Today, we’re looking at the h580x opening up the box, we find the tablet usual accessory bag, which contains the pen quick, start guide, usb cable phone, adapter or tablet adapter, and also the pen holder, which contains spare nibs Music. The pen is huion’s pw100, which is battery free, supports 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt it’s quite light, but feels nice in the hand inside the pen holder is where you’ll find the eight spare nibs. The tablet has an eight by five inch designated drawing area which takes up 74 percent of the overall tablet size, it’s black made of plastic and weighs only 343 grams. Its size and weight make it perfect for slinging into your laptop bag for transportation in the top left is where you’ll find the usbc port Music once you’ve downloaded the driver software it’s a simple case of plugging in your laptop to the tablet using the usbc cable Music, according to huion’s website, this tablet has a paper like surface and it did feel nice to draw on. There was no scratchy feeling when using it Music. This is a nice size tablet to work with that. You don’t have to move your wrist or hand too far to move your pen across the screen perfect for the lazy artist Music. The eight shortcut keys are used to help you in the creative process by replicating the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts like undo, save, zoom and etc.

They’Re customizable in the driver software, if you need to make any changes Music just for a change. I used a more simple, quick, cartoony style of art to showcase just how well the pen pressure works and it worked perfectly. I changed the pen pressure slightly in the settings as i like a lighter touch, but it was great lines tapered off nicely and overall, it felt good to use Music next to the shortcut keys. Is a small led light this activates on the pen touching or registering on the tablet surface or when you press one of the shortcut keys, Music, it’s, a nice looking tablet with its gold, coloured huion logo and drawing area chevrons on the front offset with the eight Shortcut keys on the left Music, oh Music, the tablet can be flipped round and used by both left and right handed users and the necessary changes can be made in the driver software to reflect this. This is where usbc is ideal, as the cable, too can be. Flipped or reversed accordingly, the pen is quite light and has a nice rubber grip around the rocker switch. The switch has two functions which can be changed in the software. I tend to use them for eraser and right click. Music. The driver software for the h580x is the same for the 610x and the 420x. It is detected automatically it’s. Here you can change to pen pressure reassign the pen button functions plus those are the shortcut keys, change the rotation map, the tablet to your screen back up.

Your settings link to hueyon’s website so and you can even change the color of the ui Music. The shortcut keys worked as expected, but i still tend to use my actual keyboard when working for things like undo and save old habits die hard. That said, it’s nice to be able to zoom in and out increase the brush size at the touch of a button like the h610x i’m, not sure how long they’ll last, if you’re heavy handed, they do feel a bit plasticky and fragile. So i’d go easy on them. The tablet worked nicely on my android tablet, using adobe illustrator drawer. As you can see here, it felt nice and smooth Music it’s, getting harder and harder to choose a graphic tablet nowadays with so many sizes, colors resolutions and manufacturers. But if this is your first time, you really can’t go wrong with the huion device, so this would be a good choice. You can always upgrade or get a larger one as you progress, Music that’s about it for this review.