So here goes. I think it was last month when i published a video on my uh tablet, and that was a galaxy tab. S6 lite. Now. What we have to here today is actually another samsung tablet, and this is a s7, so the normal galaxy s7 tab with the caveat that i’ve bought or i bought the version that has a lot of ram and a lot of storage, so the plane the base, The base s 7 comes with um six gigabytes of ram and probably this isn’t understandable, so 6 gb of ram, and then it comes with 128 gb storage. Now my previous tablet, so the s6 light had 4 gb of ram and 64 gb storage and i believe it had a slower cpu and this one so s7, which this is the base s7. This is an eight core, so an octa core cpu, and this is 11 inch. This is s6. Light is 10.4. I believe all right now what i have here. So i was able to sell my s6 light and what i bought is an enhanced version of the s7, which is with eight gigabytes of ram and with 256 gigabytes of storage, with the same 11 inch and octa core cpu. The difference is that the s7 plus, so you also have a s7 plus, which is still eight gigs of ram, and i think the base is 256 gigs of storage, but this is 12 inch and it’s really really big the 11 one that i have right now Is actually really good now, as you can see here, we have the storage 41 occupied and this is probably most uh.

This is 99 occupied by the system, plus the applications that i have installed, so storage, 41 out of 256 gigs and, as you can see, ram here, it’s less than four gig, so it’s three gigs occupied in memory all right, so this is actually. This is the s7 that i bought and uh i’m, really glad that actually, i’m i’m i’m actually going to do a lot of videos. Out of this, i was so excited about the s6 light here, which was a really good tablet that i felt like i had to um upgrade and i was able to sell s6 lite two weeks after i bought it at the same price. So someone bought it for me at the same price. Now. What i have to say is that i could have waited uh two more months, so i could have waited until maybe august when so i could have. I could have waited until august until s8 would be released. So in this case a tab. S8 is gon na come supposedly with a base of six or eight, but i believe is eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, which is exactly the same that i have right now on my s7. But the caveat is that this is probably going to be more expensive around 1 000 and i was able to buy mine. So my s7 enhanced let’s call it enh for around uh let’s see so i bought it from amazon for 640 dollars, plus around the hundred dollars.

Taxes plus uh about 25 dollars for express shipping to romania, so around 765 dollars, which is really good, and this one s8 is gon na probably gon na come more expensive. Also, i could have waited until s8 would be released, but um, because in that case the price for s7 would have would have gone even lower, but it’s, not i mean it’s, probably not it. It probably wouldn’t have gone too low, so uh. Overall. I think that this was a good decision now, that being said, let’s see what else i have to say in this video. So i’ve talked about the specs. This one also has a fingerprint scanner inside the power button, which is really um good, really accurate. It also has a face scanner, which is also really good. What else is there um? I also bought so let’s see i was able to buy from amazon a keyboard plus, so i bought a book cover plus so book cover plus keyboard for around 30 plus shipping. Uh then, i also bought the samsung book cover, so the samsung book cover, which is really high quality and i’m, really um i’m, really satisfied with the purchase. So the samsung book cover was around 45 dollars, but anyways uh, i decided not to buy this samsung keyboard cover because that would have been like almost 200, so it’s not worth it that’s. Why i bought the book cover. I i wanted to buy a keyboard, but i found the book cover, plus keyboard and now i’m, actually using the keyboard plus the samsung book cover, which is a good combination, and i i’m also using the mouse flyer via an adapter for the uh usbc.

Here now, i’m gon na make a video uh in the future about that with samsung dex, which i’m extremely satisfied. This basically turns my tablet into a quite powerful laptop but anyways. The idea for me buying this tablet was actually. This was an investment. It was an investment because not only it’s, an investment in my education since i’m, using youtube uh premium, so it’s like five dollars a month, uh plus i’m, also using kindle i’m reading a lot on my kindle and i’m. Also using this foxit pdf reader writer to actually read research papers and also study from textbooks, so these are all investments in my education, and this also uh brilliant, is actually another. Investment is like 15 a month, an investment in my education, because i’m, actually uh not only studying it for myself but i’m. Also gon na do a lot of uh videos here on challenges on exercises on math, because i wan na i wan na create a lot of videos. Uh, like i said in previous videos, i wan na make a lot of videos approaching machine learning from first principles. So we’re going to start with basic math, then we’re going to go into linear algebra. Then we’ll go we’re going to go to uh probabilities, then we’re going to go into algorithms, so there’s a lot of content coming from me using brilliant. So i believe that actually justifies – or it is it’s just me that actually justifies this investment i’m.

Also very uh, satisfied by the s pen, which seems to be an upgrade from the previous aspen, even though they might seem uh the same thing. But the fact is that this is actually even more responsive. Now, s6 lite uh. I think it had a refresh rate of um at maximum 60. I don’t even think it has 6 60 fps but uh, and it tends to get a bit laggy if multiple applications would have been open, but this one so s7 plus it actually flies with eight gigs of ram it actually freaking flies and i’m still extremely surprised About this now anyways um, so yeah. This is basically the most important thing that i want to say in this video there’s, going to be a lot of content coming from the tablet, so i’m really excited about this uh and i’m, probably going to do another video in which i showcase the applications that I have installed, but as of now, i try to keep minimal the most minimal of minimum, so what i’m gon na keep i’m gon na, of course, keep gmail photos. Chrome. Of course. This is a voice recorder from samsung, which is really good youtube studio for both of my channels youtube premium as a learning platform. Uh now here, prime video i’m, watching a documentary right now and prime video is free, trial and i’m, not going to extend it and i’m trying to i’m gon na try to watch american playboy um it’s a document here, it’s a documentary of 10 episodes.

So after i finish that i i don’t think i’m gon na um extend it even though there’s a show called the expanse, i guess yeah the expanse, which is a sci fi and it’s, really interesting on prime, maybe i’m gon na at some point in the future. I’M gon na uh, prime prime, is actually amazon. Prime video, i think it’s five or six dollars, but when i finish with the documentary so i’m not gon na extend prime, but what i’m actually gon na do is. I think i’m gon na keep on having netflix with um, because i’m watching right now, i’m watching suits and i’m watching start some star trek star track and i think i’m watching another one i’m, not really sure, because i haven’t uh, i haven’t up, i haven’t resubscribed To them yet, of course, fox, it is free, samsung notes, i’m gon na do an an entire video on samsung notes, because this is an amazing application. This is probably one of the. This is not one of the best. This is the best free application. I’Ve ever had – and this is the best application that you can ever have on a tablet with stylus – i don’t know about note shelf or other applications, but samsung are doing a very, very good job when it comes to um, samsung notes. I’M gon na do a video on it on how i take notes with samsung notes now, docs and sheets.

These are actually synchronized with all my docs and sheets uh dropbox as well, kindle is also synchronized everywhere. On all my devices i mean on my phone. I also read on my phone uh: cyber ghost is for vpn uh i’ve subscribed to cyber ghost up until 2024, because there was they had a promotion for one dollar sort of like one dollar per month, so that was uh really good. Now uh default apps default. Apps, we have galaxy store. We have my files, these are default apps then we have brilliant, like i said this is around 10 to 12 dollars a month and then, of course, we have twitter, which i tend to post a lot of pictures, screenshots from my kindle and from. I think. I also post a lot from my alter ai now.