So this one is not sponsored, and i will give you my honest opinion. If you want to see me unboxing and to see what is included in the box, you can watch my other video and also my review of the key dial accessory, which came along with this. Drawing tablet is included as a separate video on this channel so ill. Give you some details, which i think are the negative size and positive sides of this tablet. Now, for this section of review, i will be doing handheld freestyle, so, first of all the ports and interfaces we have hdmi and displayport type c and power, cable and two usb a ports uh which uh on and headphone mini j. So one of the ports is used by the receiver from the key dial and other one can be used for some other receiver for your bluetooth accessories, but i would not suggest to use it for any wired accessories. As you already know, this doesnt have a stand included and i strongly suggest you to buy it arm to support it, which can be used to change the height. So this stand first of all, allows you to use it as a monitor from for the right height and in the back of your desk, and we, when you need to draw you, can just change it and tilt downwards. If you need, you can lean it or make it more vertical oriented, you can rotate it, and this is very important for having a good posture and preventing any back injuries.

You dont want to draw like this because it is very bad for your neck and your back, so you need to sit upright and for sitting upright in the right posture, youre going to need your screen to be close to vertical and have the right angle. In your back right angle, in your knees and hands and your hand using the drawing one of the obvious differences from the welcome competition is the size of the battles which are much narrower and then on wacom tablet. It saves a lot of space on the desk and i didnt find much use of having uh wider bezels, because you are rarely supporting your hand for for drawing on the edge of the screen. Most of the time you will be drawing in the center of the screen and the peripheral parts will be occupied by the reference images by the elements of the ui of the programs you are using, and if you need to use some of those elements, you can Hover your hand and just push them, but this this thickness of the bezels is useful for holding your tablet tight. When you need to change the angle and also if you are drawing on side of the screen, not in strictly uh center area uh, you will bring some wobbleness to this construction and you can use your other hand just to support it. It looks very wobbly on the video i think, but in real life, when youre doing youre putting your weight with your hand, youre controlling with your other hand – and it is very stable and doesnt shake enough to be noticeable.

The pen itself is good. I didnt find any wrong things with it. I had experience with vacuum tablets and black and pens depends. This one definitely looks not as premium but in terms of drawing experience, i didnt find any differences. The screen is glossy, but not too much to give any reflections of the light in in the room, so it is not bothersome, but it gives enough clarity. Regarding the resolution, this one came the 4k version, which gives me ability to use it down scale, but with enough pixel density, not to notice any pixelation and to see clearly all the interface elements is it necessary? I dont think so, but if you can afford it, it is welcome once so. If youre tight on budget, i would suggest to go with the cheaper version of uhd, which is a 2021 version of canvas 24 pro, because this is canvas pro 24 4k. The naming is a bit confusing, you know. What can i add. I didnt experience any issues using this tablet for this month. The pen is very responsive. Nothing lacks no obstructions during drawing its very smooth. The included glove is useful, but you can buy any other one for your size and i definitely recommend you using gloves because it makes your drawing experience much smoother. I think the biggest negative for me is that the included periphery is not adequate. I mean the cables. I also matched it during my unboxing, but i want to stress it again because i will show you now the power cable to release the port from stretching i fixed with this thing, but the usb type c cable is very stiff and i cannot bend it with This tight curve, so it is loose at the moment and it is giving some stress for the ports and if you will use the hdmi or display port.

I think those cables are even thicker and they will stress the ports more, which is bad, because these ports are usually sorted to the board directly and not via the ribbon cable. So any flexing in the long run can lead to port breaking off from the board. So about the length type c, cable is long enough to have it placed in the upper part of the arm, and then it comes out and connects to my macbook regarding the power cable. It has a thin part, which is not long enough to connect through the whole arm, so it goes only for the upper part, and i stitched the power brick to the lower part of the arm and then the thick cord goes out. So definitely i will need to buy the replacement for the type c cable to use with my macbook, but not any type c. Cable is appropriate and because it needs enough bandwidth to drive 4k and it is definitely not cheap. So i am considering which options are available and this would be hefty accessory, considering that it costs almost as much as it costed to me for me to buy uh this arm. So my conclusions, this tablet is a great valuable alternative to vacuum product which is much cheaper than their tablets in this size and resolution. It has useful accessories like this ski dial. The pen is great, no questions. The screen is bright. The only downside are the cable length included in the box, it is very short and barely usable, so you need to buy replacements and it doesnt have included, stand uh.

It has only built in legs which are useful only for drawing in this position, which is very bad for your neck, and your back so definitely buy the arm for using it in the upright position, and this also will double it as a proper monitor because uh, You can swing back in the high position, bring it close in the low position, change the swivel. So in the very important moment my mac decided to go to sleep where, where, where will it stop? Okay, um, as i said, the bezel size is adequate and you definitely need not bigger ones, and the third key resolution is great bonus. But if youre on budget definitely not that much important to overpay for it and you can go with the canvas 24 pro qhd resolution of the 2021. good tablet good value for money. I would say its not best value for money, because the lower resolution is much better value because 4k is a nice bonus to look at the screen this. This proximity, without noticing any pixelation, because it is now downscaled to the qhd, because in 84k you wont be able to use it as all the ui will be just miniscule. As i said, i recommend it purchased with my own money. I am happy with my purchase. If you are having any more questions regarding this tablet, you can put them down in the comments, and i will try to answer as many as i can.

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