Were going to spend a little bit of time purchasing some of the worst reviewed items from Best Buy to find out? Are they actually great or are people trying to warn you and you should listen and not walk toward … Im sorry lets check it out. Shall we So, after a surprisingly short wait, we have all of our items in from Best Buy. Ken. Do you have any idea what were looking at today, Ken No. Cool.? This is the CAT S62 Pro NextGen thermal …, Wait what Thats a thermal camera! I didnt see that on the listing. Ken – Oh, oh, oh, Its! The oh, like caterpillar. engine, humming, Austin, Yes., Ken Okay, so this is like a rugged phone. phone thuds on table. Austin. I swear. If you break this thing: Oh God, tripod clinks, you got ta break our tripod. Ken. Oh, I like that orange power button. Austin Its got the Pixel style fingerprints sensor on the back as well. Ken. How much was this Jared 650. Ken 600 … thats a lot of money.? What do people say about it? So three of them are about how its not actually unlocked. One of them is about how it crashes and freezes, and then one is about how the power button fell. Off., Okay, so those are some things we can test. Now see. What are this things that you actually great Were now into the interface. Ill say its pretty stock? Looking like with the standard Android stuff.

128 gigs of storage, though totally fine. camera shutter clicks phone chimes. Okay, it did … Youre, not making that wait, thats, not actually the sound. Is it camera shutter clicks? No, I just got a notification at the exact same time. I took photo. Ken and Jared laughing All right., So this is what 4K video looks like on the CAT S62 Pro.. You can see its having some problems with exposure.. It keeps dimming and then brightening, but and also the frame rate. Its seems wildly off. Wow. That is terrible holy All right lets. Try the Flir, app. Im actually excited for this one.. Okay. This is what the video looks like.. So you can see that Kens toasty.. Other things I can see in the video mode is that Jared is glowing with a warm aura.. We also can see some of our recording equipment is warm right, So you cant really spot it when youre looking at it normally, but the microphones and the recorder are all fairly warm and it really pops out around the area.. If you swipe down, you can see the actual photo. Ken, Oh thats, cool., Austin, Yeah Ken, Oh thats, neat okay.. If youre you know a contractor or something youre walking around you actually can see. You know like. Oh, maybe this line is hot or maybe the the AC units frozen up or something., And you can just quickly spot it using the thermal camera. Look. This might be one of the worst reviewed products on Best Buy, but Im actually kind of impressed.

. I dont know how durable it is.. We have to do a little bit of testing to actually … No no phone thudding on the floor. Obviously its fine. Ken. Can I run over it with my car. Yes, you can run it over with the car. Ken laughing Youre good to go. car engine. Revving Just go slow, though. phone thudding on the road Austin Okay. Ken. I felt it. Austin All right. You stopped. Ken Yeah, stopped. Austin. I mean … Ken Its fine right. Austin, Its still on. Okay, I mean it looks like its in fairly good shape.. The screen still works, Yo thats, a pass.. Is it Austin Yeah absolutely. Wait, wait theres only one more thing: we have to do. Austin Whats that Huh Austin, Oh no. phone bangs, the ground Uff. That was a very solid hit, but its definitely still recording. Ken, Its just dinged up now right, Austin, Honestly totally fine. Thumbs up to the CAT phone huh rattling in the box Austin laughing. Something tells me this is not packed particularly well.. These Ken laughing are Google Pixel buds. Ken. Can I throw these in the garbage already Theyre, not just regular Google Pixel Buds? Oh no. Theyre Geeks Squad Refurbished Google Pixel Buds., When we were looking at the reviews, theyre saying that people found ear wax in them. Ken? Oh And then they were already paired, so it was like Andrews ear wax is on here.. I know because Andrew keeps trying to pair to Andrews phone.

Jared. How much should we pay for these Jared? We paid 115. Austin. They make the Pixel Buds A which are cheaper than this., Its literally, by the way, its just packaging tape holding this together, its not sealed in any way., Surprise surprise.. Oh, I actually see ear tips. Ken, Oh, that looks more or less new. Austin Yeah. Ken. I cant imagine people that have owned these used them for that long., But I mean that theres no ear wax here.. I actually dont think these have been used, but if they have theyve been cleaned. Good first sign, I think at least we didnt get ear wax.. I will say one thing.: They are incredibly comfortable.. It fits nicely in my ears with that little like ear tip.. These actually feel really nice though.. Let me actually pair them cause theyre, actually not pairing out of the box.. It says it should just pop up if youre using Android. Ive got a white light now. That seems like Im, making progress. Ken Just like every pixel product, its slowly disappointing, me. all laughing. Oh wait hang on heres the problem.. It only sees the right one. It doesnt see the left one. It somehow paired with only one earbud. Ken Man, What Ken, What a flawless experience.. No. This is not good right, now., Its really hard to judge just with one ear and know cause this one left one is just dead.. It does absolutely nothing. Ken.

This is literally the Lance Armstrong of earbuds. Jared laughing Jared. What Ken, I think, only kids from like 1995 will get. Yeah. It makes sense. You definitely dating yourself on that one friend. This next one., This next ones for you Ken. Ken, Wait me Yeah. Ken It is. Is this another phone Austin No. Wait its a camera. Austin Maybe. Is that a GoPro gentle music, Austin laughs, Austin Stunned silence., The Kaiser Bass.? First of all, what a censored name all laughing. So this does not shoot. Mp4 video. Austin, Wait what It shoots! Mp, video. Austin. What Wait get over here. Did they hold the Shift key when they hit the number four all laughing? Oh, my God., These GoPro rip offs usually go for like a 100 bucks. Jared. This was 70., So this might not be bad for 70. Austin Boy, Jared and Austin laughing. Okay, he hears that and he goes Sweet. The price got lower and he is like that means. It can only be a good product.. Look, I mean like price to performance right, Heres, the actual camera. Austin. This looks exactly the last time I unboxed a GoPro. It does.. Oh look at this. Some mounts. Were gon na use this for our GoPro. Austin, Our actual GoPro Ken Yeah cause they will fit. The same thing., So there are two buttons on the top and two buttons on the side.. They are all the same finish and size. So good luck trying to figure out what anything does.

Austin. It also has a screen, which is a legitimate feature.. Yeah GoPros didnt have that for a while. Austin Yep. Ken laughs, Now to be fair. The cheapest GoPro on their website right now is 350., Its on sale for 280 right now, but. Austin Whats, the cheapest GoPro. You can buy from Best Buy right now From Best Buy lets see. Its like 300. Austin. What Yeah. Austin Well lets fire it up lets see what, if its, actually any good or not Wait. Can you get the micro SD in there cause? People are complaining about that in their reviews.. Oh oh. Austin, I dont like those noises.. Oh, why are these ports so bad? Well, the SD card is working.. Austin Okay. Ken That screen is terrible. Austin. I cant see anything on camera. Ken Viewing angle. Look at the viewing angle on this.. It just turns to white. Austin Yeah. I noticed. Heres the thing you can get a dash cam for 80 and plug it into a battery bank and have a better camera than this. Austin And strap it to your helmet. You can. All right, so we are recording using the Kaiser Bass. X230.. Okay, so I tried plugging in the micro SD card from the camera onto my computer to see what the footage looks like and were running into a problem., So it is just not mounting properly.. So I actually had to go into disk utility to see if it even mounted.

And it sees it but its not letting us open it. Its exFAT too, so the formatting is totally kosher for macOS, but its just not showing me anything. Austin. So when people are complaining about SD card issues, this is pretty clearly the issue. Here. Jared. Jared, Yes, sir. Austin, Try this on Windows, see if this actually works. Cause. Otherwise this footage is just gone forever.. Oh here we go thats the video. Austin All right., Just rip the headphones off me. Ken All right. Austin, Oh God, that audio. Ken. So we are recording using the Kaiser Bass, X230. Theres Austin, Evans. Austin, I mean image. Quality, looks dash cammy. Jared. It looks like theres, absolutely no stabilization., You can do a lot better for 70.. You can buy a smartphone for 70 and probably get better image quality.. So this particular product, I think, by far box thuds on table, had the worst reviews of anything that we purchased.. This is the MSI Aegis Gaming Desktop.. Let me direct you to exhibit A which is its old., So its got Ryzen 7 3700X. So its a Ken, Oh Wow, older processor., Ken Ancient., RX, 5600 XT, older graphics, card 512, gigs of storage, 16 gigs of RAM.. Now this is probably if I were to take a guess, a roughly 2019 spec of a system that seems like what they wouldve been. Shipping then., However, were buying this in 2022 for the grand total of 1200 and change.

. If the reviews are accurate, some of these systems ship with a grave flaw. Ken A grave flaw, A grave flaw. Power. Your desktop flip on your power supply switch important component.. Apparently, some of these systems ship without a switch for the power supply, which means that theyre completely unable to function, seems strange to me.. Despite the fact theres like the blank for where the power switch would go, there is none. And apparently after plugging it in and everything they couldnt get it to power on.. Just to put it into perspective. This computer has 35 5 star reviews. Yeah. Jared, But it also has 83 1 star reviews. Ken, Oh okay., Thats bad. Ken. That actually sounds like a worst. Austin And the reveal is Ken. Oh, Oh, my God, Ken Wait, really Yep. Ken Really No switch for the power supply. Ken, Oh my God, Jared Wow Austin, No switch for power. Supply. Youre right theres, like a little blank where it should be. Its a Delta, 540 Watt, 80 plus bronze. Ken They couldnt afford the bronze sticker thats OK. Its just yeah.. If this power supply works, this is acceptable.. Although the price to performance is still gon na, be whack, no matter what. All ready to fire it up and see. If this thing actually works. Ken Yeah. Here goes nothing. Three, two one. button clicks soft music, Ken Op, Well. Okay.. Well, power supply is power, supplying clearly., Pretty quiet too actually.

Ken Those RGBs look nice.. So what they look like from the front. Austin Can see a little bit from the front. Ken, Oh yeah, look at that. Austin There we go. Its firing right up in the Windows. Ken Wow. I mean its still weird that you dont have a switch on the back of the power supply when the instructions clearly tell you to turn on the switch for the power supply. But. box thuds on table. We have one more item that actually goes with this Ken. I think youll be especially excited for this one. Ken Will. I would you consider yourself to be a bit of a keyboard aficionado cutter, clinks Ken, Oh, no. We bought the worst reviewed keyboard on Best Buy.. Oh Ew Wait so hold on., Get the cable out, get the cable out., Damn Thats a wow. I cant believe someone said thats a good idea. So like whenever I get like poster board from like Michaels or something. My first thing that I do is fold it. The other way. It well. Austin A little bit., I hope creasing it doesnt break it somehow. I mean I know its flexible, but I dont know if youre meant to like. Ken Well like Like its not paper. The worst case, it doesnt work. Anymore.. The best case is it doesnt work anymore. both laughing. What do we think about this MSI system? If you get one of these and its DOA thats, obviously really unfortunate.

Youre better at buying a scalped aftermarket GPU than buying something like this., You can buy this. Austin Yep. This for almost the same money. Austin I mean …, Yeah thats, a better idea., Its just Too expensive. Dont buy this scrap. Dont buy that.. Definitely dont buy that. Holy Ken this right here. This particular item was one of the best named products Ive ever seen on bestbuy.com.. This. My friend is the Prestige Elite 10QH. Ken 10 inch tablet. Austin, The Visual Land Prestige, Elite 10QH, quad, core Android, tablet., Okay, youll see the tablet itself, which is impeccably high quality., Actually, what Its looks: like. Ken, Oh no Dont, thats, not high quality., Thats, Im being Sarcastic., The fake leather tablet. Ken, Oh thats, cute. Wow. Austin, Some high quality accessories. Ken. This looks like Im gon na write about all my past boyfriends. Ken. We dont need to talk about that right now, okay., You have therapy for a reason.. Does that have magnets? How does it attach Ken No, of course not. Austin Wait, but how does it attach them? Show me Mr. Prestige, worldwide. Austin laughing Its so easy to just take your tablet off and use as a tablet real quick. Ken. I never said it was easy. I just wanted to do it because I dont trust you.. This does not secure on. Austin, I know.. How does how do they expect you to …? What Oh you know what Austin? Oh, oh, oh I hate the noise.

. Oh, they just expect you to lean it on them. tablet, thuds on table Nope., all laughing Ken. I think they I mean that didnt work, but I think thats definitely what they were. Banking on.. You just lean it on like that. Austin, Oh yeah, my super comfortable typing experience..