We will find a 3 in 1 cable with 3 extension cables, a usb power adapter and a pen case, a battery free pen and a pen holder with pen nibs inside an artist, glove, quick start guide, documentation and a cleaning cloth. And finally, the st200 stand. The build quality is very sturdy as usual for huion. As you can see in front, we will find a nice etched glass with anti glare treatment. Very very nice works pretty effectively, as you can see, and on the back we can see the metal back. The metal gives a very sturdy feeling and we only have one button in the top right corner to turn on and off the tablet and on one side on short side on the right. We have two usb type c port. The build quality, as i said, is sturdy and its nice. The fact that it can be rotated not having buttons or anything you can rotate it for left, handed artists, theres no visa attachment, as you can see here, and there are no rubber feet, which means that the best option to work with this tablet is either handheld Or using their stand, speaking of the stand, we have a very simple system that locks like this, its very thin, but you can just unlock like this, and then you have a second size here, bigger and you place on the bottom. That looks like this. So basically, you just place the tablet base and once its set.

This is how it looks on front. We have a small flip to place the tablet and make sure that it doesnt slip the three in one cable as usual, its very well done its sturdy um. Its pretty short – and i think that it would be nice to have a extension cable. The size of this tablet is 402.7 by 257.4 by 13 millimeters height. This means that its very thin you can see how thin this is for being a 16 inch tablet. 4K. Its its a very thin display, also the weight, is one and a half kilos more or less its specifically 1.27 kilos, and this makes it very portable, which i think this is what huion intended. The technology of the screen is ips, but it doesnt have the quantum dot technology, which is what. Instead, the plus version of the 16 huion has. So we on 16 4k pro doesnt have quantum dot. The plus version has quantum dot. The factor doesnt have no buttons makes this very sleek and i feel like it, doesnt make any sound which to me its very nice, because it gives me a sense of premium about the pen. We have the pw517, which is the same of every other tablet, that they are producing its the same pen with the pentek 3.0 thats, how they call it its a very precise pen. In my opinion, it works very nice and its definitely better than the one that were using before and it works on every one of their products, its battery free.

It has 8 000 point of pressure, 60 degree tilt and you can glide over your screen up to 10 millimeters lets check how to download the drivers just go to support on the huion.com website. Click on download search, your canvas pro 16. You will find all the models of 16 pro pro plus premium and 16.. Once you download the drivers, you will find a page like this. With the tablet picture, you can switch clicking here between your different devices. If you have any in a working area, you can select on what area youre working digital pen, all the options that usually you can select windows, inc, the function, keys, etc. This tablet doesnt have function keys, so you cannot select any. But if you click on this button, the wheel and you go in device, you find the osd settings. If you click here, you will find all the settings of the osd, like the brightness contrast ratio, color temperature and some preset modes standard motion moving gaming. Okay. This is the specification page for in comparison, the 16 plus and the 16 pro 4k lets check the differences. So beside the color size, workspace weight stand video interface resolution, lcd type, anti glare class, full lamination, its all the same. So, as you can see, the two tablet in look beside the color weight size, everything is the same. What we have as a difference is that the pro model has a thousand to one contrast: ratio and a plus twelve hundred one, the luminosity, the brightness of the pro version is a little bit higher the maximum brightness event.

I think, because the quantum dot technology has this downside of not being super bright. The response time is the same same viewing angle: the gamut, though its 145 srgb versus 120 for the pro version, so the plus in this case is 145, which is very, very high and its the biggest reason contrast and color gamut. Why? The plus version is also 100 more expensive. They have the same pen as you can see. It works exactly the same in both cases, and also the operating conditions are the same for both. They work for the same models on the same type of systems. So the two tablets are the same and they are flawless. The only difference if you get the plus is that contrast, the color and the color gamut. As usual, i made a test and i tried the colors. I checked the size and i think that its in line with the other tablets that they make the 16 inch of course feels a little bit smaller compared to 24. That im used to. But the colors are very good and nice, and in line with the quality that usually huion provides, it also is a very bright screen if needed and so far i didnt find any major issue. Alright, i ill give you some pros and cons and my overall thoughts. The pros is that its light, it has a nice surface, its very bright. It has nice colors, and the resolution of course makes it look like youre drawing on paper.

It is a very slick, design, sturdy, doesnt wiggle, it doesnt bend. It is usb type c, so its very clean, the whole setup once you mount it, but it has some flaws. The flaws are, first of all it doesnt have visa attachment, so you cant forget to attach to your arm. I have an arm. I always mount every tablet on that arm to test and i had to stick to their support. The second flaw is that the price difference with the plus is only one hundred dollars. I think thats a small gap because for a hundred dollars you get a quantum dot technology screen with 1200 to one contrast ratio instead of one thousand one and 140 srgb compared to this one that has 120 srgb and another downside of this. I think – and in this case its the same for the plus and pro version is this – this is support. This support is like a step above the plastic one that they give, but still like feels Music a little bit. You know not sturdy. Also, these things start flapping easy. I would rather prefer having something that locks everything when im spending a thousand dollars on a product. I would rather have something that makes sure that i feel safe, even if its just a feeling, also, for example, flipping this thing up at the bottom, its very easy that flips like this and you dont notice, happened to me and then the tablet slides like like This so be careful to to flip this.

On, i i dont know i would have made, for example, a click, so it doesnt go back unless you force a little bit its light, thats nice, but maybe its too light you decide. Let me know in the comments – and here we are once again at the end of another video i want to say thank you very much for all the comments on the previous videos. I am trying to include some of the suggestions in this new videos. I hope you appreciate the effort and if you have more suggestions, leave a comment as usual plus, if you have some product or some brand, that ive never heard of that you wish i could try to review.