Huion has released a new 13 inch. 2.5 k display its a really good price, so today were gon na see if its worth it hello. My name is brad. I review type for creative professionals and today were taking a look at this. This is the huion canvas 13 pro, or is it the pro 13? They seem to always be switching those two things around. This is a pen display. What that means is. This is an external monitor, a really small, monitor that plugs into your laptop or desktop computer mac or pc, and becomes a second screen that you can draw on. So, even though it does kind of look a little bit like a standalone computer, its not its just the screen now, this is what i would consider a mid tier pen display its not too expensive, but its not the cheapest one. You can get either so theres a couple extra features here and the main feature that i think puts it a step above last years. Version which is the non pro 13, is that 2.5 k screen the last one just had a full hd screen thats 1080p, and that was good enough, because when you get a screen, thats full hd on a 13 inch tablet, it actually looks pretty good. You cant see the pixels like they dont get too blurry like it does like on their larger, drawing displays. However, i will say this: adding all those extra pixels does make this look crisper.

It does make it look really good. Over the last few years, people have asked in the comments, hey whats, the benefit of getting say, a pro huion, as opposed to the standard one, because the pros tend to cost between 50 and a hundred dollars more and for the most part. I thought you know not a whole lot. Uh, the pros tended to have better color on the monitors and things like that, but really when you actually got down to like the brass tacks of the drawing experience. It was pretty much the same and i think by adding this 2.5 k display thats a big enough upgrade there to say if you could swing it go for the 13 inch pro over the standard. So lets take a look at what you can expect when you open this box. First up on the top, you have. The tablet itself comes with a nice protective coating on it, so it doesnt get scratched in shipment. It also has a shiny side and a matte finish over the screen itself, where youre going to be drawing now, the display has 145 srgb color gambit 1200 to 1 contrast ratio, 16.7 million colors a 178 degree viewing angle. The resolution of the screen is 2560 pixels by 1600 pixels thats, a little bigger than 2.5 k, its about 200 pixels tall. There is a matte screen protector on this. It feels great to draw on. This is a heavier matte than some of their other products.

A little bit more grainy looking as well, maybe its a little bit more noticeable because the pixels are a little denser. So you see the grain a little bit more. It doesnt bother me, but i know it will bother some people its also a laminated screen. Now this is something thats been pretty common on everything juans done in the last two or three years, but thats worth noting too some of the older ones or some of the more inexpensive wacom devices out there. Dont have that laminated screen, and that is a really nice upgrade. You also have the shortcut keys along the side. Those are nice and clicky. They dont feel cheap. They even have these little symbols on them, so you can feel, while your hand is resting on it, where your thumb is so. You know which one youre clicking thats thats a nice touch, thats something huey has been doing on a lot of their products lately. Also in the box, youre gon na find the stand, and this isnt really a special stand. You know you can prop it up at a couple different angles: it it gets the job done. Its good enough lets. Take a look at the pen. This is the cleanest. This pen will ever be. I really like the feel of the pen in your hand, i did mention the cleanliness of it, it does attract dust on the rubber portion and you just kind of get used to it, and actually i dont know why i mean its a comfortable rubber thats.

Probably why they use it, but every single drawing pen has the same exact rubber and it does the same exact thing now. The pen has over 8 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. This is nothing new. This is something hui has been doing for years, but theyre calling this their new 3.0 pentek. They say this provides more stability on lower ends of the pressure scale. Now, im going to go through the drawing test and talk more about this later, but if im being completely honest, i didnt really notice too much of a difference from their old pens. Thats, not a dig against this pen. What that means is i thought the old pens were really good and i thought the levels of pressure or the initial activation rate on this pen was still really good. This didnt seem like, amazingly, better im sure they improved it its just one of those things where, when the quality gets to a certain point, you dont notice, the incremental upgrades quite as much also in the box is a pen holder. Doughnuty thing huion has always included extra dibs when you open this thing up, but this time theyre, including some felt tip nibs in there too. These give your stylus a slightly different feel, especially against that matte finish screen. I really like this inclusion, mainly because i very rarely actually burn through those nibs. Some people do because theyre like hard drawers and the harder you push the more youre going to burn through it.

I dont really burn through stylus tips that quickly and so for me having those extra dips to give you a different feel is a nice nice change of pace. You have all of your power cords, uh theres, two ways to connect this to your computer. The first one is the included usbc cable. If you have a usbc port on your computer, you just plug it in one cord, youre good to go. Youre also going to need a second power cord and thats, another usbc cable that will just plug into your wall. One thing to note here is the power adapter itself. Much like the newer iphones is not included. I just grabbed an old one that i had standing around for an old phone and was able to plug it in it worked flawlessly and thats. Probably what huion is thinking? Why give them the power adapter if you already have a whole bunch laying around? But if you dont have an extra power adapter that might be something thats worth picking up the second way to connect. This is to use the all in one combo, cable thing. Now the big hulk and end that plugs into the two ports along the side. On the other end, you have an hdmi cable and you also have a standard usb type, a cable. Actually, you have two standard usb type, a cables, the red one is your power, one that plugs into the extension cord, which again would plug into an adapter that you have now.

One thing to note is when youre looking at this, this red extension, cable isnt. That long and neither is the original usb cord that theyre giving you for power. I found that it its just long enough to basically go off the back of my desk and down to the floor and maybe over a foot or two. So if your power supply isnt really close to where youre working um, you probably want to get like an extension cord or something youre gon na have to run underneath your desk in order to accommodate that. Okay, before we get to the drawing test, i do want to shout out to todays, sponsor squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics. Squarespace is the all, in one platform, to build a beautiful online presence and run your business connect with your audience and generate revenue through gated members. Only content manage your members, send email, communications and leverage audience insights all in one easy to use platform. Squarespace has the tools you need to get your business off the ground, including e commerce, templates, inventory management, a simple checkout process and secure payments. Whatever you sell, squarespace has the merchandising features that you need to make your products look their best online squarespace takes all the guesswork out of search engine optimization for your website, which means youll get found in search by more people. More often check out for a free trial and when youre ready to launch go to squarespace.

com bragg culbo to save 10 percent on your first purchase of a website or domain all right in this section. I want to talk about this pen and how well it performs and what you can expect from it, and overall my thoughts and feelings are. This thing is, is really good now. This is something ive come to expect from hui on over the last several iterations of their products. So first things first, i like to test with just a standard hard round pressure size brush, because what thats going to, let me do is do really light lines. Its going to, let me apply pressure and do heavier lines, medium lines and then back to my light line. So it gives me a feel for where that pressure curve is, if it blows out anywhere along the line, and generally this feels really good. The one thing that did impress me as i was drawing with this were two things. First thing is the beginnings and ends of lines. Whenever i draw a line, i just get a beautiful, beautiful, taper now oftentimes, when you draw really fast lines with one of these things, the the taper gets a little wonky, but as i speed up my lines – and i shake my table – sorry about that – um – what You see are just beautiful tapers at the ends really nice tapers at the beginning, thats the sort of thing that i that i love to see uh because oftentimes, you will see kind of this shoe string effect where the taper just wont, look organic.

These look really good on a lot of tablets. If the taper doesnt look organic, you just kind of slow down the pen, you know and it it seems to fix that. But here that doesnt seem to be a problem, even with the fast strokes that tapers looking really good. The other thing that i like to take a look at is the pressure now the initial activation rate on this is pretty good uh. If i just press super lightly, you know i get a nice light line. If i just kind of do my normal pressure, its holding pressure around curves, its not blowing out anywhere, let me apply more pressure as i go yeah. This just seems to be like a really smooth pressure curve. Obviously, on the really light lines you know it kind of fades a little bit because im not applying much pressure at all when im getting some of these lines, thats pretty normal. I dont draw that lightly. Most people do not draw that lightly, thats, something that huion has tried to improve with this iteration of the pen and, if im being completely honest, i dont really notice it. I didnt think it was bad before i think its its just fine. Now i guess, if youre a light drawer, you might notice it, but this is something i was looking for and didnt really see. The other thing i like to look for are slow lines, because this is going to tell me you know how much wave there is to the line and, as i draw slowly, i get really clean lines.

Ill draw a little lighter and speed it up a little bit um. I sometimes break out a ruler with these tests, because what im looking for is mechanical wobble with the lines as im drawing and i could tell theres a tiny bit um. I could see it like here along this line a little bit. I can see like little dips and waves, but nothing bad at all. I mean the smoothings off entirely and i find these lines to be very, very good, pros and cons. You know the major pro here is the price, the amount of quality youre getting for the price. Like i said this isnt the most inexpensive pen display that huion makes you can get the non pro version, its really cheap. However, i think the benefits that youre getting by doing this upgrade this year are really good, that 2.5 k screen thats another pro. In fact, that is the major pro here. I think it works well. The other pro is definitely that pen. In fact, up to this point, i havent really said anything negative about this tablet, because, if im being honest, there arent a whole lot of drawbacks, i mean its not the highest end tablet its not the highest end screen. However, i think its really good for the price and what it is thats, probably a good segue to the cons. What are other cons theres got to be something right, um, the power cord. I wish it was longer.

There is a matte screen protector on this, and one thing i will note here is that for some folks that screen finish is going to be too grainy. I guess you could say: is this pen as good as what you find on a wacom tablet and not quite, but i feel like its like its almost there like it is its so close. But what do you think, let me know down below in the comments.