As you guys know, if you follow my channel, i had this device when it first came out five to six months ago, i had some issues with the device. I loved everything about it, but the software issues on this thing were terrible. So this is months later i’ve been watching some videos about this device. People that’s had it since day, one and a lot of them was loving the device. Now, after some of the updates, microsoft from us updates to this device monthly, and as far as i can tell, they have put out some some nice updates for it. I was looking for another device. The traditional candy bar style devices have become boring to me. As you guys know, i don’t put out a lot of. I don’t buy a lot of cell phones for my channel. These have become boring. This is the samsung galaxy note 20, and what samsung did with the s21? They moved the camera over here they rounded off the edges, uh. They do make improvements to the processors, the cameras and things of that nature, but in the end, it’s still a candy bar style device and i’m kind of bored with them, also with apple what they did now. This is the iphone 12.. They flattened the size out here made some improvements. Added cameras made uh change the color uh, but in the end this is still a candy bar style device and i am kind of bored with camera with phones like that.

So you do have uh phones like the fold to uh the lg wing. Now those phones are great. Lg took a big step in uh, coming up with a different style phone right there and from what i understand from watching a lot of videos about the fold too. That is probably the best folding device that you can get at this time date and time now i could have gotten that device, but at this point and of the year i think we’re going to wait and see what the next one’s like on it and i Think it’s going to probably be the best one that they come out with, so i just decided i will get a fold in the future, but since i enjoyed this device so much when i had it and when they first announced this device, i said i wanted To get it and that’s why i ended up getting it uh microsoft has it for 400 off right now, which this device is still expensive. Man, some people, wouldn’t wouldn’t, take this device. I bought it for 1100. I got the 256 gigabyte version. This only has six gigabytes of ram, and this is running the snapdragon 855 processor, which is an older processor by now uh. I knew i know all of that before i picked it up, but this is one of those devices. I don’t know some people. They find a device or they they find something that they really like, and they just go for it because it’s something that they like, and this is something i fell in love with the hardware on it.

I love the gestures. I love the uh dual spring aspect of it. As you see, the fingerprint sensor works great there. I do have the lg velvet, which is a dual string device, but you have to have a case for that one. I do have the zte axon m, which is another dual stream device, but the specs on it are not as great as this. You can see how thin this thing is very thin. You got your type c charging port right there. You got your volume up and down your power button and excellent fingerprint sensor there and that’s pretty much it it’s clean uh. You got your microsoft logo there and this excellent excellent hinge here so build quality is a1. This has gorilla glass all the way around outside. Inside this is your start stream. You do have a 11 megapixel camera up here. That’S, not the greatest you’ve got a flash earpiece and a single speaker. So for this price uh most people are going to look be looking to get. You know better uh, specs out of that device, but, like i said, sometimes you run across a device that you just really love. This has big bezels here as well. Big huge vessels here you can turn this and use it in this orientation. Here you have tent mode, you have a kind of like laptop style mode here, and the hinge is great. So when i had this before, i just really and truly enjoyed the swipe gestures and things that that these things offers so let’s go ahead.

I want to talk about a few of the specs, see how you can just sling stuff over to the other side here. So this has two 5.6 inch displays 1800 by 1350 for 400, 401 ppi has a 4×3 aspect ratio. Now, when you open this up. This is 8.1 inches, 2700 by 1800. Still, the 3×2 aspect ratio. This is amulet as well. This has corn and gorilla glass. Like i said, let’s see what else here, six six gigabytes of ram. You can get this in 128 off it or 256. I got the 256. has a single mono speaker, fingerprint sensor, type c 3.0. The battery on this is 35 77 milliamps, which i, before i didn’t, have any issues with the battery lasting at all and uh the weight on it is 250 grams. So that is some of the specs on it. Like i said i wanted this back. I wanted something different microsoft, actually isn’t, even advertising this thing as a phone. They have it in the surface division when you, when you go over to their website, it’s it’s different and i’m, a type of guy where i like to have something different from other people back when the iphone and the black bears. First came out, a lot of my friends ran over to the iphone. Well, i say with the blackberry because i like something different to a lot of people. This don’t make sense to buy this with the specs like they are uh, but this is just you know, but it’s different and i like it so shout out to jay.

Will man he’s got a video that i watch about? Folding phones being the future? I agree with that whole video he made uh. He made some great valid points in that video yeah. I agree these. These are going to be the future uh. Maybe they’ll come out with versions that are not as expensive. I think a lot of people don’t want to buy these because they’re so expensive, but a lot of times with new innovation or new things and the price is going to be high and then the prices adapt as time goes on so check out his video man About uh, folding phones being the future, so so i’m going to give it another try. Hopefully these updates that they have brought out for this device is going to make it a whole lot better and i’m. Looking forward to making some more videos, letting you guys know what i think about it, microsoft, surface duo back in the house.