Over the last year, huion has been rolling out. Their higher resolution 4k displays in their drawing tablets first, with their 16 inch display tablet, and now, with this giant 24 inch display. How is it pretty good lets check it out? Hello? My name is brad and i review things that come with pens this. This is a thing, and it comes with a pen, and this thing is called the huion canvas pro 24 4k and its pretty much exactly what it sounds like its a big old 4k display that you can draw on, looks like a computer. It smells like a computer, it tastes like a computer, i havent actually tasted it yet, but this is not a computer, it is a computer monitor and it plugs into a laptop or a desktop pc to make it work. Huion used to be the budget display maker and they still are, you can still get their cheaper products, but, as they add, some of these more premium features were also seeing the price go up and as we do, we also see that quality gap between huion and Some of their competitors, specifically wacom narrow, more and more. This display is big like physically big and heavy. When huion said it was going to send me a 24 inch display. I knew it would be large, but until i tried getting it out of the box, it didnt quite sink in with me how big 24 inches actually is.

It became clear that getting it out of the box intact was way more important than getting a good picture of me, taking it out of the box, it ships with this protective layer of plastic over the top of it warm tip, peel it off along the back. There are two feet that fold out really nicely. This is also mountable its got the vesa mount mounting holes along the back, so if you want to put it on an arm or something else to hold it up, youre good to go. The main ports are along the back slash top of this device, and there are two extra usb ports and a headphone jack along the side. It comes with what you need to hook it up. There are two usbc cables, a type a and a type c youre. Only going to need one of those, a power cord and a power brick that it connects to and an hdmi cable. I was kind of curious what was in this black box. Ah, its a remote thing, very cool youve, probably noticed there arent any shortcut buttons along the sides of the display. So we have this. Instead, you also have the pen were going to be using that to draw with a little pen stand, which has some extra nibs hidden inside and a cleaning cloth instructions. And yes, a drawing glove lets talk about these specs. The big upgrade is that screen. It is 4k thats what makes this special and what makes it pricier than what you might be used to seeing with huion products.

The resolution is 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels and in the past we only had hd screens on these type of displays. Now, in smaller screens, its not a huge deal, but when you get to these 21 or now 24 inch screens its really really nice to get these higher resolution displays, especially on a drawing tablet on a drawing tablet. You get a lot closer to the screen than you do. A normal monitor, youre, basically hovering over it. While you draw, you can see the pixels on an hd display, but with a 4k display it looks so much crisper. One thing to note: this is not a touch screen, thats becoming common on a lot of windows, laptops and even in wacoms tablets, but not here i didnt miss it. Usually, i end up turning it off when im drawing anyway, but its important to note the screen is also laminated, which means there isnt a gap between the glass that youre drawing on and the screen below it, which makes it feel more accurate than older displays. This is becoming the standard i dont know if its even worth mentioning in these reviews anymore, but some of wacoms lower end products still have that gap, and i think this is something that separates this from them now the colors on this screen look really good. This is a hundred and forty percent srgb. It has a twelve thousand to one contrast: ratio thats gon na give you really good blacks, really good whites.

You also get 200 nits of brightness, not a ton, but if youre using this inside in a non sunny area, you should be fine. This also has an anti glare coating on the screen, and this keeps the light that might be overhead from reflecting too much on your screen, while youre drawing this anti glare coating is also going to give you just a little bit of drawing resistance, which is going To give your pen more control its not going to feel like its just dancing around the screen and sliding about now. I mentioned the chords that it comes with. You can connect this with just one single usb c cord to your computer, but if you have an older computer that doesnt support usbc, yet no worries youve got the usb type, a cord it comes with, and the hdmi cable as well. What about the pen? How is that to use ive got a lot to say about that, but before i get to it, i do want to thank todays sponsor squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics. Squarespace is the all, in one platform, to build a beautiful online presence and run your business connect with your audience and generate revenue through gated members. Only content manage your members, send email, communications and leverage audience insights all in one easy to use platform. Squarespace has the tools you need to get your business off the ground, including e commerce, templates, inventory management, a simple checkout process and secure payments.

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This taper looks really good um. If anything, it thins out at the end of the line, but i dont think thats bad at all. The one thing you want to avoid is like a shoestring effect at the end of the lines where that pressure just kicks off way too fast or way too slow and overall, i think this leaves really nice fast hatch lines. If youre going, there is a little bit of a check mark thing, thats happening here when you start to get really fast, but for the most part at the speed im usually working at it seems to be working pretty well and then, of course, the last thing That i like to check, for which is just overall line quality if im drawing a slow angled line, am i getting a lot of wave uh? I dont know if i want to break out the ruler for this. I see a little bit of wave, but overall, this line looks good lets break out the ruler and again i am not using a ruler in order to get a straight line im using a ruler in order to see if theres any you know, discrepancy in the Line or any kind of uh mechanical wave to it, and maybe just a tiny bit, but overall, i think this is really good. This is on par with pretty much everything. Huion has done over the last its a year or two uh. Their pens.

Have you know gotten better and better, and i think this is another example of that when you have a display, this big, that takes up your whole desk its hard to have a keyboard off to the side, thats conveniently accessible. Instead of doing shortcut keys directly on the display, huion has opted for a very simple remote. Now there are some really fancy expert pro level shortcut amazing remotes out there, but all you really need this thing to do is to occasionally undo things. Maybe change your brush size zoom in and out. You know the basics thats pretty much. What you want your remote to do, and you can do that here. You can program any of the keys to be any keyboard shortcut. You want theres, also a scroll wheel along the top. I set that for zoom. You can set that for your brushes or to rotate or to do some other function, thats handy for you. It does have an internal battery and can be charged via the usb cable. That it comes with when its charged up, you can unplug it use it wirelessly using the little usb dongle that it comes with, and handily fits into one of the extra usba hubs along the side, and i didnt use this long enough to make the battery drain. But it seems like its going to last a couple days per charge. The remote is controlled through the same drivers that the tablet is controlled through.

Overall, that works pretty well every so often the drivers would lose my tablet when i had the remote plugged in to charge this wasnt a huge deal. This was just something where i had to unplug the usbc cable from my computer and replug it in for it to refine the monitor and then pull all my windows back over to the new screen. I should also point out – i am using an early version of this tablet before its publicly available, so its possible that these drivers might be sorted out by the time you get your hands on it. So the remote its a nice addition, its not fancy, but it gets the job done pros and cons. You know theres nothing wrong with this. Usually i can find something to to go on about and say. Oh this is a trade off youre. Getting with this over that, but i got ta say screen – looks really cool. I like the inclusion of the remote instead of the shortcut keys. Of course, this is not for the price sensitive. However, for this size and this quality of display, the price seems pretty reasonable quality costs money. There are places where you can tell theyre saving on costs, for example, that shortcut remote isnt as premium as say sense, labs, new remote or even the little wacom remote like that. One magnetically attaches to the side its small enough to move around, but this one it works, it does what it needs to do its its fine and the end result is youre, probably saving 50 100 on the price of the device.

Now, comparing this directly to the wacom cintiq pro 24, i could go either way. This has smaller bezels and takes up less room on your desk, so thats a plus the wacom has that etched glass screen i mentioned before, and you can get that with touch the pen on the wacom is also a little bit better. So if were going head to head and just asking which is better the huion or the wacom, i would say: okay, the wacom is a better product, but where the real question comes in is when we look at the price price per value. The wacom is like this much better, but it costs significantly more. Is it worth it for the money that youre paying i dont know? For me, the answer is probably going to be no for someone who needs that improved pen. The answer might be yes, but what do you think, let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.