yes I have a ball mouse

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of videos recently, new animation should be coming out soon, so look out for that, make sure to check out HUION's website, and I'll see you later… bye 😀

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Huion GT-185:
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Music Used: Joakim Karud – Dreams


Hello there! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Infamous Swoosh, I'm currently 15 and I've been animating since late February 2016. It's really a blessing to see such a huge amount of supporters! Thank you all so much. If you are interested in pretty decent animations, Q&A's, and more to come in the future, then subscribe!! Welcome! Get some popcorn, and relax…


What Equipment Do I Use?

I used a HUION Professional Pen Tablet 2048 Levels for 2 years then upgraded to the HUION GT-185

I use a Blue Snowball to record my videos, but from March 2016 – June 2017 I used a Nady SCM-1000 Studio Condenser Microphone to record my videos

What Software Do I Use?

I use Adobe Flash CS4 to animate my videos and Wondershare Filmora to edit (its not the best program so I don't recommend it but it does its job for me)

Instagram: infamous_swoosh
Twitter: @InfamousSwoosh
VidMe: InfamousSwoosh

10k ~ 1/9/17
25k ~ 9/12/17

love y'all, ok bye.