it available in three colors midnight, green red purple and cosmo black. What you see is the cosmo black, please state that cosmo black is always associated with the mysterious and fascinating sky will awaken you to a sense of infinity and ignite. Your inner creativity, the canvas 13, is quite thin, 11.8 millimeter ultraslim and weighs only 900 grams which make it easy to carry a pen display for outdoor drawing. When you open the box, there is first a tango part for choosing and then the stand. The stand is the pen display st 300. The stand has six different tilt angles and non slip pads on the bottom and on each corners understand the manual there’s two rubber pads on the sides as well. Another phone in the bottom and the warranty card is just a simple disk that you need to fill up. When you open the box, there is a usb power, extension it’s, quite long at least 1.5 meters to exam and then the second cable which features the hdmi usb 3.0 usb power and a type c connector to the tablet Music thread. One is the usb power hdmi and the usb 3.0 wells also included a stand and the pen itself. The pen is 8192 levels and 60 degree tilt support also consists of the pen, nibs, eight pen, ebbs 10 pen loops to back them and the remover. The pen itself is quiet normal, just like on any normal pen. Also, i forgot to mention the stand: is: has a lot of pads in order to protect the tablet itself, as you can see, two on each side and one at the due to bottom, thin and being compact can be easily carried in your bag.

And now, for my setup, setup is quiet, it’s normally connected to the laptop, and you can also convert it into usb type c to usb type c connection, there’s. Quite a problem in the backlit of the tablet itself. I chatted the support, for this tablet has a backlit problem. We kind of have white lights, contacted we in support for this. When i use the black wallpaper, i kind of have white lights on each sides, four corners, particularly at the bottom you’re, really seeing when it’s black, which you can see in the picture. The video below you can see there’s the white light in four corners. Music can be seen on the darker solid color wallpapers. The blue we’ve, already seen in the other colors, is chosen, but when it comes to any darker colors, especially black can be seen the white backlit and many bright colors. The backlit light is really seen Music.