I was really artsy, like i drew a lot, i just i loved, creating characters and and drawing and and just studying that that art form and i didn’t i – it was just something that flowed naturally through me. You know there’s some people that like go to school for it, but i i’ve been doing it all my life and i have been on and off with the on and off, but i it’s not like. I just put it down and forgot about it like. I always i i always take like you know, it’s something that’s natural for me, so i don’t have to do it like every five seconds, if that makes sense. So the first time that i tried digital artwork was when i was about 14. Maybe i had already been kind of studying, blender and unity. I was already getting myself familiar with those platforms. I knew blender was good for at least at that time. I knew it was good for making 3d models. That was the first time that i really got into digital artwork. It didn’t it didn’t go anywhere just yet. I was you know, dipping my foot in the water and trying it out a month ago. I really was like you know what i’m gon na i’m gon na buy a tablet and i’m gon na buy software and i’m gon na try it out blender at the time that i decided to get this tablet. I was really using blender a lot and really studying it.

I would try sculpting characters. I i created one character in blender. It was a at least from what i thought i haven’t seen that character in a while. I haven’t used it it’s all my old computer, but at that time i was like. Oh, this is really good for sculpting. Like a few months ago, i was just, i was starting to feel like blender wasn’t, the way for digital, at least like sculpting and creating characters, and you know stuff like that. I would try using it and i just really felt myself getting drawn away from it. And i started losing motivation because i i knew how to use blender and i knew it wasn’t it. I knew it. Didn’T have to do with me fully. It had to do with blender not having the the right tools to be able to sculpt in depth characters for a while, like for a good while i i was already familiar with zbrush. I knew a lot of people used it. I knew it was the industry standard. I kept putting my eye on it for a while, but i knew like it was really expensive and – and you know the professionals used it and then i found zbrushcore, which was a lot cheaper and i think it was only 175 dollars. This was you know a month ago around the time when i got the tablet and zbrush i was like you know what i’m just gon na buy it i’m, not gon na overthink it.

Something is telling me i need to buy it, so i bought it and as soon as i started using actually i used zbrush uh core mini before i got it and as soon as i touched it, i was like. Oh this. I have to get this and that’s. What made me made me buy it because i realized wow. This is like 100 times better than blender. You know. Blender is good for minor things when it comes to character, design like it’s, really simple uh, i guess um, but it just doesn’t have the the right amount of tools that zbrush has like zbrush is the the one you have to go for. If you want to uh, get into character design and if you just want to try it out, there’s zbrushcore mini which is completely free, so for those of you that that want to try it out before you get the official, you know, product go, try it out, And see if you like it at first uh, so i got zbrushcore first and then i stuck to using a mouse for a little while i would sculpt things and – and i i realized, like i i’m done using my mouse, i knew it wasn’t the way to Go i knew that this was not right, hey some. Some people can really like do stuff with just their mouse, and i know i can too it’s just the mouse was really pulling me out of that creative mindset like it, because it was irritating me that i couldn’t do things a certain way because it was a Mouse so i was like i have to get a tablet.

I can’t do this. I have to get a tablet and obviously there’s like a hundred different options for tablets, and so it was really hard for me at first, like i don’t even know where to start. I feel like i’m running out of time, what do i get? I had found this girl on youtube that that had the x pen tablet, which doesn’t have the screen, you know you have to look at your computer screen and the tablet is basically just sitting on your desk and you have to look at the screen at first. I thought it was going to be hard, but i was like i bet you anything it’s going to be actually easy and as soon as i picked it up and started using it, it was really easy. I ended up getting the x pen tablet, which was it wasn’t over 100 bucks. It was like at least 50. I think, for a 50 tablet, for something really cheap like that. This tablet is really good. For starters, everybody wants to get what the professionals have because they’re the professionals they’re professionals because of their work, not because of the tablets tablets, have their equipment, has nothing to do with it. If you’re, if you’re a creative person – and you know you’re a professional artist, you can make do with you know anything that you have and that’s what i’ve had to do for a long time. So it’s, not you know, don’t just try to get something just because a professional has it people, people use things differently.

You know there’s some professionals that use the screen tablets and there’s some that don’t they prefer the you know looking up at your computer screen rather than on the tablet. So i highly recommend that people get this tablet to start off with and it’s cheap. I know i know there’s people out there with the budget, but if you have the money, if it’s in your bank account, if you have a good amount of money to to buy a starter tablet, get this one and obviously you know there’s returns there’s. You know. If you don’t like it, you can send it back and try something else. You know it’s, not the end of the world. You don’t have it forever. Within a month, i’ve created so much have created. So many different uh projects and and i’ve been having a lot of fun with this tablet. It’S helped me a lot the little minor details that people have problems with with this tablet. I don’t really see a problem with everything’s gon na have its pros and cons. Not everything is gon na be perfect, even if you have a screen tablet. You’Re gon na have your pros and cons. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na show you some of the things that it comes with when you get this tablet and one of the things is a glove. I bought a glove because i didn’t think it would come with it there’s some products that you’d buy on amazon and you would think you would have something that you’re looking for a part of it, but you have to buy it like separately, but it comes with A glove it obviously comes with the pen which i don’t have any huge problems with i’m.

Not. I don’t drive myself crazy over the littlest things when it comes to like these tablets and these pens, or whatever, like i said, it’s going to have its pros and cons, but it’s not going to be the worst thing in the world. So i kind of just you know put it at the back of my head for those of you who are curious. If this is what the tablet looks like it, just it’s, it works really well, and i love it a lot and honestly i don’t i have no urge to like upgrade either i mean i’ve had it for a month. You know i’m gon na have it for a while, once i have like a lot of money from the work that i do, i think even then, if i really don’t need to i’m, not gon na upgrade, you know if it works well for me, if i Love using it, there’s no use in me, upgrading and it’ll save me a lot more money to pay for other things that you know go towards my work. If you have a good amount of money, but can only afford something like the screenless tablet, get it study it and work with it don’t you know be like oh. I want the screen tablet because you know professionals use it and i think it would work better for me because it’s screened and work with what you have and study it and practice it.

Obviously things take. You know time it’s all about practice and i hope people go for this tablet as a starter tablet and don’t go for anything over expensive because it’s like it’s like when you buy an iphone. You know people buy it just because it’s the product and that thing is like a thousand dollars. You know what i mean like it’s it’s, like people forget there’s that there’s better products out there for a cheaper price. Speaking of that, i just bought affinity photo, which is like a alternative to photoshop. This is a grounded software like i got it for 24 bucks. It was on sale. The original price was 50. compared to a monthly payment for photoshop. This is like affinity photo, is so good for what it has and what it does. It is so amazing for the price it’s on sale right now. I don’t know when it’s going to be done. So, if you’re also looking for software that’s, you know you don’t want to go and buy photoshop or you know, like pay monthly, get affinity, photos seriously, get it it’s on sale, 24., it’s a really good software it’s like the child of photoshop. You know it has a lot of things that it has holds up a lot of what it has um, but it’s it’s good for, like a starter artist, i have nothing else to say um i i know i feel like i was rambling on, but if anybody Watches this and they end up buying it.

Let me know what you think. Let me know your thoughts. What you have problems with um. Let me know what you think about affinity photo if it works. Well, you know it’s it’s, it trust me it holds up. It does you just have to learn how to use it.