This is one big device. I had to remove the tablet from the outer delivery box on the floor, as it would have been quite difficult task on my desk Music. All right lets get this polystyrene out of the way inside is the little brown box of goodies, and the display itself is a big one. Music lets just check to see. If anything else is in the box there we go no thats it all good right lets. Get going Music opening up the box youll find the power brick Music power. Music, lead, assaulted, usb cables, including a three in one: cable, Music, usbc to usbc, cable, Music, cleaning cloth, warranty start guide Music in here. It presumes the pen, Music, yep, good, guess, heres, the pen donut with the spare nibs inside. You can also use this to keep your pen on the desk Music thats, the allen key for fixing the stand and, of course, the stand itself. The screws are supplied and its quite simple to fix to the back of the display Music Music weve sped this bed up because its not the most interesting thing to watch but its a simple case to install the stands at the back of the tablet. Quick tip put a towel or rug down on the table to stop any scratches Music. This is also an enjoyable part of the experience peeling off that protective film yep, that was nice Music. The driver software should be familiar to those who have used other huey on tablets recently it sports the current trendy dark mode by default, but can be changed by going into settings general and choosing light.

If you prefer, the software is nice and simple to have a poke around in you can map the working area to any display. Should you have a multi, monitor, setup and change the functionality of the pen, buttons theres, also a simple option to change the pen pressure drag the lines around in the left box in the print sensitivity, adjustment, tab, thats, quite hard to say and draw and test in The right box, until you find the pressure you are comfortable with the store button, takes you to yep youve guessed it the huion store, i would have thought linking to the support section would have been handier and more useful, but hey theyve got to sell those tablets. Its a simple task to find a support page anyway, if you run into any problems Music, the pen is nice and light and its huions latest pw517 stylus, which incorporates their latest pentech3 technology. It has a nice non slip, rubber grip around the button area and very comfortable in the hand, its obviously plastic, but feels very well made. It supports 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt. You might be thinking what about that weird lagging. I just saw the lines were struggling behind the pen sure enough. There was a little bit of lag there, but rest assured. I never encountered this again after that initial set scribbles. It may have been my laptop calls in this, so ill give huey on the benefit of the doubt as youll see after that it was perfect to check and confirm this.

I connected the pen to my high spec pc and never experienced any lag whatsoever. This really is a smooth drawing experience great stuff huion. If you do encounter any weird goings on with this or any tablet really checking or unchecking windows ink may solve the problem. Heres some technical details about the huion pw517 pen, Music heres, some more technical details about the canvas 24 plus display Music. This is a 2k qhd resolution screen with the by 2560×14 pixel count. It also boasts a 1200 to 1 contrast ratio and 140 srgb its a fully laminated screen and has an etched anti glare glass, perfect for those brightly lit offices or surroundings, its capable of displaying 16.7 million colours and has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, Music. The pen pressure worked exactly as you would expect pressing harder produce, thicker lines and vice versa, the ends of the lines or strokes tapered off very nicely, and the pads slid across the screen with ease the stylus needs to be only 10 millimeters away from the screen To be registered and or recognized overall, it felt great drawing on this. I really love this pen display the colors look great, the image is, pin sharp and the size is incredible. It really does feel like youre sitting in front of a high end professional device. Well, it is, and i am Music if youve got the desk space and wants to upgrade from a full hd 1920 by 1080, drawing experience, and i can fully recommend this.

You wont be sorry Music. This really is a huge tablet sitting up close and personal to it makes it feel even bigger and its fantastic for working on large images, especially with its 2k resolution. You can create a 1920×1080 artboard in photoshop and still have a lot of screen real estate for all your menus and pallets Music. Even at this size, im not sure id like a 4k resolution, as everything would presumably appear even smaller, and then you have to scale up which will defeat the purpose. Really. This size and resolution works perfectly Music on the top right of the unit once plugged. In a small but unobtrusive green, led lights up to the left of that are five small icons representing the button options that run across the top of the monitor. Using these and accessing the on screen display, you can change or update settings, like contrast, sharpness, brightness, color, temperature, gamma, vertical and horizontal positions, etcetera, Music. This is a really great pen display the colors look great. The image is, pin sharp and just the size is incredible. Music, this is a great tablet to work on and comes thoroughly recommended good job, huion, Music, Music thats.