost feels like im gripping air Applause. Oh, oh, i have never seen a mouse pad like it. Oh wait, theres another layer to peel off that thats just ridiculous. So there you have it the thinnest extreme pc setup ever okay. So you know how we just got like the thinnest wallet ever and we were wondering what exactly we could pay for with it. Well surfsharkvpn hear me out here this service is not ten dollars or five dollars. It is 249 a month which split between the seven people i share it with comes out to just 36 cents and that 36 cents gives me anonymity, especially when im logged into public wi fi networks, which are the most vulnerable better prices for products that use my Browser cookies to try to make things more expensive for me, access to the full internet, including sites blocked by my region, like tv, shows from another country and encryption every minute that you spend online companies are recording data about who you are and what youre doing, which Means that, even if these companies dont have any nefarious intentions, when theres a data breach that data can fall into the hands of someone who does things like your location, information, so give it a go? And if you do hit the link in the description and use code boss, its not just that you get it for that 249 a month price, but you also get three months for free on top of that, fully refundable! If you dont, like it to check out some of the biggest tech youve ever seen that video is here or to check out some of the smallest videos here, my name is aaron.