In my last video i compared three graphics tablets check out that video or the short version, but in the end i decided that the cintiq pro was the best tablet, but it was overpriced by around 900. So in general i recommend the xp pen artist display pro. I got a lot of feedback on that video that mentioned huion hoi on huey on tablets and curiosity got the better of me huey. I decided to purchase the newly released hoyon canvas pro 16 inch 4k tablet to see how it compares to the other three note that there’s a canvas pro plus version, but the website didn’t tell me that there was any meaningful difference in the tablets. Besides some numbers, they were throwing at me, so i saved the seventy dollars and went with a regular version. One thing i definitely want to call out the other tablets i purchased were 24 inches. The canvas pro i purchased is 16 inches. I have a separate video that i’m going to be doing that will specifically address whether a 16 inch or a 24 inch tablet is better for you, so i’m gon na skip that part of it. So just pretend they’re all the same size per usual i’m going to skip the full unboxing since i don’t have all the gear to do like a really cool top down unboxing and there’s plenty of videos that do that instead i’ll just leave it at this. The canvas came in really simple packaging that didn’t waste, much plastic or extra containers.

Do you ever feel like companies are trying to blackmail you into keeping their subpar products by wrapping them in really complex packaging? So you can’t, possibly put everything back together to return. It kind of like that one episode of the office, if you’re on my level, it’s just gross anyways that wasn’t the case here no stress involved in opening it. I don’t know why there’d be stress involved with opening a package, but i don’t know i had no stress, i stress out about a lot of things, this just wasn’t, one of them at 829. This tablet was way cheaper than the two thousand dollar cintiq pro and pretty comparable in price to the 750 xp pen artist display pro 24, but i got that one on sale. The drivers were easy to install and worked without much fuss, although for some reason, there’s. Two drivers listed on the hoi on website so make sure you install the right one, because only one of them worked for me. The tablet looks super clean on my desk because i only needed one cable to run from the tablet to my computer. It came with this cable that splits into three different connectors at the bottom, and when i take the tablet to travel, it will be easy to plug the single usbc cable into my laptop. The stand was simple and functional. It lets you tilt the screen at different angles. If you fold it the correct way, the pen felt great on the canvas pro screen.

There was a slight pin on monitor, feel, which is the main reason it’s, not as good as the cintiq pro, which gives this pen on smooth paper feel, but had i never tried the cintiq pro. I would never know the difference and say that the canvas screen feels great. It felt really similar to the xp pen artist display pro screen. This is also really minor, there’s a little bit of brightness change. When i push the pen into the screen, this didn’t affect my art quality, and i bet you never would have noticed. Had i not mentioned it. If you don’t use a smudge guard, you might get a little sticking between your hand and the screen. I always use one, so it makes no difference to me. Plus hoion gives you one in the canvas pro box, so no issues there. The hoi on pen felt comfortable in my hand and the buttons were tactile and easy to press. I didn’t get any hand strain while using them. I would say this pen is close to on par with the cintiq pro pen and maybe a little bit better than the xp pen pen, which, if you remember, was my biggest complaint about that tablet. My only negative here is that the hoi on pen is sort of curved at the bottom, which makes it difficult to see the actual nib while you’re using it. This took a minute to get used to, especially when drawing where i try to be more precise.

With my pen strokes, the hoyon software allowed me to customize the buttons on the pen per program, which was huge for me because i’m constantly switching between clip studio, zbrush, blender and substance painter, the wacom software has this behavior. But i wasn’t able to do this with the xp pen software. Maybe i just couldn’t figure this out and if that’s the case, please comment below and tell me i’m wrong. I’Ll happily make an amendment. Also, the hoi on pen tastes the best. The resolution of the canvas pro goes up to 4k, but, as i mentioned in my previous video, 4k is a little bit too small for my eyes to really use, especially on a 16 inch screen. The ui elements looked really tiny. Now. Having said that, i have been using the canvas pro in 4k mode to see if i can get used to it and i sort of have, but this definitely has little to no impact on the quality of my art. So it really doesn’t even matter to me anything that’s above 1080p would work fine. I had no issues with the display, but when you compare it side by side with the cintiq pro, it maybe looks a little bit dim, but you would never notice this unless you directly compared the two tablets. I love that this tablet didn’t come with any buttons. I use the keyboard so extra buttons on a tablet just take up useless space for me.

Overall, i really love the canvas pro. I have no problem recommending this tablet. It was affordable. It felt modern. It didn’t feel like a cheap option, which is what i was worried about based on the price, especially when you compare it to the way overpriced cintiq pro. I think it’s really high quality and would fully endorse you purchasing it in general. The canvas pro is about the same as the xp pen artist display pro. I liked the feel of the buttons on the hoion pen a little better than the xp pen, and i especially liked that hoyo. Let me remap the buttons per program. The canvas pro screen. Maybe felt a tiny microscopic amount better than the artist display pro screen, but we’re really splitting hairs at this point, and you probably would have a different opinion if you tried, both prices between the xp pen and hoion are pretty comparable. So if you’re trying to decide between these two brands, i would tell you it really doesn’t matter at all. If there’s some specific feature, you want that’s offered by only one and not the other, go with that one or maybe go with whichever brand is having a sale at the moment, no matter what you won’t regret, buying either tablet if you’re gridlocked – and you need me To make the decision for you you’re making me do this i’ll say: go with hoi on, but again that’s kind of a toss up.

Still, though, the cintiq pro is the best feeling tablet, but only if you’re, okay with a 900 markup and a 500 stand so that’s it. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe, it. Uh actually really means a lot to me. I have notifications turned on on my phone, so whenever you subscribe or leave a comment, it’s like a little bright spot in my day and no matter what i’m doing or what my wife is doing. When i get a notification, i interrupt her to tell her all about my new internet fame, so feel free to subscribe at weird times of the day, all right that’s it. Thank you. Stay tuned for the next video it’ll be even better than this one. No, the hoion huion huen, the hu, the hoion canvas pro i’m from pittsburgh, i’m going to say huion.