When it comes to this mini pc, it is the most powerful mini pc that ive ever tested on my channel with a mobile ryzen apu and for good measure, because it actually has the ryzen, 9 5900 hx were going to be adding an rtx 3060 to this Unit, but there is no pcie slot on this mini pc. We have to do this over m.2, so im going to be using one of my favorite accessories for these mini pcs, the adt link r43sg and basically, what this is is an m.2 to pcie, x16 adapter and we can add an external gpu to basically any pc Or laptop that supports an m.2 slot im going to be going with this tough gaming rtx 3060. We have 12 gigs of vram and, as you can see it slots right in the top of this thing, the whole adapter itself does come with two 6 pin power. Connectors, i only need one for this 30 60 and to send power to the gpu. This dock actually supports a couple different ways: you can use an atx power supply and just set it on the desk or you can opt for one of these all in one power supplies from dell, its the dell da2. These are dime a dozen on ebay. It puts out 220 watts, and this dock was designed with one of these in mind, for the rtx 3060. Well have plenty of wattage here, but if, for some odd reason, youre going to add like a 3080 ti to this 220 watts, just isnt going to be enough, but for most of the cards on the market, we should be good to go so im going to Be connecting this 3060 to the mini pc over m.

2 thats. What this whole dock is about with the hx90. Luckily, we do have an m.2 slot very easily accessible here, but thats. What my operating system is on. So what i had to do was remove this and run a 2.5 inch ssd with my operating system in games. I just installed a 480 gigabyte pny, so i can remove this m.2 ssd and plug the egpu right into that m.2 slot. So it is a bit funky. How were going to get this in here, but uh just need to move this whole dock around real, quick, well slot it right into that free slot now ill go ahead and secure it with this screw and once that and once thats in and once thats in Place we now have our gpu connected to the mini pc. Now uh, setting this up on your desk can be a little tricky, uh theres several ways you could go about it. I always just try to make sure i dont have too much pressure on these ribbon cables or the m.2 drive, and to tell you the truth, the way i have it set up right now. I think it actually looks pretty good. We just have that mini pc with the included stand and the gpu sitting right beside it, hdmi from the rtx 3060 going to my monitor and we have power coming into that dock from the dell power supply. I just tried to clean up the wiring in the back a little bit, and really all thats left to do is boot it up now.

I do want to mention that this definitely makes no sense if you want a gaming pc with a dedicated gpu. Your best bet is to build one or just buy a pre built, but you know i love these mini pcs and i really love to see how far i can push them. So lets go ahead and boot this up. We should get some spinny fans on that. Rtx 3060 and hopefully – and hopefully i get a signal from that gpu now, along with this, you have to install the correct drivers and everything like that. But as long as i get a signal on my monitor, i should be good to go. I just need to go ahead and install the correct geforce drivers for this setup. So after a little bit of time, i got everything up and running. I did a quick reboot after i installed those geforce drivers and i should be able to log right in here to windows, but so far its actually been functioning quite well, but so far its actually been functioning quite well and right. Now. What we have is that ryzen 9 mobile apu paired up with an rtx 3060 a desktop variant running over m.2. So i want to get into a little bit of testing here. Im just going to start up something simple ill go with ultra settings. I need to get afterburner set up, but i think well just go with overwatch at first then im going to plug this into my game capture, so we can get a better look at everything, and here it is.

This is actually working way better than i thought it would. We have overwatch ultra settings 1080p and were over 144 hertz. So if i did want to lock this on this monitor to 144, i should be good to go. I havent noticed any stutters or anything like that: temps look pretty decent up there in the top left hand corner. I do have afterburner running, but when it comes down to it, overwatch is a very well optimized game, its been on the market for a while. So lets go ahead and connect this to my game capture. Just so, we can get a cleaner look at everything, ill run a couple benchmarks and then well test out some more games all right. So before we get into the benchmarks and some more gaming. I just wanted to give you a look: we have that 5900 hx, 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and the rtx 3060. and remember this – is only running over m.2 were not running over pcie. So the first thing i wanted to do here was run a couple benchmarks and i started out with geekbench 5.. I know this is only measuring the performance of the cpu, but i kind of wanted to see if taking the load off of this cpu or this apu by removing the built in radeon, 8 graphics would help out at all. You know give us a little extra wattage over here on the cpu side and unfortunately, we just have the same exact score.

Moving over to some gpu benchmarks, with 3d mark first up night raid with a total score of 50 109 and just to give you a frame of reference without the rtx 3060, we scored a 15 192 with fire strike. We got a total score of 20 665 and without the rtx 3060 we got a 3490 and finally time spy with a 9204 and without the rtx added our score was 1338.. So obviously we got a significant boost in gpu performance and i knew we would by adding a dedicated gpu, but now its time to get into some real world gaming and see how this thing performs. First, up dirt, 5 1080p very high settings were getting average of 103 fps. When it comes to the 5900 hx, i mean it basically has enough power to play. Anything really comes down to those built in graphics, on this mini pc, but with this m.2 rtx 3060 added, i dont think were gon na have much trouble playing basically anything at 1080p high, ultra even nightmare settings. Speaking of nightmare settings heres doom, eternal 1080p nightmare. We got an average of 131 fps heres, the witcher 3 1080p ultra settings and when it comes to the post processing settings its set to high there theres, no ultra setting so were basically maxed out here at 1080p, and i got an average of 73 fps moving Over to cyberpunk 2077 1080p and my preset is rtx medium, its really trying to stick there at 60.

You see it go up and down a little bit, but overall it just cant hang a constant 60 with that rtx on, but as soon as i turn dlss to balance, we got an average of 66 out of this one going into gta 5. I really didnt think wed have any issues. We definitely have enough cpu power and this rtx 3060 is good for 1080p very high settings and an average of 105 fps fully playable. Here, looking really good and uh, you know if you wanted to get 144 out of a little mini pc like this, you could drop some of those settings down. Well done. The upper right part of your heart shows how many enemies remain. So, like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, i dont think that its worth going out and buying a mini pc like this and then adding a dock and a gpu just build your gaming pc, but uh. You know i love these mini pcs and i really like to see what they can do with this one. Having that ryzen 9 5900 hx, it has been the most powerful mini pc that ive ever tested, at least with a ryzen mobile cpu, and now, with this rtx 3060 added to it, i mean its a full fledged gaming machine. You saw the kind of performance we were getting at 1080p. Some of the stuff can be done at 1440 with a setup like this, but i do have to say it again.

I would not recommend going out and buying this specific pc the dock and a higher end gpu to get this all running, just take that money and build a decent gaming machine. But you know if this is something youre into. I will leave some links in the description, but thats gon na wrap it up for this video. I really appreciate you watching, if youre interested in checking out my review of this pc without an external gpu added link, for that is in the description and if you have any questions, or you want to see anything else running on this.