The contents of this box are up in the air lets. Just put it that way. So, a few weeks ago i was gon na do like a random just like keyboard video from wish, and i saw a listing for key cult number one and i was like oh, this is gon na, be fantastic, because these are like easily a few thousand dollars Aftermarket typically, between 2200 to 2500, this was just under 90 bucks yeah. It was even on sale, an extra nine cents off whoopty do wish. So this is gon na be as mysterious for you as it is for me, without wasting any more time. Lets dive right into this cutting through the paper, i hope youre ready, because im not all right, uh, first up, definitely just sort of a a giveaway lets. Just put it that way with all the uh, possibly japanese or chinese newspaper here in the front uh from what i know about key cults theyre in the us. So all this probably not a good sign all right – oh oh whoa, whoa whoa hold on hold on this is heavy. This is a heavy box like. I need to weigh this real, quick all right. This is like solid for sure this is an eight pound box. I dont know if you could even there up up its going down a little bit: seven seven pounds 15 ounces, so this is either a very solid and well made or its like a cement block.

Both options are on the table. All right. We got the sides. All taped up, which way is up because they have multiple things of tape on here. Guess right here, well cut on the bottom: oh my god, im so ready to be disappointed, im so ready what how much tape did they? I guess i needed to secure this thing with the weight huh again from what i know about key cults. This is not their standard packaging, a uh nasty little cardboard box like this, with multiple layers of tape. Okay, the mystery still continues because now we have this. Oh, this beat up box, we have a keyboard cover a little carrying case for our mystery keyboard, so probably not a cement block unless thats still in here, maybe two bricks. Here we go here, we go here, we oh its on the top its on the top. Oh okay, this is not what i was expecting its definitely not a key cult. I can tell just by the first look, but oh my god, this thing is super heavy. What the hell is, this random, 87 dollar wish keyboard. Okay, let me just put this over here. It says abco core! Is that the name of the the case i dont know okay, so again with the key cool number one and i believe the number two as well um with this uh 10 keyless layout. You know the tkl uh the thing about this from what ive seen and im not 100 sure this is the case, but all of the key cults that ive seen that are tkl are win keyless, so they have that sort of like blocker here.

This is not that theres little led indicators over here as well, which key cult uh does not have, but the materials in this its insane. How solid this is uh. Looking like a knockoff. What is that um gmk moto, like a knockoff gmk moto, set on here, possibly so whats gon na give this away a hundred percent, as if i dont already know that this is uh fake is the back side that very s just great looking key cult: butt! Nice key called booty. Oh we got a label lets see what is it i should have looked. That was the first thing i should have looked at ab abco core abco core ar 87.. I got to look that up. So i guess the name on here is also the name of this keyboard, so not a key cults. Do they just think that, like a very sturdy and solid, all aluminum keyboard that weighs over seven pounds is just a key cult? Is that what they think? Oh, my god, this thing is a monster. Okay, so i dont know what switches are in here, because it didnt say on the listing: theyre light. Theyre, linear and theyre kind of scratchy uh odds are its either like otemu or like a cherry switch. Lets lets see were gon na were gon na dive into this today were gon na. Take a look. What we got in here um, i hope its hot swap again just the first thing about this is like.

Obviously, when i saw the listing you know, i didnt assume it to be a real key cult, but i also didnt think i was getting a fully completed keyboard like this. I thought it was gon na be just like you know, possibly uh a case. You know like the the frame and the plate and all that stuff i didnt think it was gon na have switches and these knock off keycaps and yeah. These are cherry, silent, reds, which explain that slight scratch, not satisfying in the slightest okay, app core abco core ar 87. We got to look this up right now. Is this even a thing? Well it like weird. I i see the google link for it. That brings me to amazon, and then it doesnt come up, and i was just gon na check my invoice and stuff from wish, but it just brings me to that straight listing and when i try to search for it again its its not there. Of course, okay, here we go were on amazon now, whatever it didnt work, the first time bummer currently unavailable. I would love to know the price of this were going to look this up in a minute uh. Once i go on my pc, because then i can see the price history wow this again. I i dont know what to expect with this, because i knew it wasnt a key cult, but i didnt think it was going to be this monster of an aluminum keyboard.

All right, weve got rgb strips on the side. Lets plug this in real, quick as after i put these keycaps back on okay, so it does include a standard. You know, sort of braided, usbc cable. I just threw it off the desk uh. We do have a nice definitely embedded a good waze in there. You can probably see where the uh port is all right. Let me go get that i just threw it all right. Well, try that again – and i see the side glow theres some side glow coming over here – uh, but no actual back lighting. So again you can see it here, glowing on the sides, which would probably look pretty cool at night, interesting, interesting stuff again, the the switches arent too too bad, but i really hope this is hot swap because that way i could take out these silent red switches From cherry and put in something much nicer, that would complement this insanely thick boy body, dont dont quote me on that dont clip it all right, but lets open it up. Those those screws are deep deep in there lets um unplug this. While we can real quick. All right got one of these little extenders. I dont even know if thats gon na fit down yeah because this base here it it wont, go down because it stops it, damn it. How are we gon na open this? This is gon na require some uh. Some thought hold on before i before we dive into that.

Let me just do the the thing i should have done from the beginning and just try to pry one of these out thatll give us a pretty quick. You know indicator for this. Whether this is hot swap or not, and i do not think it is because this guy is not budging yeah. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be hot, swap damn it its the entire length of our bite. It doesnt fit either. What the hell can. I use Music doesnt have the right bit, but all it has to do is turn the screw. I think this isnt working either, i think, im just stripping the screw. Ah, this is the closest thing weve had so far. Okay final attempt at this guy its its lengthy enough, its skinny enough just will it let me get in and turn the screw to one loosen it i cant tell i have no idea. Is this working Music? Oh, my god. I think it is two hours later. I dont know if you saw that if i picked it up, but the screw flew into my sleeve okay, we finally did it. So this is the top plate. Super aluminum, um, interesting interesting. Does this whoop stuff just fell out? What were those some of the mounting posts? Literally? How do i get underneath im gon na have to take the top yep? Okay, okay, this is quite the mystery. I got ta got ta, say, im impressed kind of disappointed, but impressed because the mystery behind this abco core keyboard has got me intrigued.

Music, okay! Was that all of them? Yes, all right so traymount. What are these little things that fell out there theres some sort of standoff posts, but i cant see where they came from interesting. So we do have a piece of you know, eva foam here very, very thin, looking like possibly um, either one millimeter or a point. Five millimeter little strip here to act as that dampener inside and yes, unfortunately, we do have a fully soldered keyboard. This might be worth in the future if you guys are interested enough to completely desolder and put some new switches in, because just the it is insane to me how solid this is. Ive checked out a lot of keyboards this at seven over seven pounds like its just crazy to me, crazy, so uh thats that you can see here on the side where the sort of acrylic strip is or whatever probably not acrylic. But we have that there because, underneath on the pcb, there is one two three four five: six seven, eight eight rgb lights, embedded on the side of the pcb, which is what throws it then out on the sides of the board underneath man. I wish stupid cherry switches all right. I want to head back to the pc and do a little more digging about this, because i need to know a price. How much did we overpay for this, even though it feels pretty damn solid? I got ta know i got ta know all right, so i found it on amazon heres.

The thing like i said before its currently unavailable. However, when you look at the price history chart with this plug in that i use called keepa, this was apparently 175. I paid, would, i say, 86 87 on wish. I dont know who the jokes on here is the joke on me or is the joke on whoever sold this for almost half the price? Is that the joke on wish? I paid pretty much 100 less than what its been being sold for its been out for 178 days and uh looks like it retailed in yeah. It started back in october of 2019 for 260 dollars. So this thing probably didnt, sell too well, but im just confused. All right so its funny to me that the value for this is over double of what i paid for it, um again thats on amazon, though, and its not currently available. So, who knows what the real value of this is? But man im just very confused and very upset, because i hate cherry switches were gon na. Do a sound test its not that i hate cherry switches but just theyre theyre molding over the years theyve just become so scratchy and theyre. They were once the king and now they are the peasant. You know what i mean. Sorry, cherry silent red cherry switch sound test for you guys lets. Do it you all right so yeah, as you heard its just, not satisfying its its weird, how scratchy these have gotten over the years, and i wish i could have picked.

I wish they had. You know some sort of listing of other switches, but i mean, like they wouldnt im sure theyre not selling two of these on a wish, but i definitely would not have had the option or would not have picked this if it was an option. Man thats, why? I was kind of hoping it was just like the frame and stuff, so i could build it. Instead, we got cherry silent, red switches and again, what i assume is a knock off of moto gmk moto, unless its like trying to be something else. I dont know it looks nice, you know visually its a nice looking keyboard, pretty clean, overall, very solid and hefty and thick as weve noted multiple times but yeah like i said i dont know who the jokes on here is the joke on me or is the Joke on the seller on wish, because they sold this thing for way under the latest amazon price, um, yeah, more or less story dont buy from wish. I dont even know if i can return this, i dont even know. If i want to return this thats the thing this keyboard messed my day up, because i knew it wasnt a key cult, i was so interested to see. I was hoping it was just some like piece of plastic crappy, five dollar keyboard, but instead it gave me something more something that now im intrigued by, and i kind of want to mod a bit further, even though it wasnt the easiest thing to take this apart And get it opened and its not going to be easy to desolder and spend all the time into a you know, invest all the time into a wish keyboard.

I wish it was better. I wish it was a key cult boom that should be the title of this. No, i got ta, i dont know ill figure it out what a video, if youre, still here, im sorry. But this is just not what i expected its, not a key cult and its not a crappy wish knockoff its a knockoff, but i dont know guys thatll wrap it up. If you like this video, if you thought it was funny, if you do want to see me mod this, let me know, drop a comment and leave a big thumbs up does well ill know you guys like this. You want to see more on this abaco core uh appco ar 87, so yeah. If you liked it, you want to see more give this video a thumbs up and show your support feel free to follow me on twitter at randomfrankp and last.