It is very well priced. The ipad mini is 499 dollars its much smaller, and it lacks a lot of the features that well talk about later. The ipad pro at its lowest smallest model is 7.99 and yes, it does have some nicer features, but are those features worth 33 percent more and i and i need folks to really think about this – a 200 jump from a price tag of about 600 thats. Not a small difference, so are you willing to pay for almost half of another ipad air for the ipad pros advantages, maybe but thats for your personal stuff? Yes, you could buy an older version of the ipad pro to save some money and i think thats a totally valid option. But i think, if you are looking for a tablet to last as long as possible, which a lot of people buy and hold onto ipads for a lot of years, the m1 in the brand new air is going to guarantee updates. As long as youll want to use the tablet, the samsung galaxy tab s8 is also a fantastic tablet and the one that im using as of this exact second but its also more expensive at 699 dollars. And if you want your tablet to tie into the rest of your apple ecosystem, its obviously not going to be a great option there. The ipad, gen 9 is really the only outlier that i would recommend still with the ipad air on the market.

Because of how much of a fantastic value, it remains 329 dollars and you get essentially the same experience as the ipad air thats, not bad. It does have an older design and the new ipad airs just have this spark and a snap to them. Thats amazing and fun to use, but the ipad gen 9 still a fantastic value, and this new air is not perfect and before i dive into the rest of the video, i want to clear the air get it now whats funny is i actually typed that in The script before i look, i saw that then i had to go back and i had a little chuckle with myself when i was writing this. The biggest problem with the ipad air is the same problem from last years model and the year before that, at its base price, it comes with 64 gigabytes of storage, thats abysmally low, and i know there are a ton of folks out there, myself included. That probably wont come close to filling that hard drive up and with how easily accessible cloud storage is its really easy to not need a lot of internal storage, and i also know that apple all brands make these kind of calculations when they do their market research. On what the market will bear for price and features – and obviously it worked well because i still think this is the best tablet makes up for this, but dang does it suck to only have 64 gigabytes of storage? Personally, i think all mobile devices from all brands.

We need to have a baseline of 128 gigabytes that ensures youll have plenty of space not only for your personal files, but also plenty of buffer, as operating systems continue to get bigger and bigger year over year. They wont do it, but if apple wanted to include an expandable media slot like right here somewhere, i wouldnt be too angry about that. You can buy micro, sd cards now for very reasonable prices and, like i said in that tab s8 video speed of memory on a device like this isnt that important so give us that, and i think that would rocket this up the usability category and you wouldnt. Even have to pay, for it apple ill pay for this storage myself. On top of the tablet that im already buying myself, you look you dont have to do it just add in a little slot. For me, its ipad os and all apple mobile ecosystems are incredibly efficient coming in at under three gigabytes, but again its 20 22. help me stop complaining, because this cutting edge tablet has less storage than my sd cards and i dont even use expensive sd cards. All we want you and me both all we want is for me to stop complaining the biggest update this year. You can see from pretty much every advertisement and all over the event. Page is the inclusion of the m1 processor from the ipad pro and the very successful line of apple laptops that have basically kicked off the whole apple domination of the laptop marketplace, and those include my favorite laptop of all time, its the macbook air.

If you were, if you were surprised by that, welcome to the channel for the first time now, this is like putting a jet engine inside of my wifes subaru, but it does buy you a few key things, especially over the a series chips that have been in The tablet previously one this tablet will now have more raw horsepower than most windows: productivity, laptops, thats, not exaggeration, thats, not apple fanboyism, thems, just the facts. The m1 processor variant that well get in the ipad air im assuming is the same variant from the ipad pro. So youll get an 8 core cpu 8 core gpu and 8 gigabytes of ram powering this and remember this is a 599 11 inch tablet. If you arent impressed yet im not sure what else apple can do to get your attention that they have their eyes aimed squarely at dominating the mobile processor space. Sure i dont think graph charts showing numbers going up is the most useful of all comparisons. I actually spoilers, i actually think they are fairly useless when we havent even come close to the power cap of even the a12 z processor from a few years ago, but where i think the inclusion of this chip is smart is really how well see this strategy Play out over the coming years for apple, this is not an ipad air decision. This is an overall apple decision. What theyve done is they developed a very powerful, very efficient chip for a bigger system like a macbook and over time they take those dies and processors and start pushing them down into other devices, giving those specific products a spec and power bump, while not costing them All that much because they didnt have to develop a chip from scratch.

I bet moving the m1 here and on the ipad pro cost, far less than developing an a15 z type processor as a product manager, myself thats a 9 000 iq play, you have a processor, thats, so powerful, yet efficient that it can live inside of smaller devices. Without thermally, compromising them thats genius, you dont have to develop a new thing every year, because taking what you already have and pushing it down still increases the power of your overall system without increasing the overall component budget. Thats genius that is tip of the hat to apple, because thats smart seriously. I could even see the m1 going down even further on the line next year, maybe even ending up on the standard ipads i mean look the iphone sc their budget cell phone now. Has the single most powerful processor ever seen in a cell phone im telling you apple is not playing around and thanks to their advancements, other brands will need to start playing a pretty big game of ketchup to compete plus, like i said earlier, where this chip really Gives you value on the ipad air 5 and a major reason to buy said ipad? Is the longevity youll get here? Ipad os is going to advance probably the fastest of all of apples operating systems over the next few years and having not only a desktop cpu but also a solid amount of active memory. Tied to that cpu means that this tab will.

This is the ipad air. Four will be the one that lasts the longest in terms of updates and having a generally overall stable experience for the least amount of money. I cannot overstate how important that last sentence was i get it. I totally get that flashy features like high refresh rate displays and shiny new chassis, chassis, chassis and other things that enthusiasts loves and drive, clicks and excitement, and if you call them out on twitter, they get really mad about it. But meaningful progress for those that dont want to spend so much money year over year on a device that comes with this kind of update and absolutely the reason why i bought the cheapest version of the ipad air 5.. Well, its mostly the reason, because they also added the updated ultra wide angle, camera and holy crap team. I think the ipad air destroyed any reason i could give for the ipad mini minus actual dimensional requirements. This camera is the telecommunications camera on the market, its better than what apple puts in the macbooks, its better than what samsung puts on anything its the best camera period, and you combine that with the m1s isp the holy grail. It will also have apples center stage. So if you are by yourself it will perfectly frame on you. If you have other folks in the shot it will widen out to fit as many people as possible and if you are moving around in the frame it will follow.

You not only does this camera look good outdoors or in well naturally lit spaces, but it also looks pretty good under bright, artificial lights, like a studio in here and thats rare for such a small centered camera generally. They look like garbage in this kind of a situation. This was the one thing that i really wanted updated seriously. If they had only added this camera to the ipad air, i would think that it was a worthy upgrade over previous models. I spend most of my life in conference calls now or in my family life. We use facetime as our primary means to connect with family out of state and, as we are, the family that lives out of state, we basically thats how we talk to our entire family. Having a good, reliable, high quality front facing camera has rocketed up my priority list and i love what apple has done here. It was one of the major reasons that i would have recommended the ipad mini over the ipad air, though its not all updates that matter. The reason i personally bought this one and would recommend it over something like the ipad mini or the standard ipad is because of all the accessory support team. Let me tell you about accessory support. Well, if youve watched my channel for any length of time, you know my passion for accessories. One of my most popular videos ever is about accessories for the ipad air, because the ipad is the same shape as the ipad pro 11 inch model.

You get a couple of really big benefits, one you get that smart connector. That interfaces with literally the best tech accessory ever made thats the apple magic keyboard that we got right here. I didnt say it was the cheapest tech accessory. I said it was the best and yes again its expensive, but think about this. I think that this cost hurts less if you paid less for the tablet in the first place, and the second benefit that you get with the ipad. Air 5 is all of the accessory designers now have sort of a standard template to work with, so they dont have to totally revamp their system and make a new mini case or a new 12.9 inch one off model. You get a lot of overlap, which means its really easy to find a lot of great options without paying all that much plus, because of all those options, you can turn this into whatever you need it to be. You just want something to watch the everyday, dad youtube videos all day and believe me, i dont fault you for that. In that case you have one set of things to get. You want a travel note, taking tool. Youve got options for that. You want a mostly full computer experience. There are things for that. I love the versatility of the ipads as a whole and i do think that, if apple ever introduces something like samsung dex, i would have very little reason to actually own a mac anymore, which is probably why they have not yet released a sort of feature like That business got a business and if you like this video – and you want to see why i also bought the cheapest version of the mac studio, which might literally be one of the best value power machines on the market, you can find that by clicking right.