Before i start, i want to say a disclaimer. I bought this traveler with my own money. Huion is not sponsoring me and everything i’m going to share with you is my honest opinion. Also. You can check the timestamps to navigate through this review now, with that out of the way, let’s start there’s a ton of videos out there that show the unboxing of this tablet, so here i’m, going to focus more on the pros and cons based on my experience With using it for months as someone who has been drawing digitally for five years, using an old, wacom, intuos pen tablet, oh and i do want to show what came in the box as well. There’S the adjustable stand, three in one cable power, adapter and ac cable. Usb c to usbc, cable, glove, quick, start guide, cleaning cloth, this cute pen, holder with 10 extra nymphs and a pen nib clip inside and, of course, there’s the battery free pen and then the canvas 22 plus itself. Okay, so let’s talk first about what i love about. This tablet there’s, actually quite a few, so fasten your seat belts. Ladies and gentlemen, pro number one excellent drawing experience, one of the first things i noticed while using this tablet for the first time, was how much it feels like drawing directly on the screen again. I’Ve only ever used a pen tablet before so i cannot compare this with another pen display in terms of parallax, but just from personal observation, i do not notice any parallax.

It really does feel like the brush, strokes and lines that i draw are coming directly from the tip of the pen, since they are exactly where i want and expect them to be, also it’s very sensitive and responsive to changes in pressure application. As you can see here, it registers light to heavy pen pressure quite well. I do not notice any issues. One thing worth mentioning, though, is that i have windows ink purposefully, turned off in the settings here which is actually on by default, because with my previous intuos tablet, i ran into problems with it turned on, and it took forever for me to figure out that it Was this windows ink thing that was causing trouble? So i guess i got a bit paranoid and immediately turned it off after installing the huion driver, so that may be something to keep in mind so far. I’Ve had no issues whatsoever and the pen dress feels great to draw with pro number two. The big 19 inch active surface area of the tablet is perfect. For me, this was something that i got a bit concerned about with this tablet. Back when i was trying to decide which one to buy, because i kept reading reviews from other people that this display was too big for them and that they wish they opted for a 16 inch instead. In the end, i decided to go with a bigger screen. Just because i felt like having more screen estate was more fitting for my needs and i was not wrong.

The big screen allows me to have more space to draw freely from my arm. Instead of from my wrist pro number three, the colors on the screen are amazing, they’re, very vibrant, very lively, plus. The viewing angle is superb, although i did have to adjust the saturation down to 38 from the default 50. I think it was 50 because it was just too saturated out of the box, since i have no screen calibrator, though i can’t comment on the exact accuracy of the colors and how to calibrate them. I did mine just by comparing it to another monitor, but again the colors are just beautiful on this display pro number four, the 1080p resolution is actually not bad. This was another concern of mine before buying this tablet, because i thought that the 1080p resolution would not look good on a 22 inch screen. I think if you’re used to a 2k or 4k monitor you’ll very likely notice the difference right away, but since i’m not this resolution is decent. I don’t notice the pixels, unless i look really closely, which i don’t do, while i’m drawing or painting anyways. So for me, it’s not a big deal and, like i mentioned earlier, it’s, not bad at all, it’s, very usable it’s enough for my drawing and painting needs and for its affordable price. I really cannot complain pro number five. The screen is super bright, which is what i like. Of course, you can adjust this in the settings.

I actually increased the backlight on mine to 100, which is a bit higher than the default, while keeping the brightness to the default 50.. I noticed when looking at reviews of other pen displays, including those in the canvas line and in other brands, that their screens look a little bit too dark and dim for my preference. The canvas 22 plus certainly does not so i love it for this pro number. Six, i love that the tablet has an extra usb port. My laptop has only three all of which i already needed to use, so i find it very convenient that the canvas 22 plus came with an extra one that i currently use for my keyboard. Pro number. Seven, the build of the tablet feels very solid. It does not feel cheap at all. In fact, i find myself touching the back of the tablet a lot i just love the premium feel of it. Another thing that feels premium is the stand: it’s solid, it’s, stable. It doesn’t wobble at all, and i love the ease with which i can really adjust the angle. Sometimes i even find myself wanting to adjust the angle of this hand for no other reason than to feel its stability. It doesn’t go fully perpendicular though, but i don’t want to use it this way, anyways. So, for me, it’s not a problem pro number: eight, the drivers were easy to set up and install so far, i’ve had zero problems with the drivers, except for this one time, which was actually my fault.

So a little story insert here just for a heads up a few days after installing the driver and having the canvas work perfectly. I had to unplug my laptop and use it somewhere else, during which i wanted to use my intuos and decided to plug it in which then automatically installed wacom drivers. I forgot that i wasn’t supposed to do this as for the huion instructure manual, so when i used the canvas again, i got worried because the pen no longer worked long story short. I had to completely uninstall both the huion and wacom drivers and reinstall the huion once so again of caution, just in case you experienced the same thing alright, so those were the pros. This time, let’s, head over to the cons car number one, the pen doesn’t, feel as comfortable to hold. It is light. It has a premium feel to it, but since the shape of the pen gets larger towards the tip, sometimes i accidentally click on the buttons while using it. Comparing the shape of this pen to the pen that came with my intuos, the ladder is more comfortable to hold, as its design leaves more space between the pen itself and my hand as i use it. In contrast to the huion pen, which is a bit bulky and again makes for accidental clicks, however, since the pen performs well in terms of the drawing experience, i cannot fault it much car number, two speaking of the pen buttons, sometimes they’re, not as responsive you have To be precise, when clicking the pen buttons, meaning click them firmly on the center so that it registers, i did not experience this with the wacom pen, i feel like it is softer to click.

But then again i rarely use the pen button, so it doesn’t interfere with my workflow con number three. I noticed that the screen gets a little warm on the top right side, but i guess that is the thing with pen displays. In general, it gets warm after hours of consistent use, i’d say about two hours, but it doesn’t get in the way of me, drawing in fact, at this point after using the tablet for a month, i had completely forgotten about this warming up thing. I only really noticed it when i first used this tablet and now i suppose i’ve gotten used to it also, if you tend to draw only on the center area of the screen for the most part like i do. You probably also won’t notice it as you draw con number four. The wires do get a little cluttered if you use the three in one cable instead of the usb type c to c, which i do because my laptop doesn’t support the ladder. But since i have my tablet set up on a long and spacious table, i don’t notice the cables while i’m working and they don’t bother me at all. To help with this, i use a wireless keyboard as well to awesome the clutter and to make it more comfortable to draw con number five lack of express keys, speaking of keyboards i’m very used to keyboard shortcuts. But as i drew more and more of the canvas 22 plus, i realized how much faster my workflow could be if there were express keys on the tablet.

I have seen people buy an external sort of remote as an alternative i’m going to check it out, but then again, this tablet, probably wouldn’t, have been as affordable too if it came with xpress keys. But if you think you need express keys, this might be something to consider. So as a conclusion, i am in love with this pen display after using a small pen tablet for years. This was a much needed upgrade and i’m very happy with my investment. The only thing now is that i hope this tablet lasts. I hope it’s, durable and we’ll see about that in the coming months and years, hopefully, as i keep using this as my main digital drawing device.