They are from a company called BG VP they're called the cue twos they've got Knowles audio drivers in them, but what are setting them apart from really everything else, I've reviewed. In fact, everything is because they can also be used as wired in ear monitors, because they do have that MMSE X connection the cable that's in the box there. So you can use your typical 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on, for example, your tablet, if it supports it, but if your phone doesn't, then you can use these as just Bluetooth, 5 tech, now little disclaimer here that, yes, these were sent out to me free of charge. In exchange for this video, but let's first have a look at what exactly we get with this we've got large ear tips, medium, sized ones and they've even include here, some foam tips, type c, cable and a little pouch to carry everything around with you. So this case, like the others, I'll, be reviewing made out of plastic, of course, to keep it lightweight now it is 60 grams. This case is 36 millimeters thick, so it's not bad at all the size of it, comparing it to say, for example, the creative outlet ears these ones a little bit longer, but not quite as thick, and the smallest is, of course, the more expensive Jabra elite. 75. T'S, that I will be reviewing shortly as well. That case is very slim, as you can see quality of the case, not too bad a lot of times.

He put there on the back, of course, for charging with that cable that I showed you there's a magnet that holds this lid in place and you'll see there is a status LED right here now this status LED when it is low, will start to flash red When you open it up – and that is just telling you to charge it so the earbuds themselves – they're gon na last – they claim for seven hours now. In my experience on getting around five and a half six hours out of these, which is okay and they work with touch controls and you'll, see that when you pull them out here that well, they will pair up straight away, if already paired, to a device. Bluetooth. 5 tech it's only going to take a few seconds for that. I do like the fact that the cases here is transparent. Ok, you can see there's that connection for the mm CX cable that I mentioned there's actually quite hard to remove I'll show you them connected up shortly, so the air tips and these ones that they came with already and the medium sized ones, and I find them To be comfortable, giving me a good seal, but of course, everyone's ears are going to be different. You can see the connector ports there for charging it inside the case. There is a magnet to hold them in place. The quality of the overall I would rate as good, but not the absolute best.

I have seen there are a few little flaws here, probably with the assembly line there's a little bit of glue, that's, stuck on the case there and slight things like that and a little bit around these. Now these are 3d printed, apparently the outside of these and the touch controls. I don't find like most touch controls – they're, not really that good, but there is a big oversight here with the touch controls which, I cannot believe is actually there is that they do not support volume controls on the earbuds themselves. First up: how do they sound just using them as Tos earbuds, so Bluetooth? 5? I think it sound very good, they're leaning a little bit more towards, I would say the treble. They do sound I'm very different when they are wired and via bluetooth, of course, because you're getting that booked with compression, even though that bluetooth, 5 things have improved. Technology has improved these wireless earbuds now to me, just sound so much better than what they used to be. There is a big difference there, so I'm, finding soundstage, very good nice high trebles vocals are good bass isn't over the top and overpowering. This is, of course, what the does that completely flat equalizer here, just to judge how they are tuned out of the box, so whatever you do do not buy these for placing voice calls because most people won't even be able to understand you absolutely terrible. I don't even know why they bothered at all, for example, of the mic quality and it is a lonely person.

So it sounds like I'm using a coupon and a thesis term committed to another phone call. Now these earbuds connect it up in bluetooth 5mo. They do have very bad latency, so the lag you're seeing between the video and in the audio you're receiving has a better delay. One millisecond. That means that people's mouths are not synced with the audio super frustrating to watch any media content here, so that's YouTube. Even just videos on your phone, the original file will have that annoying delay. So I cannot recommend these earbuds at all for watching media or gaming. Now there's really do come a lot when you plug in the cables and use a 3.5 mm headphone jack, even using just my samsung galaxy s, 10 plus, you can tell the difference so highs are extremely crisp. Vocal sound good, sound stage, and also the lows were the lows actually a little bit lacking compared to how they sound when connected up to bluetooth 5, but overall quality. Very high quality sound out of these, when used as in ear monitors via cable. Of course, where you don't have that limitation from Bluetooth 5 now the fit and finish of these that in here no problems with them. Apart from on my right ear, I get a little bit of pain after two hours of wearing this. I just had to pull them out and give my ear a bit of a break there, which, with other tech I'm reviewing, I don't, actually have to do that.

It really depends so everyone's ears at different shapes and sizes and use the foam tips they're a lot more comfortable, give a much better seal if you can, that is, and passive noise reduction good there. Okay, I can't almost can't, hear the fan that's on at the moment. Right now, just heating the room it has winter here. After all, so Wyatt they sound great okay highs, very, very good. Great mid, sound stage of vocals are excellent. You can hear those individual instruments, quality very, very good drivers, and they do live up to being monitors in ear monitors now when you use them in the wireless mode, they change again. There'S still focus why I would say, on your meds in your highs, definitely turn towards that bass lacking a little bit there to my ears at least okay, but where, for me I find this, the q2 is very hard to recommend is that a microphone quality is Absolutely horrendous how they came to use that mic in these and push it out as a final product. Just I didn't even know what they were thinking there. It seems just like our headset off the floor. Just like touch controls. Okay, we've got your typical touch. Cult controls for skipping tracks, pausing answering calls all right. Fine, but where's the volume controls they need to have volume, controls I'm sure you can reach into your pocket. You can adjust the volume on your phone, but it would be so nice to have the actual volume control so once I'd double tap or tap and hold lower the volume whole increase.

The volume would be absolutely perfect and then there's the other issue too. Using these wirelessly for me is that Latin si of one millisecond or two milliseconds means it is impossible to watch video because you see people's mouths moving and then the audio follows behind their voices and that to me is just unbearable. So no gaming, no Amazon Netflix with these. So if that was your plan, to use them wire sleeve for watching movies, think again or for voice calls think again would not buy them for that. If you use them wirelessly excellent quality, if you're not too worried about placing calls or you're not gon na, be watching videos, then again, they'll be good for that they're. So, for the price is selling for the 89 US. I really wish that focus more on the widest thing. I mean don't. Get me wrong. I love the fact that these are hybrids, but they could have just done a bit better. I feel with these suspicion hit microphone absolutely horrendous. So, thank you so much for watching this audio review. Hopefully this video was helpful for you. If you liked it, please do subscribe.