So huion actually sent me one of their tablets. They sent me their canvas Pro 16 and its 2.5 k resolution, which is, I think, the highest resolution to Fu Young tablet that Ive ever tried so Im just going to start with the basic specs about it. That Im going to talk about some pros and some cons and some tips that I have to get certain things to work better. Also, Im left handed so thats where Im kind of coming from when it comes to this review. But I will specify, when its irrelevant also the art that I make in this video is actually my November patreon print. So if you want to grab this print in a cute sticker and a little Sketchbook page print, those will be on my patreon and you have until the end of November to pledge – and you can get those mailed to you. So the model of this tablet is the GT 1602 and I, like I said it – has a 2.5 k resolution 145 srgb wide color gamut is a fully laminated display, which is great and a lot of their tablets. Have the snap I think pretty much its like a standard for them now, and this just eliminates a lot of Parallax, so the tip of your pen and the cursor on the screen are closer together and theres less of a gap theres a 300 PPS report rate. So this means you can sketch quickly without lag, and the pen has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, battery free pen.

This is pretty standard and its what Ive kind of come to expect from huyan. Also, this tablet has pen tablet mode and I think you can connect it to your phone somehow, but I didnt try that out, but I believe that is a possibility. Theres also Express Keys, theres, eight of them, which is kind of essential for me, but its not essential for everyone. Some people prefer to use keyboards. You can disable the express keys if you want, but I use them. I use like Ctrl Z. Brush sizes is save stuff like that, and the glass is anti glare and its etched glass. This means the surface is sort of a more matte finish, and it feels a little bit more natural to draw on for me personally so to test out this tablet. I started off by doing a bunch of little sketches in clip Studio paint trying to sort of relearn the program, because whenever I do a digital art on my PC, I will use clip Studio paint because I just have heard some great things about it. And I really like their brushes and for this video Im using Sims art brushes. I watch his live streams a lot and he has these really nice natural watercolor brushes. So I just went to his patreon and grabbed some of his brushes and thats. Basically, what Im? Using for this video, his watercolor brushes are the ones that Im using so Im going to talk about the pros about this tablet.

First of all, it comes with a stand, and I really like this stand. I was very impressed when I pulled it out of the package, because I remember I tried out a tablet in the past. I dont know if it was huion or a different brand, but it didnt come with a stand, and I was like how am I supposed to draw with this without a stand like its like a flat like you, cant, really draw on a flat surface on a Screen, like you kind of need something to tilt it up, and this comes with a nice like metal, stand very sturdy, theres a bunch of different heights. You can adjust it to so. I was really happy about that. I also really like the size of this tablet. Its not too big, not too small, I feel like the 16 – is a really good, like desktop tablet, easy to move around and store um. I have tried their much larger tablets, but honestly theyre, just a little too big for me. Um Im used to drawing on my little iPad, so this size felt pretty natural. The Frosted screen feels really nice or, I guess not, frosted its like an etched glass. Their pen Glides, more naturally on it, and I much prefer to draw on this type of surface than a shiny glossy surface. Um iPads have that kind of surface, but I got a matte screen protector to put on my iPad to give it that, like etched glass feel, but this huyung tablet has a a built in and I think a lot of tablets these days has that, and I Really like it um, I love that the pen is battery free, but most pens are these days.

I wouldnt really recommend getting a tablet where you have to charge the pen, because its just another thing to worry about charging. Of course, if you get an iPad, though, like you have to charge the pencil, but its really easy to do that it just snaps onto the top, the pen also has two buttons on it, which is great. I usually set one of these to my color drop tool and the other one is usually like some other Mouse button that may be left click and it always feels like very comfortable to hold. I I like their pens, theyre theyre, pretty nice. Also. It comes with a cleaning cloth, a glove if you want your hand to not stick to the to the tablet, although I dont really have much problem with that, so I didnt use the glove. It also comes with a little donut pen stand and extra nibs inside also something that I really liked about this tablet, and that was noticeable is how crisp the screen was. I feel like Ive tried, older huion tablet models a few years ago and the screen was definitely not as sharp as it could have been, because it was a large tablet, but it was 1080p. So that resolution was stretched over a larger distance and it wasnt as crisp looking, but because this one is 16 inches and it has a 2.5 k resolution, it looks really great to me. I think they also have a 4K version, so I wonder how good that one is because thats like quite a step up from 2.

5 k, and would it be noticeable on a 16 inch Id be very interested to see and like overall, the tablet feels very responsive. It feels very natural to draw on its. It works great and it looks great and it just feels solid, like this definitely feels like a high end quality Tablet, and I was really happy with the way it performed for me. The first con I will talk about, though, is that, like most of these tablets, um the huion driver software is always very finicky and you might have to troubleshoot a bit to get it to work properly, thats going to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to Using these tablets are the driver softwares, I think theyve definitely improved them, but theres still always going to be the little glitches that you have to fix, and this might involve uninstalling the software reinstalling it restarting. Your computer usually fixes things and make sure you open the software before, like you open the the driver program before you start using the tablet, because then it will make it work more properly. A tip for the driver is, you can actually get it all set up. The way you want and then export your settings and you can re import them in case they ever get reset. So that can be your like calibration. Your Express key settings stuff like that. It will save that if you export it and save it into one of your files, another con is that the colors are different from my other devices and I find it a little bit difficult to properly match to them, and I cant tell which one is more.

Accurate, but this kind of applies to any screen really so its not just a Hui on issue, but I remember they used to have color accuracy, problems, um and Im, just not sure like which screen. I should trust. So I was trying to fix this and like change the values of each color with their built in settings, but because Im left handed, I had to check the button that rotates the display 180 degrees, and then I had to rotate the monitor in my Windows settings. So that everything was flipped around for me and the express keys were, on my right hand, side. So I could press the express keys and draw at the same time, but for some reason, when I open up the the menu for the settings, its upside down and everything else is right side up. So its really hard for me to like quickly change settings with the display, because Id either have to like pick up the tablet, rotate it around like move all the chords out of the way, change the settings and then rotate the whole thing back like why? Wouldnt the menu turn as well. I dont know its just a little thing. That kind of irked me also the first thing that annoyed me was when I went to plug in the tablet it the chords All point: if you are right handed, this would be fine. The chords kind of poke up, and then they go down towards the back of your tablet but because Im left handed, I had to turn the tablet around and the chords are pressed against my desk and theyre bent in a really weird way, because of the way That they come out of the like adapter plug thing that plugs into the tablet itself.

So its being pressed against my desk and bent at kind of a severe angle and Im like, is this gon na fail at one point, because its being like flexed too much Im, not sure kind of a minor thing, but its something. I noticed that a lot of tablets arent like that accessible to left handed people. There are things that people miss when theyre designing things for right handed use. Another thing that might be a con for you, but to me its not but etched glass will always have this little rainbowy noise appearance to it that if you look closely it kind of looks like dotted with like a little a little texture across the screen. This is because its like a matte etched glass finish and thats, just how its going to be. If you have this kind of this kind of screen its just kind of a trade off for having a nicer surface to draw on it just depends on. If you prefer the the more slippery glossy screen or the nice matte screen, that has resistance, this one is built in, but when I use my iPad, I put a matte screen protector on it and it adds the same sort of like noise to the screen. Its really not that noticeable and its not that big of a deal, but it is something that people might notice. I also want to talk a little bit about the art that Im making.

I actually drew a fox traveler character on a log like about two years ago, and I really love that drawing since I made it, and I thought maybe I will make sort of like a sequel to that. Drawing using the sketch I made of this cat traveler and drawing the same log, but approaching it with my current workflow and style. So I did all the line work on the tablet and when it was time to color, I took it into my iPad and I did all the coloring there because Im just a lot more comfortable coloring on my iPad. But I really wanted to use clip Studio. Paint in this tablet to do the sketching and the drawing, and it worked quite smoothly and Im really happy with the way it turned out and, like I said you can actually get this print mailed to you. If you go to my patreon, you get a sticker and a Sketchbook page print from my Sketchbook and its only 16 dollars a month, no matter where you live and you can join and leave at any time. So you can literally join for a package that you want and then leave afterwards theres. Also a lot of other rewards there. I will post scans from my Sketchbook and I think I have like over 80 posts of like tons of images from my Sketchbook, that I dont really share anywhere else. So if you want to see more of my art thats a good way to do it and you only have to go to the mid tier for that one, which is five dollars, thats, just a little blurb about my patreon.

But now I want to talk about some tips I have when youre using this tablet, specifically with clip Studio paint just some things that I ran into and how I solved them. So, as always when youre installing a new tablet driver make sure you uninstall all other tablet, drivers before you install the current driver and its usually good to like restart your computer after every install or uninstall or if somethings not working properly, just try to restart your Computer, if you want to change the display settings on the tablet, you have to press and hold the power button, and that opens the menu settings and you can actually use the pen to navigate the menu which is really nice. But if youre left handed like me, its going to be upside down, make sure you open the driver software before you start working is going to make it work better. Another interesting problem that I think Ive had for a while is whenever I try to use clip Studio paint with a tablet on my PC. I find when I drag to select a color in the color wheel. It doesnt quite detect my input right away. Its sort of like Ill bring my pen to the screen and try to like drag it towards a color. I want and it wont, move right away and then it snaps into position, and this happens every time. I want to select a color and I was like what is this problem.

Is this with my computer? Is this with the tablet? Is this a driver problem? I looked into it and its something to do with Windows ink and you can actually disable Windows ink in the hueyon driver and then go to clip Studio, paint and switch your settings to win Tab and this fixed the problem. If youre having this problem thats what fixed it for me, I hope someone out there can find that useful, because it took me a while to find that solution and also, if your tablet, isnt, detecting any input, go to your settings and make sure that your working Area is selected on that monitor and not on your other monitor, because it always goes to the other one. First, I think its, because that one is my main display and my Hue Yawn is my secondary display. So make sure you select the proper working area and I find if I havent, used a tablet in a while and Ive just been using my PC as normal and when I want to plug in the HDMI and get the tablet working. It doesnt work right away and I usually have to restart my computer to get the driver to kind of like work, which is a little Annoying. I did have like a few driver problems where it just like wouldnt work enough to restart and then its fine. So when, in doubt, just like restart your computer, it was pretty fun trying out this tablet.

The reason why I really wanted to try this one was because of the 2.5 k resolution and that it wasnt too big, and I think this might be my go to desktop tablet for a while thanks so much to huyan for sending it to me to make A review, I hope you enjoyed seeing the art that I made as well. I actually had a lot of fun like drawing on my PC, its a nice refreshing change from the iPad, but I definitely prefer drawing on my iPad, its just so portable and procreate is so intuitive and easy to use and Im so comfortable with that program. Im. So used to it, and I can work really quickly, that when I try to use clip Studio paint, I feel really slow and I dont really like know what the most efficient way is yet and plus I cant use my hand on the screen, because this tablet Is not it doesnt have like a touch screen for your for your fingers. It only works with the pen, but I dont think a lot of tablets have that anyway, but it would be cool if it did, because that would make it a lot easier for me to use. If I could use my fingers to move the canvas around and rotate stuff, that would be really cool, so I really hope you enjoyed this video I enjoyed making it Im really excited to you. Send these prints out as well.

I love the way the art turned out and I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions about tablet or the art or anything, let me know in the comments.