Actually so the packaging it comes in a nice little neat box, obviously not on everyone’s scene before it just has a thank you for buying it all the cables that i i have everything on my desk. So you don’t really need to know how it how it’s packaged um so in it you’ll get a well uh. Thank you for buying um sort of card um that that’ll be all right at the top and then you’ll see the pen. This is the stylus that uh you’ll get in there. As you can see right here, there are two um. There are two programmable buttons and it just works like a regular pen on off nothing too special. Now the tablet itself, it is quite thin, but pretty steady honestly, you can’t really can’t really bend it or nothing, pretty sturdy um and it comes with a huan uh usb uh charger, as always um. So you don’t have to get that yourself now uh. It is a pretty strong um, you know model bull, the radius on it. Um is let’s, have a look at the box, the radius, i think so, oh that there it is. It is a 4 by 2.23 inch, so that’s all right. If you want to be playing asu, which i’m sure you were sure you are by clicking on this video um, so uh inside once you’ve unpackaged everything you’ll get a user manual that comes in different languages, as most of them do um and right on the fair On on the very first um table, a very first page, sorry it’ll say driver installation, and yes, this does need a tiny little bit of software, but it’s not on not too bad and trust me, i i’m, probably like one of use.

I i hate installing software. I just want to plug it in and go, but i guess you could use this um this driver if you want to be drawing or if your pressure isn’t working. So it says please download the pen, driver and user manual from our website, download. I can’t show you right now: well, i could, but this is just for the usu part of it and there are many tutorials on how to download the um huan driver for these software. So, if you’re on this video for the drawing side of it uh, please go watch a different tutorial because i won’t be covering how to install it. But all i already can tell you is that you just put in that website put in your model and click download. I know that’s not very detailed, but again for the 15 000 time i’m just going to be doing the usual part of it. Now the system requires either windows, 7 windows, 8 windows, 1., 8.1 and windows 10, which it says here, and i don’t know whether you can see. I think you can. That is what the uh driver will look like right here. So you’ve got your pen and that’s where you can program your buttons on the stylus. This is what screen you can make the thing work for like what screen you want the pen to actually work on that’s your pressure and then some advanced settings down below.

Now. Remember this is for the model, 420 and i’m, pretty sure other models do have uh different drivers but i’m, not too sure on that one. Now, once you’ve installed that um, obviously you’re gon na plug it in you’re gon na load up this when you’re gon na get started but it’s, not as simple as you might think, it would be so let’s switch over to our suit. Now let’s turn our stylus on now to know if your stylus is working on the tablet. If you look just here, you’ll see that when it touches lights up green see that right there light green that’s, how you know it’s that’s, how you know it’s working now, let’s switch over to now. First thing that you’re gon na want to do you’re gon na realize that when you’re playing, um it’s, not gon na it’s, not gon na it’s gon na, be quite strange because you will have this setting on um you’ll have this setting on uh because it comes You know auto on i mean it comes auto off. Sorry, like you know, it starts off off so this is it it’ll it’ll left you up so watch this with setting off, because you’ll see that so with that set enough. You’Ll notice that um, when you push down on the stylus it’s, got as it says, on the box. It’S got a 2048 pressure levels, 204 8 pressure levels, which means, as you push down as you push down um when it touches the pad like that it counts.

As a mouse click, so that will stay on, if you so to fix that for osu instead of it clicking, because you need to be timed and honestly don’t yeah. So to fix that you will obviously just go back to the main menu click. Options. Go down to input over here at the little control, icon and click um disable mouse button, disable mouse buttons in play mode. I know my webcam is covering it, but it’s just that one it’s on input. The little controller icon um so go down to input and put disable and mouse buttons in play mode on. You need that on. So when you click down it doesn’t count as a click, and it does and it doesn’t you up. So look my hands here. So when you are um when you are not actually in the actual game, so when you’re not playing it, when you’re not clicking the circles, it will still count as clicks. So you can move up and down like that and my hands here by the way. So, i’m doing all this, you can do all that when you go into a game this hand. Still here, you can’t click it like like, i could before, and it doesn’t f you up now. With that setting enabled you can play regularly i’m, not very good myself. Actually but yeah, that is how you fix that issue. So i’ll just go over it one more time. So with that, setting with that setting let’s turn the music off with that setting um off it’ll f you up when you’re actually playing, because, obviously you want to put your mouse down don’t you um, you want to put your mouse down.

Don’T you to drag um. I don’t really know how to actually say it, but, like you want to click x and z, don’t you, you don’t, want to use your thing. So if that’s, what you prefer to keep that set and off. But you know you want it on um and then you should be able to play normally and sorry if it’s, not very um. If i can’t really explain it well because i’m confusing myself, but just turn that setting on and play regularly um, because i i have needed actually quite a lot of help with that, i didn’t know what to do and i was searching everywhere for it. I was searching for the answer and i ended up watching different, even different tablets like tutorials, i was watching other people with different tablets, try and fix it with like the wacom and stuff um, but honestly, i’ll give this tablet a good four out of five stars. Really, nice really neat, you can just push it away. It doesn’t really take up much space um again. It is a four inch by two point: three. It says right there. So what that means is um what that means is there’s an active area. So if you go outside of the active area, so you’ll, can you see it on the box, see those little white lines right there there and then there’s two over there. If you go out of those white lines um, you know it doesn’t.

Actually it starts it. Doesn’T start moving like it, doesn’t move anymore, but you’ve got to be in those white lines for it to actually work so for us, it’s, an actual it’s, a decent um it’s, a decent like range sort of thing. So what i’m gon na do now i’m gon na just um, get give you guys some gameplay um and then i’ll end the video off there. If you’ve got any questions or if i never explained it right, like you know, pretty detailed, please let me know there. We are so all in all i’d say this tablet and pen um, really good. Again: q1 model. 420 um. I think i’ve went over everything i’m gon na watch this back and um see if it makes sense back to me even but again just on the box. It says pen, pen, um, uh, pen, signer, drawing writing industrial design um, so yeah decent it. I don’t know what cable it is, but it is, let me try and unplug it try steady. Actually, i forgot what it’s called but it’s this one um. I forgot what this one’s called but that’s, what it is again: i’m not going to be showing how to install the drivers, but there are a lot of videos out there on how to do that. So uh. Thank you for watching. Remember: huwan model. 4. 20. It says they’re right on the box, 420 um for osu and that’s, how you fix it – and i don’t know whether i explain this well, but hopefully that sort of helped you um, but just one quick overview.

If, when you click with that, setting um off, it counts as a click and when you’ve got your pen down doing that, obviously it’ll count as a full click like you just holding that and moving it like that. It’Ll count like that, if you hold it down, but if you’ve got that setting on when you’re playing it won’t count as a click and you can use your x and z so remember, input and then disable mouse buttons in play mode uh any if you’d. If, if you found this uh helpful don’t forget to drop a like consider, subscribing um, and if you have any more questions, just let me know in the in the um comment down below, and i will leave the link to the amazon page for this. For this model, huon i’ll leave a link to amazon in the description and i’ll also leave a video to holland to hounds and god that, when i’m filming i just can’t speak i’ll also leave another um link to a video that explains how to install the drivers. Um, so thank you guys for watching don’t forget to maybe consider dropping a like, and if you didn’t find this helpful drop a dislike. I love the feedback um, but yeah thanks guys for watching.