Today I wanted to talk a little bit about um building computers versus buying pre builds of uh computers. The desktop PC, specifically um. This all came about because um this is my old RAM and my old Ram went up and died on me kind of its still some semi usable. I just get the blue screen of death because there are addresses on them that are corrupted or now just dead, or something like that, so it crashes every hour to two hours, ish under high capacity loads. So Im, like I cant, have this, especially if Im at work and Im in the middle of a meeting, and I it just crashes for some reason I cant have it so I had to upgrade my Ram, which is nice I actually got to upgrade. I didnt want to spend the uh 200. It was to upgrade my Ram, but I did it and itll be nice that we have a little bit better setup um, but this stemmed my whole thought process of letting you guys know what its like to actually build. Your own computer versus buying your own computer, so lets talk a little bit about my history with uh computers, so I grew up with in about fifth grade. My brother gave me his old build of computer. He built his own computer, so I got to see him. Go through the process building computer and that actually stunned, my loving for computers and just the idea of programming and software development and like like Computer Engineering, um all that kind of stuff.

So I kind of like walked into his footsteps for a bit, and I played on that computer for a long time played Minecraft way back when 10 years plus ago, um and also in my high school years, I got myself a cyber power pre build. So it was a pre build um, but I understood every single part in it by the end of it and sadly my power supply blew out and I was so confused about how like what kind of power supply I needed um it was actually like. I know I Now understand now how easily it would have been for me to buy any power supply at that time, but I didnt know when I was a kid. You know High School age, but I wanted to you know, extend my information on to other people. So that brings me to about two years ago, when Im like I, was working on this channel kind of stuff trying to get this stuff going and Im like. I need a good computer, so I got myself a pre build because this is is during the time of crypto. Going crazy and graphics cards were blastedly, expensive man I hated it. Id have spent eighteen hundred dollars to get a 30 70. in a pre build um. So thats what I was basically, I was literally looking only for the graphics cards and a decent, maybe other stuff, but I got I saw the 370 Im like thats good.

It has a decent deal at the time now. I probably could have gotten something like something better with that 1800 I spent um. But oh I got that pre built and I started noticing what people do with pre builds so sure pre build, you might get a good graphics card and maybe a good computer or CPU Im a processor, um and thats. Basically, it, though everything else they give you the bottom line, minimum what you like could fit in a computer, basically so that pre build. I had a motherboard that had no expandability options at all um. It had 32 gigs of RAM, but its the slowest Ram. You could get it had a motherboard with this that was slow, it could fit a graphics card, but it didnt utilize the whole power of the grand square, because it didnt have the pcie slot that could you know that was the newest pcie slot to be able To maximize the speeds um, so my 370 wasnt even being used to its best potential. So what did I do? Well? First, I had to replace the power supply unit because that pre build. They also put basically a 500 watt power supply unit. When I need like a thousand watt or 800 watts, something like that – 800 watt plus, so I got a new 100 into a new power supply unit. Then Im like well. All of these parts are being limited because the motherboard was bare minimum cant actually support the speeds that could be supported by um all the other parts, so I upgraded the motherboard that was another couple hundred dollars so 300 in Im like okay.

This sucks I like and everything oh, but then I got the motherboard Im like wait. My um my case is too small. This is a pre build that had a small case, so I had to buy a new case of 50 bucks, something like that. 60 bucks. I think so a brand new case is very big: expandable thats, the one I have now, which Ill show you in a second. So I got a new case so now Ive replaced everything. The only thing left is basically the storage, the RAM and, I guess the the processor and the grab Square. I still have the same processor in graphics card. Those two were decent because theyre the things that youre looking for, but I upgraded the motherboard and everything and then now just recently, oh yeah and then eventually Im like I need more storage because Im recording all the time. I need more storage. So I bought a two terabyte solid state drive that was also really fast great deal. I got is 200, though so thats like what I think we were 300 down the gutter there, its now 500 down the gutter to you know, upgrade up this pre build to actually what its potential is. Um then, Im like just recently this past week, Ive been getting errors and bad addresses on my Ram and it causes blue screens of death, though, when its under high capacity, so I had to upgrade the RAM thats.

Another 200 700 in on a 1800 pre build. You know I could have come like complained to the manufacturer and everything, but the thing is: what is the manufacturer gon na do theyre gon na send me the same crap stuff I wanted. I wanted to get my potential out of this thing and of course I had to buy a cooler, because when I got the new motherboard it and putting the CPU in the old cooler actually didnt fit the motherboard, because it was a special cooler for the pre Built company so Im like well this sucks, so I basically had to replace everything now. What did this teach me? It taught me that if you have the know how pre pilots are a pain, they cost a lot, and what do you get from them is like they give you a couple of good parts and the rest of the parts are bad making it. So the good parts actually arent being used so theyre 100 potential. So thats like my conclusion of the whole story. Now I do understand the quality of the uh. The ability to get or, like I dont know the know how getting pre builds and how it is effective for some people, because some people that they dont not know have the know how or how to build a computer. So in that case, yes, a free build. Actually might be good for you and, as that pre build starts to break down like Parts start to break down over time like mine, then you might as well learn about your computer.

More start, upgrading your computer, of course, one of the hardest things ever is a motherboard I feel like. But you know you start learning and you start growing and thats where Im like. I think, in the end, its just if youre gon na do your own PC setup and really run PC as your main station, like your main workstation main game station, you really need to step up your game to know what youre, using what youre getting what youre Upgrading and thats, like my whole stem of this seven minute conversation now lets show you the computer. What do I have today? So this is a camera view of the inside of my computer. Oh, I can move the camera around a little bit so down below. Here. You can see that little slot thats below the uh, the uh, the graphics card, that is the old um SSD. I still use it because its still a terabyte of SSD, its pretty solid theres, a new SSD on this side between the the GPU and the its like done right in here of the cooler thats, my new two terabyte SSD in apcie 4.0 slot, and now this 37 is also in its own pcie 4.0 slot, which is nice. I have 64 gigs of Corsair Ram right there, which is pretty awesome, and I even have the expandability of maybe getting another little bit. So I get up to our 128 gigs in the future and of course I got the new um uh cooler and the CPUs underneath that, of course, now all I have a whole bunch of other hard drives like full on hard drives.

Underneath in this capacity thing, Im gon na do right here, but its not seeable. I dont feel like trying to show you around theres, like I have a cooler under there for my the PSU on the back um but thats. Basically, what it looks like and its kind of nice, I get the the privilege and the to look at my lights and Im like thats, pretty cool isnt it. So you know its pretty cool that I got to build a computer, but it really shows me that, like I really wish, I knew from the start, especially about in this economy, where you know, especially with uh Black Friday, coming up that parts are cheap, so might As well buy the parts build your own computer and Im like I really wish. I had the capability of doing that back then. I just want to instill that knowledge to you guys that if you do your research and everything then really yeah work it like get your own like PC, desktop PC. If you want to be that, I have a whole other opinion on whether you should get a desktop PC versus getting like, say a laptop or a gaming tablet, which has a whole other thing, because I have a gaming tablet, but um yeah. I will talk about that. In our conversation, I just want to like tell my story of my experiences with a pre built kind of company and like the parts they give you, if you guys, like this kind of like story kind of stuff.

Let me know: um, please give this video a like subscribe to the channel this Tech Channel. We want to take it off somewhere Im trying to like be more relatable to people just rather than send these Tire Tech people that, like they talk about stuff, that half people dont understand. I want to be more relatable and I want to understand like what you guys are looking into and how I can help.