99 on pre order, and you can also get the ads free version for 164.99, which i did because i’m just curious. If that extra 15 is worth it, because i’ve actually got every version of the fire so far from the 10 to the 8 to the 7 and i’ve always kept the ads on. So i want to see if it’s a difference maker when i do finally get the new hd 10 in before we go into the deep dive just want to, let you know there’s going to be some links inside the description, so you want to take a look At some of the products i’m going to be mentioning, you can go ahead and do that and greatly help support the cause here on this channel all right. So here is my amazon fire 10 right now. This is the older version, the 10th generation, if you will so a lot of people are probably scratching their heads. Knowing like wondering, why are you buying another fire, hd 10 for it’s because of the subtle changes that they’ve made and some upgrades that they’ve done, and i want to kind of cover some of those things, so i can kind of justify the 165 dollar price tag. Just humor me on this one here so let’s take a look at some of the specs of the amazon fire hd 10 20 21 release the size of the screen has not changed whatsoever, so here’s, the old version, that’s 10.

1 inches it’s the same but here’s what’s Different and i think it’s kind of cool is the new version measures at about 9.73 inches by 6.53 inches by 0.36 inches. This is good because this big old puppy right here sands, the uh case on it it measures about an inch larger at about 10.3 inches by 6.3 inches by 0.4 inches. So just that small crop in size really helps in making it a bit more manageable. Because this is a large device now the resolution hasn’t changed at all either it’s at 1080p, which is fantastic in my opinion, is it 4k? No? Not yet, but i imagine that’ll come in due time for the actual resolution. It is 1920 by 1200, which is about 223 pixels per inch. Now they – and i quote here – there’s 2 million pixels on the new fire hd now. The funny thing is those specs are the same thing on the older version. Am i to believe that there was not 2 million pixels on this one? I i don’t know it’s not entirely clear and if you’re a tech nerd, you know this type of stuff, please let me know inside the comments. The really cool thing is the new screen. Strengthening that they’ve put into place now i’m – probably gon na butcher. This we’re gon na put it on the television here. A luminosilicate glass, essentially it’s, just reinforced glass. So if, for some reason this tumbles and falls it doesn’t shatter and then you’re out and you’ve, pretty much just bricked your entire thing here.

So the new model is more durable. So it kind of makes me breathe a sigh of relief and if i don’t have a case on it, then it’s not a big deal which, by the way, i did order a case now the weight is significantly different. So this right here is a little over a pound at about 17.8 ounces. The new version is actually only 16.4 ounces, so the size is shrunk down just a little bit. More and we’ve sacrificed a little bit of the weight, so this makes it a little bit more portable. Now the storage still comes in two types: it’s going to be 32 gigabytes, which is what i ordered, and i find it more than sufficient up to 64 gigabytes and here’s the big difference, though they’ve actually expanded the expansion, so you used to could get. I think 512 or 514 gigabytes. Now you can get up to one terabyte full, which always had me kind of scratch in my head that the fire hd 8 had the upgrade up to one terabyte, but the 10 didn’t have that i’m, like what gives so this new version comes out and i’m, Like, ah i get it now, more storage means more apps, more games, more videos, more everything inside there, so that way, you’re not having to sacrifice and delete a bunch of stuff that you’re really enjoying want to continue to use. Now, when it comes to the cpu all right, so it is actually the same octa core 2.

0 gigahertz, so they haven’t changed that at all, but it’s the increase in ram. That makes a huge difference and i think those you that are gamers out there, especially mobile gamers, can really appreciate this, because originally it was only two gigabytes of ram. Now they have upwards of three gigabytes of ram. Could the mobile gaming experience improve versus the older version i don’t know. I definitely love to hear from some of you once you finally do that, and then they have a climate pledge friendly initiative that they’re part of and at first i was kind of scratching. My head, but i decided to go ahead and read the fine print, and this is what it says: we’ve made it easier to discover products with sustainability, certifications as part of our commitment to help preserve the natural world time is fleeting. Reducing co2 products reduce their carbon footprint year after year, certified by the carbon trust, and the fact of the matter is that those are the primary things, the the reason why i decided to go and pre order, the upcoming amazon fire hd10. In fact, there’s many other features that i didn’t talk about that essentially just rolled over. In fact, you can take a look in this very next video, where i talk about the amazon fire, hd, 10 review and also over here we take a look at the fire. Hd, 8 and up here we take a look at the amazon fire.