This is eta. Prime back here again, today were going to be taking a look at this awesome pre built system from lenovo. This is the legion tower 5.. This is an amd variant. I recently picked this up open box from my local best buy for 950 and i got to say im really impressed with this system. Surprisingly, its a super clean, build and well take a look at that in a second, its very powerful, and i was able to get this open box at my local store, but on their website. These are listed for around eleven hundred and fifty dollars and even at that price, with uh gpu prices the way they are right now this isnt a bad deal at all, and this is one of the best pre belts that ive ever been able to take a Look at on my channel so when i say this is super clean, as you can see, i mean everything is tidied up really nice and they actually use dual channel ram with this system. It does have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and even just pulling the back panel off ive noticed that they did a great job here. Also now, when it comes to the specs of this particular model for the cpu, we have the ryzen 7 5800. This is an oem only variant. Eight cores 16 threads base clock 3.4 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.6. We have plenty of power for basically anything.

We want to run 16 gigabytes of 3200 megahertz ram running in dual channel from the factory plus. We have two extra slots theres a total of four here, so you can easily upgrade down the road: an nvidia gtx 1660 super 256 gigabyte, nvme ssd and a one terabyte hard drive thats, where im placing all of my games built in wi, fi, six, bluetooth, 5.0 And its running windows 10 home. One thing i did notice is the power supply is only 400 watts, but its plenty for what we have right now, its actually an 80 plus fsp power supply, but only at 400 watts. You could upgrade this its non proprietary, its an atx power supply and by the way, they also offer the same model here with an rtx 3060, but i opted for that 1660, because this was the open box one they had on the shelf. This is plenty for 1080p gaming and even 1440 in your favorite esports titles, and when it comes to emulation this thing will basically do everything. Well, take a look at that by the end of this video. So far, ive been really impressed by the performance. This things put now and it actually looks really good. I do like this case design, i know its just the basic new 2021 legion style, but its clean, and it looks great when it comes to a lot of these pre built gaming. Pcs. Some of them come with a ton of bloat.

This one actually doesnt have that much on it. We have mcafee, which basically comes on everything nowadays and we have the lenovo advantage im, not a big fan of this, but in order to control the rgb built into this pc well need to use this. We also have a couple performance settings here: basically, just kind of fan curve set up from lenovo, but over here we can fully customize the rgb on each of the fans in this pc theres, no top fans. We have two front: the cpu and the rear fan, plus a little bit of ambient lighting and uh. To tell you the truth, you know i havent tried any other third party applications to control the rgb on this im, not sure if you can make something work, but as it sits right now. This is something that will be required to control the rgb in this pc, with an eight core 16 thread cpu running at up to 4.6 gigahertz. This thing has been super snappy. I havent noticed any freeze ups at all. If you wanted to use this as an everyday desktop youre not going to have any trouble, as you can see, we have that ryzen 5800, eight cores 16 threads 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and the nvidia gtx 1660 super. So now its time to get into a little bit of performance testing in this video were going to run some benchmarks test out some pc games and some emulation so lets go ahead and move over to the benchmarks.

Now, first on the list, we have geekbench 5 single core 1660 multi 8326. Looking absolutely amazing on the single and multi moving over to cenabench r23, with the total multi core score of 14 886. I also ran pc mark 10 just to see what we have here. We got a total score of 6549 now its time to move over to some gpu benchmarks. Here we have 3d mark night raid, total score 46 557 fire strike 15, 705 and finally, time spy with a 6 6561, so yeah, just even looking at the benchmarks. This is looking like a proper gaming system. I think, were going to get some really good performance out of everything we test today. Here we have call of duty warzone 1080p, with a high normal mix, and the reason i didnt go all high is because we only have six gigabytes of vram and when i set everything to high in this game, it gives me a warning were just a little Over that six gigs, but with a high normal mix, we got an average of 94 fps super smooth. It looks great and uh yeah. This game is definitely fully playable. Here we have doom, eternal 1080p ultra settings and to tell you the truth, i probably could have went up the nightmare with this. I just left it at ultra. It was great performance were only at 1080p. We got an average of 103 fps, forza horizon 4 1080p. Ultra settings we average 115 fps im really looking forward to forza horizon 5 and i think we can handle it with this system, maybe not at this high of a frame rate, but well be able to do ultra on a setup like this Applause, i ran the Built in red dead, 2 benchmark at 1080p, preset at hide that little slider just sitting at the first high mark, we got a minimum of 53 maximum of 117 and an average of 94.

control at 1080p high medium settings. I did try this at all high settings, but i was dipping down into the 50s with a little bit of a mix up here. You can get a steady 60 out of it. I averaged 63 fps cyberpunk 2077 actually performed better than i thought it would where at 1080p, medium settings from the slider. We got an average of 65fps. So when it comes to pc gaming, this legion desktop definitely does a really good job. I would have loved to pick up that 30 60 model to get a little better out of it, and that 5800 is kind of perfect for that 30, 60 or even a 30 70, but im not complaining about what we got with this 1660 super. So with the pc gaming out of the way, its time to see what this thing can do with emulation, i got a few to test here were just gon na go with the higher end stuff and first on the list we have ps2 using the pc sx2 Emulator 4k resolution opengl back in i didnt even have to try out directx 11 with this opengl just works great on these nvidia cards, youre going to have no trouble playing your favorite ps2 games at 1440 and even 4k moving over to some wii. U emulation using the cemu emulator 1080p vulcan back in with those async shaders. We got breath of the wild running at 60.. It looks absolutely amazing at 1080 and uh plays really well at 60, but you will run into some issues down the road.

Usually i like locking this at 30, but i wanted to show it off at 60 and this setup can definitely handle it. Checking out some xbox 360 emulation using zinnia running at 60 and when it comes to either the gtx 1660 or the gtx 1650. Does a great job with these titles here this emulator definitely favors nvidia, but you know that 5800, with eight cores and 16 threads aint hurting either. And finally, here we have some ps3 using rpcs3 skate 3 1080p vulcan back in amazing performance. I havent noticed it dropped from 60 at all, even in big crowds, its gon na handle it. If we take a look at that, cpu usage were around 53 and this emulator really does take advantage of those extra cores and threads. So something like the 5800 is perfect for this one. I was pretty surprised to see this massive air cooler on this pre belt, and, given that we have that 5800, which does pull a lot of power, it does a pretty good job at idle. We average 36 degrees celsius, average gaming, 64. and in a 10 minute stress test with all 8 cores and 16 threads maxed out, we only hit 79 degrees celsius. So, in the end, this thing is performing amazingly with pc gaming and emulation, and going into this i really had no doubt about it. I mean we have that really nice 5800 ryzen, 7 cpu and a 1660 super, and the price would normally seem a bit high for a system like this, but with pc part availability and gpu prices right now.

I do think that this is an awesome deal if youre looking for a decent pc gaming and emulation experience, because if we were to head over to ebay right now and check out, buy it now lowest price for a gtx 16 super youll see the one at The top is 200, but this is broken, so you dont want that one 349 or best offer parts not working so the lowest price, one that we can find right now, that is working is 372 dollars, plus 15 shipping and thats just for the gpu. We have in this system thats not to mention the motherboard cpu, ram, storage, power supply and case so yeah in this weird time were in right now. These pre builts do seem like a better deal and something like this legion with that 5800 and the 1660 super can definitely perform in basically anything we throw it at im. A big fan of this machine here, theyve done a really good job. Putting this thing together, i do like the case. We got a nice cooler on it, dual channel ram, like i mentioned at the beginning, this is one of the best pre builts that ive ever tested on my channel and uh. If youve been eyeballing these on best buys website, you now know what kind of performance this thing can put out. So its really up to you, but thats gon na wrap it up for this video. If youre interested in learning more about this, i will leave a few links in the description.

If theres anything else, you want to see running on this machine.