So what about this portable monitor? Well, its 874 grams screen size is going to be 15.6 inches. The aspect ratio – 16×9: the resolution is 1920 by 1080. uh contrast ratio 1000 to 1.. It has two built in speakers. One watt, each Music. Okay, this is going to be exciting. Ive always been curious about these portable monitors, and here we go. Okay, weve got the user guide; Music Smart Cover to be used as a cover and a stand. The portable monitor itself, the HDMI to type c cable, the type C to type c, cable, USB, a to type c cable. This is for your power supply and your power adapter foreign Music Music, now lets explore this monitor a little bit Music. Here we have three control buttons. The first is the up plus volume next is menu, and last is the down minus brightness control, and you have the signal port and the power port on the back. Youll find two speakers to try this out on a number of devices so to set it up. Were going to use this smart cover, as the stand be sure to plug in the source, cable and, if needed, the power cable as well. Music here were using Windows laptop the picture looks pretty good. Music here were using a MacBook Air, and the picture looks good as well. Music, using the monitor with a Mini PC, Music and with an adapter, were using the monitor with a tablet.

Okay, Im not gon na talk here, were just going to listen to the monitor Applause and one more sound test with the Mini PC. Well, this will bring us to the end of this video in this video. We unbox the Monitor and we connected it to several devices if this was a benefit to you, please remember to hit the like And subscribe buttons below.