I know it’s hard to believe, but right now in 2021. This is the only 4k 16 inch drawing tablet you can buy and it’s not made by wacom it’s made by huya, hey it’s me brad, and this is the new huion canvas pro 16. This is the first huion tablet. With a 4k screen for years, huion and xp pen have been narrowing down that quality gap with wacom’s products, and these higher resolution screens are just another step in that direction. There’S two variations of this tablet. You can pick up from huion right now, there’s the pro 16 4k and there’s, the pro 16 plus 4k, and the only difference between these is the color gambit and the contrast ratio. The one you’re gon na see in my video here today is the non plus. The canvas pro 16 4k it’s interesting to see as huion has added more features to the displays. Like 4k screen, we also have seen their prices go up and, and it makes sense, alexis costs more than a toyota at 829. This is no longer a cheap budget. Wacom alternative, but i think i can say it’s the best 16 inch pen display on the market right now, but also the most expensive one as well. I keep track of all of my reviews over on my website brad.site. I rank all this stuff and i’ve put this at the top of that list. Wait brad! What are you saying? What about the wacom cintiq pro 16 it’s more expensive right? It was more expensive, but wacom no longer sells that model you can’t buy one at least not new it’s, a shame because i love these 16 inch tablets.

I think this is my favorite size a little over a year ago, wacom released the cintiq 16. No word pro in there, but i think that is a far inferior tablet to this in several ways: we’re going to be digging into that a little bit later, but first let’s look at what you can expect to find. When you open the box in the box, we have the display itself. This is a pen display that’s, the official category name for these kinds of products. It plugs into your computer like a windows or mac computer, even an android device, and it acts as an extra monitor that you can draw on keep in mind. This looks like a windows tablet: it’s, not it’s. Just the screen needs to be plugged into a computer, and it needs to be plugged into a power outlet to work. Comes with this protective plastic over it, so it’s not going to scratch, while it’s shipping warm tip peel it off before using. It also has this aluminum finish to the back and overall it’s light it’s slim. It feels pretty well built. What else do we have here a stand now? This is a decent stand. I’Ve seen this stand, packed in with several huions products over the year i’m. Glad it’s included here it’s a good value. You could set it at any of the preset levels that it comes with. You know it’s not an exotic stand, but it gets the job done.

You’Re gon na find an angle that works, for you also has these rubber grips on the front, so the tablet itself is not gon na slide around, while you’re drawing on it has rubber grips on the bottom, so it’s not gon na slide around on the table. While you’re drawing on it, then there are the connection cables. You can connect this via usb c or through the hdmi and usb a ports again. Huion does a good job of making sure all of the cables that you need are provided here. There’S also a power plug. This does need to be plugged in at all times, work there’s no battery here. So people often ask me about these kinds of products. Is it portable, uh kind of i mean it’s light? You can put it into your bag? If, if your bag is big enough, it is kind of a larger tablet, but it’s not portable the way, an android tablet or a windows pc or an ipad, or something like that is portable, because it doesn’t have a battery and it requires all of these cables. There’S the pen, which i’m going to talk about a lot in a little bit and a little pen pouch. This is new. I kind of like this pouch what’s, not new is the pen donut huion has been including these with their tablets for quite some time. It’S a nice place to set your pen when you’re not using. It also doubles as extra storage for those pen nibs.

If any of yours wear out also, we have a little bag with your warranty, some customer info in there an instruction setup guide and a nice little cleaning cloth and oh yeah. Look at this a drawing glove Music, you know, should make a drying glove. Nintendo should make a drawing club. Would that be cool right? This screen is 4k that’s. What makes it special and what makes it expensive relatively speaking, so you have a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels. In the past, we only had hd full hd screens on these devices, so this is a big deal when you get to these 16 inch screens, it’s really really nice to get these higher resolutions, especially on a drawing tablet. You get closer to a drawing tablet screen. Then you get to a laptop screen which is sitting away from you, you’re hovering over it. You notice that level of quality the screen is also laminated, which means there isn’t a gap between the glass and the drawing screen below it, which makes it feel more accurate than older pen displays. I mentioned this lamination because wacom cintiq 16 – i was talking about earlier doesn’t – have that in fact i think that’s a feature that i missed a lot more than the higher resolution on that wacom 16 and that wacom 16 is awfully high priced for what you’re getting This screen has both a high resolution and a laminated display and together those make a big difference.

The cintiq pro line has those better screens they’re, also etched glass it’s, not a coating like this is so that’s really nice. The wacoms are also touch enabled that’s important to point out that touch, enabled thing can be kind of hit or miss, but, like i said, wacom no longer makes that 16 inch pro model. The screen has a matte finish applied to it. Now this is a semi matte, it’s, more of an anti glare finish, that’s, probably how i would describe it that’s nice, because, when you’re using a drawing tablet, what ends up happening is the lights that are above you get reflected on the tablet below having some kind Of finish on, there makes it a lot more usable, also it’s, providing you with some drawing resistance. So it’s, not a slippery smooth surface it’s something that’s easy to draw on there’s a little drag to the pen. It gives you more control and it makes me a happier illustrator one thing: that’s missing on these displays are the shortcut keys. This was probably something huion cut to trim the price down a little bit on a 16 inch tablet. I didn’t really miss it too much because i could have my keyboard off to the side personally. I’M: a shortcuts guy, i don’t, use a lot of them, but i like to set three or four of them to like undo or brush size, something like that. It makes my work flow a lot easier, so i will admit i missed the shortcuts a little what about those pen specs? Well, i have a lot to say about the pen.

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This is exactly what i would expect in terms of pressure sensitivity. The other thing i like to take a look at are fast lines and i like to see how those lines end and oftentimes what happens with many of these pens. Is you get some really weird tapers? I don’t think that’s the case here. I think these are looking very nice it’s, a very smooth natural taper. So that looks good to me now. The last thing that i’m going to take a look at and i’m going to shrink my pen size down a little bit are slow angle of lines and what i’m seeing here is a tiny bit of wave uh, nothing too terribly bad and i’m gon na go Grab a ruler because i want to show you that it’s not just my hand, that’s producing the wave but it’s the pen. Now i also want to point out this is exactly what i’ve seen from pretty much every huion pen that i have tested over the last. I don’t know year and a half two years uh. So this is exactly what i expected and i think this is well within the range of acceptable pen wave or a little bit of pen wiggle and the reason why is most programs like photoshop? What i’m using here have the ability to turn on some kind of smoothing or line straightening in order to smooth that out now, sometimes you get too much jitter too much pen wave like you’ll, see on the surface pro, and you have to turn up the smoothing.

So high that it makes the pen just too slow the the cursor is going to lag too far behind. But i find that if i turn this up to say 14, which i have here and i go a little slower i’m going to knock most of that wave out. And if i speed up my lines a little bit like. I would more naturally draw with the smoothing out a little bit i’ve pretty much eliminated that wave entirely, which is what i’m looking for pros and cons. Well, the pros, obviously, that screen for sure it looks great, and it really makes this device feel a lot more premium and a lot more modern. The con, of course, is that increases the price of this device. This is going to put it out of the price range of a lot of people who are looking for a wacom alternative, and this really puts it in the range of a wacom full on competitor. Another pro worth mentioning here is that this does work with some android phones and tablets. I tested it a little and, to be honest, i would not buy this to use on an android phone. The the apps on android are built to work with touch, and so what ends up happening is you’re, drawing on your tablet over here and then you’re going to your phone and you’re using the touch there it’s a very disjointed experience, it’s, not an experience. I, like totally works.

You can use it that way, but i don’t think that should be your focus. Your focus should be using this on windows or a mac. Huion has been diversifying no longer. Are they just making the cheapest drawing tablets they can make, but they’ve been making things in different price ranges and really closing that quality gap that we’ve seen a long time with wacom? I love having a 4k screen. This might be the display that gets me to stop using the cintiq 24 yeah. I i like it that much, i don’t necessarily think it’s better in every way than the seed teak 24, but the 24 is too big for my desk i’d, rather have something this size that i really like. And finally, i do the good news for those of you who are looking for a budget display is huion is still making a lot of those 16 inch displays with lamination at a lower resolution for a lot less money. So if you can’t afford this totally understand, they’re, not leaving you out in the cold. So what do you think? Let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and i’ll talk to you.