My name is andrew and im. A freelance illustrator and artist in todays video were going to be reviewing the new 24 inch canvas pro 4k pen display from huion ive been using this for about six weeks or so now. So i feel im in a pretty good place to offer a well founded review and offer my thoughts and opinions on this piece of kit ill be going over what you get in the box, how its set up and then what works well and what doesnt any Issues ive had with it to start off with lets, go over what you get in the box. You get the display, obviously, as well as all the cables youll need to turn it on and get it connected to your device. Youll also get the battery free pen and a snazzy pen holder, which houses the extra nibs, as well as the nib replacement tool. Additionally, you get the kd 100 key dial, as well as a glove and a cloth looking at it when its set up, you realize just how big it is: its a 23.8 inch, 4k screen of 185 ppi pixel density and 8192 pressure levels with a response. Time of 10 milliseconds, the glass is anti glare, which is really nice, especially if you work with harsh lighting or in direct sunlight. The display itself feels nice and thin. Despite it weighing over six kilos, and the surface is nice and flat. There are no bevels or bumps where the screen meets the edge, which creates a very professional and clean working space.

Looking on the top of the display going from left to right, you have a hdmi port, a display port, usb c and dc power, as well as the power button. Having those sockets allows you to hook this up to your computer in whatever fashion suits you ive opted for the three in one usb c cable as its one cable from display to computer and allows me to use a display to the full 4k. I did try the hdmi port and the result i got was less than 4k, not sure if it was as low as 1080p, but it definitely wasnt as crisp an image on the side. You have two usb 2.0 ports and a 3.5 mil headphone jack. I use these for connecting the key dial or charging it and ill get into that a little later on. On the back of the display, it comes with two little feet that can be flipped out prop the display up to a 20 degree height. Additionally, you can mount it on a visa mount like i have, or you can use the huion st 100 stands, which are great if you have one from a previous model or if you dont want to mount it to a monitor arm. If you do want to mount it like, i have its compatible with a 100 by 100 millimeter plate. I went with the monitor arm as i wanted the option to be more flexible in my workspace.

If i want to stand up and work, i have that option and i can move this plate up high and i can also use it as a standard monitor when im not drawing. I can also push it back towards the wall and free up some desk space. If im doing traditional sketching or paperwork looking at the drivers, theyre super easy to install you just head to the huion website. Support section then enter the model you have and select which operating system you use. The website claims that it works on windows, mac and even android, which seems crazy to me if you could run this from your phone. The screen quality of this display is its selling point. My last huion display was the canvas gt221 pro, which was 1080p, and i thought that was pretty good, but the difference between that – and this is night and day this display really shines compared to others. Ive seen the 4k screen is super crisp and really complements my imac screen. Its also super bright, far brighter than my previous display was another feature i really like is the function of the power button. When you long press it, it brings up the display menu where you can adjust the brightness and the contrast, as well as the colors, which is far easier than previously on hueyon displays. Where you had a three button system and it felt like an old tv. We had to make adjustments, and, after a couple of years, the buttons on my old display stopped working all together, so it became very hard to make adjustments, whereas on this new display, you make adjustments with the pen on the screen, which is a great step up In user experience and ease of use now, looking at the accessories you get with the display, it really feels like a professional setup.

The key dial is a really nice addition and is really good at speeding up your workflow as well as giving your hand a rest from stretching to hit hotkeys on a keyboard. It comes with 18 customizable buttons, plus the wheel, which can have three different functions on its own by pressing the middle button. So you can have up to 21 functions. It connects via a wireless receiver, which you can plug straight into the side of the monitor using the usb ports. The key dial can be used, left or right handed and in any orientation you want, so you can really cater it to your needs. You can edit the key dial buttons in the huion driver program and its pretty easy to do so, meaning you can make changes quickly, which is nice if you want to change functions on the fly. A nice feature in the driver program is that you can have different configuration profiles for the key dial for different programs, and it will automatically switch over to different profile. When you change program, ive recently been trying to get used to editing in premiere pro with the key dial. So i set up a custom profile, as the shortcuts are different to my usual photoshop ones, and whenever i switch programs it automatically changes even when ive got both programs open, which i think is pretty cool, because i think this is pretty cool Music boasts that it Has a 100 hour battery life before it needs charging, and in the last six weeks, ive been using it at least five days a week.

Ive only had to charge it twice, so it might not be exactly 100 hours, but ive not felt like im constantly charging it at all. The key dial does come with usb charging cable, which you can plug anywhere, although i tend to plug it into a wall. Socket so i know its getting a full charge. It has rubber feet on the bottom, which means you can rest it on the screen. If you prefer to work like that, or it will rest comfortably on your desk and not skate around. However, its not completely perfect, as you cant chain, key functions of multiple buttons. For example, i have one button as a shortcut for saving command s, but if i had one key for command and one key for s, i couldnt press both to achieve the same result. It adds a slight limitation and it means i havent moved away from the keyboard completely. However, ninety percent of my most used functions. I can key in such as color picking zooming brush size, eraser, lasso tool, etc, etc, and im only using 50 of the key dial in all honesty, so theres plenty of space to work on and really make the dial as useful as possible over time. But overall, its a great accessory and its use goes way beyond the display itself. Moving on to the pen, its pretty standard, but nonetheless feels good in the hand and ive not had any issues or pain with using it for hours at a time most days, thats.

What she said it comes with two customizable buttons on the body which i mainly have formatted for right, clicking and also painting straight lines. For the first time, ive had the chance to work with felt nibs, and i can really see their appeal. Theyre soft on the screen and feel that tiny bit more like a traditional pen, ive heard they do wear down more quickly than the usual plastic nibs. But i cant really give my opinion on that as ive not been using it long enough for any long term. Wear the pen holder is nice, too, a good place to store your pen when not in use and youre less likely to lose your extra nibs now that theyre in the pen holder, rather than a baggie, stuffed in a drawer. The main question everyone is wondering, though, is how is it to draw with and honestly its a dream to use im so glad i invested in this display and upgraded if youre interested in the 4k capabilities of the huion monitor. But you dont want to go for the full 24 inch model. They also offer a 16 inch model, which is great for those who want the professional capabilities the 4k screen has to offer, but they dont want a massive screen that dominates the small desk space. The resolution is super crisp in the past. Huion are stuck with hd screens, which are absolutely fine for smaller models, but it becomes a little bit restrictive when you get up to the bigger displays, so its really nice to have that 4k quality on a screen.

This size it boasts 140 srgb and a 1201 contrast ratio, which means you get really punchy, blacks and really bright. Whites. The laminated screen gives the display a really nice texture to work on youre, not gliding around and youre not having to drag your pen across a rough surface either. The actual drawing experience is really nice. The pen glides really nicely across the surface, theres no feeling of grit or texture and it doesnt skate. I know on the ipad. Sometimes the pen feels like its just skating everywhere unless youve got a screen protector on, but this is miles different. The pen pressure is completely customizable in the driver, menu ive left it on default, and you can see that the lines are nice and crisp theres, not really any signs of mechanical wobbling or bobbling. The response time is 10 milliseconds, which is very quick, and you dont notice any lag before making the mark and its showing up its instantaneous. As these things should be, i love the size of the screen itself. I can feel the screen of a painting and theres. So much real estate to work on the anti glare is really nice, and you can see here the light box on full beam right above it, it does a really good job of defusing the glare. Obviously this is extreme example, but its a great design feature, especially if, like me, you film yourself painting for youtube, and you have light boxes like this and you get really bad light glare.

The screen is bright and the colors are vivid and fully customizable with different profiles, as well as a custom profile in the menu, but it wouldnt be a fair review without letting you know about some of the issues ive had in these six weeks. But the good news is, they are very minor issues. Firstly, the usb c cable that comes in the box is slightly shorter than i would like. So i cant have the display too far away from my computer. When i connect it up so in the future, i will probably buy a longer cable but thats it. One annoying bug i do have is when i turn the monitor on, sometimes it wont connect. I have to take the cable out of the monitor and plug it back in its a minor inconvenience, but annoying all the same, and the workaround i found is just to leave monitor in standby mode and that solves the issue. Although now and then when my mac has been asleep for a few hours and i wake it back up, the monitor wont, connect and the final issue ive had is with the key dial in the six weeks. Ive had this monitor ive had connectivity to the keypad two or three times this will be where ive been using the key dial and suddenly itll just stop working. Usually i have to take out the usb receiver and plug it back in and that solves the problem.

Now these are really minor issues and i hope these can be fixed in future updates, but i thought id best mention them for full transparency. So, in conclusion, this is an awesome piece of kit for anyone looking to upgrade their art setup or for anyone who needs an interactive display. Its current price, as of when this video comes out, is 1 299 pounds which is pretty competitive compared to its main rival. The wacom cintiq 24, which is priced at 1900 pounds while i havent, used the wacom cintiq. I honestly cant see on paper what makes it worth the extra 601 pounds with the extra money you save from buying the huion. You could buy a decent, monitor, arm, plus five years of the adobe photography plan at around 10 pound a month which gets you photoshop and lightroom, which are two programs that i use almost daily well. This is the end of the video. I really hope you enjoyed watching and that maybe its helped, you decide whether to get one or not. As always.