. Let me introduce you to the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4k Huion has very generously sent me this tablet to review.. If youd like to know the answer to the video title, I can spoil it for you right away. Yes, this will replace my Cintiq Pro 16. First Id like to briefly show you the box and its contents.. It comes in a large box with a carrying handle and inside it has a styrofoam structure to firmly hold the tablet and the box of wires.. All the items inside the box are the pen pen, holder, pen, nibs a small tool for changing the nibs, a mini keydial, which you can use for shortcuts a power adapter, the AC cable, a USB C cable, a USB A to USB C cable, an HDMI, cable And also a drawing glove. About the glove, I must mention that the size is quite small.. I was really impressed by the sleek look of this tablet., Its quite slim for a 24 inch screen and the bezels on the edges of the monitor are thinner than on. My Cintiq Pro 16. On the back. It has a four hole: attachment interface for VESA standard mounts and two foldable legs that let you prop up the tablet just a little bit, maybe about 20 degrees.. When checking these out. I could really feel that the legs and the whole tablet are built very sturdy. It doesnt feel flimsy whatsoever.. The little shortcut pad it came with is quite handy if your keyboard is too large to sit next to your tablet or you.

Dont have a place for it. Underneath., The keys and the turnable knob feel tactile and nice, and it has rubber feet so that it can even stay on top of your tablet without slipping if its not tilted more than about 45 degrees., To connect the tablet to your computer, you can do so By USB C, but on a desktop PC, that USB C port would need to be on your graphics card for it to work.. Otherwise, you will need to use two cables, one USB A and one HDMI.. It also comes with a DP port, two USB ports and a headphone jack.. The illustration Im about to show you I drew over the past week so Ive not yet used this tablet for very long., But I think after one proper illustration, I have a good enough grasp to let you guys know what I think. So far. Im quite satisfied with this tablet., The screen size of 24 inches feels luxurious, but nevertheless not too much.. If anyone is wondering if they should get a 24 inch or a 16 inch display tablet, I would highly recommend the larger one.. You can pivot more from your elbow and shoulder to draw which helps a lot for being more consistent and confident in your linework and keeps your wrist healthy., And you can view more of your drawing at all times, which is great, so you dont lose sight of The big picture., Also the program UI, can be made just the right size without it being cramped.

. Having 4k resolution is also really nice, but I wouldnt say that I couldnt also draw the same thing on a 1440p screen for instance.. The resolution is more of a luxury to me very nice to have, but not as essential as the physical size.. I thought the colors were pretty good as well. I felt no need to adjust any settings for them, so far.. It makes sense since the displays LCD type is IPS, which is known for its good colors.. The feeling of the screens surface is also nice and the pen glides well on it.. I do perhaps prefer the surface feel of my Cintiq, but its only marginally better. So this doesnt really influence my decision to swap to Huion.. If you look closely at the screen theres also this tiny rainbowy grain texture, especially when viewing pure white or other light colors., The Cintiq has it too, and it personally doesnt bother me at all and I stopped noticing it long ago. But I thought I should mention it. The pen works. Well, I didnt have any problems with it. Its nice and light, and I actually prefer it to my Wacom pen.. The absolute best part is that you dont have to press extremely hard to use all of the 8192 pressure levels of the pen. So its perfect for those of us who dont like to have a death grip on their pen, nor to stab a hole through their display tablet.

, I didnt even adjust the pressure curve in the drivers and it required less weight to get the maximum output than my Cintiq pen did with the curve cut in half.. The calibration was fine. I didnt have any problems with it either, though, of course, its not perfect at the very edges of the screen, but its within reasonable limits and youre, not drawing in the corners of your monitor. So I think its fine.. I also want to mention how pleased I am that this monitor is not loud And I didnt feel it getting hot either. It might have gotten slightly warm, but nothing really worth mentioning.. Comparing this to my Cintiq, which makes more fan noise than my computer while drawing and heats up considerably in the middle Im very pleased with this Huion tablet.. All in all, it was a very nice experience making this illustration on the Kamvas Pro 24 4K.. By the way, its for the most part, a study of my own photograph, but I drew my oc instead., But no tablet is perfect. I do have some complaints.. I had some problems with their drivers. Windows would recognize the tablet as two monitors instead of one which led to a whole bunch of problems with this, so called ghost monitor.. But this is not a slight on the tablet itself. I did get it to work after some troubleshooting each morning., But Id rather not start each morning with tech issues.. The good thing is, driver problems are repairable and I have hopes that Huion will fix them eventually.

And actually, while making this video, I found a solution which made it work fully as intended, which was to move my usb cord to a grey color, usb port. And Ive, given all the details to the Huion employee, who was in contact with me and they have forwarded the problem to their tech team., The other issue I had is that the wires are on the short side.. I keep my PC close by under my desk, yet there is almost no leeway. Id like to move the tablet off to the side when Im not using it, but as it is, I have to unplug all three cables. If I want to move it out of the way., I think for this price they could add an extra meter or two to these cables. And then this is more of an aesthetic complaint. But I really dont like having too many wires on my desk. So I wish it had more of a similar setup to Wacom, where only one wire connects to the tablet and the rest branch off under your table.. So I hope this review was helpful to you. To conclude, I think this is a great premium quality tablet. That is worth the premium price.. I think Huion has caught up to the point that Im not sure I would even recommend the competitor. At the moment, its in a similar price range as the cintiq pro 16 that Ive been using, but you get a larger screen.

A quieter and less hot tablet and, in my opinion, a better pen, experience too. Ill, definitely keep using this for the foreseeable future. Feel free to. Let me know what kind of content youd like to see on my channel. Id love to make more videos in the future..