, Thank you so much to Veikk for sending me the Studio, VK 2200 Pro to try out.. Let me give a bit of info before moving on to the unboxing.. It comes with two customized quick dials and eight shortcutkeys., Its 21.5 inches, and the screen is 1920 by 1080 pixels.. The screen is IPS. Full laminateddisplay. Also comes with a battery free pen with 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degree tilt.. This tablet is compatible with most of the creative apps and is priced at 469.99, dollars., Which you can find on their official store or on other platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and Amazon. Ill. Give my thoughts on the tablet, pricing and other opinions later in the video Okay., So heres the actual pen display. I have to get these out. First, You see in the back. There is the stand. I have to figure out how this works. First, Oh, wait. Okay, hold on, I need the manual You see that Its supposed to look like that. I SEE NOW So theres a little thing that you can pull here and it will make the entire thing go down. Okay, so thats really good. You can just pull up and then adjust as much as you like, and then let go Wow its huge. I think you can see me. Oh no, you can see my wall of Genshin So onto this box. Here you have driver manual, a glove, a cleaning cloth. Two pens Yep two pens.

I believe this is the power adapter, A pen holder with nibs; Yes, theres, a lot of nibs here, Oh more nibs., Thats, a thats, a lot, Two sided usb C, cable, Usb C and usb type, A HDMI, cable and the very last. The chonky power cable, So Im about to start setting everything up, but I looked at the tablet first and I felt like everything was a bit weird Theres a bit of scratches and I just realized its because I didnt take out the film theres, an actual film On it, I thought they sent me a defect or something I dont know why. I would think that Im actually just stupid – oh my god, Yes Best feeling in the world Wait. So, according to the manual theres, only one pen and one pen pocket Am I special or something Anyway. I got ta check the manual properly because Ive never used a pen display before.. If you have usb C ports, then just use that, if not then use the HDMI and usb A. I will be using my macbook pro right there, which only has usb C ports. So the usb A and the HDMI cables can just go back in the box. Yeah I put this shikishi right here just to cover up the outlet and a bunch of plugs that i just shoved over there. So the plugs are all the way in the stand right there, and I just noticed that there are some buttons right here, not sure what those are yet.

Wait. Is it safe to plug it in like this, I should put it back up. This is the most confusing unboxing ever Im, so sorry, Its heavy Okay, okay, okay, okay., OH Shes, alive, No signal. Of course I havent plugged it into my laptop. Yet Okay Ive got everything set up, now. The buttons in the bottom behind it is the power button for the screen and there are settings like brightness contrast, color temperature, the text and other Because Im using a Mac. There are issues with the driver, but the website does have FAQs and video tutorials to help you fix the problem.. One thing that is weird, though, is that the driver doesnt have an actual app of it on its own, like other tablets that Ive used. Instead itll be here in the system, preferences and right below here., You can adjust the pen pressure, sensitivity, Theres, the pen buttons And mapping which isimportant. You have to calibrate in order to get your pen tip and your cursor to be in the same location And that feels a lot better. Theres functions all the buttons And heres the dial. So there are two dials and eight shortcut buttons that you can use when drawing so say. If I have my right hand drawing, I can just use the buttons on here and adjust the shortcuts to whatever I like.. As for these dials, they can be spun and adjust to whatever like zooming for right now, I have it as changing the brush size.

Okay, so this could be a personal problem that I have with pens if its too heavy or too light, I dont really like it, and this pen is a bit too light for me If the screen is very vertical up like this, it still needs some sort Of weight at the tip for it to actually stay, but I think maybe it might be better if Okay, its a bit better. If my screen is down here at a normal angle, I set the buttons on my pen for this one to be space, so I can move the canvas around and for this to be alt, so I can color pick easily By pressing the top button. It turns into a color picker, and I can just pick colors and then blend as much as I need With space, though I feel like I have to press and then press onto the screen hard enough for it to actually move around Im. Having this issue a bit Now see how well the pen pressure is Okay, so lets take a look at the blue lines. First, you can see that theyre pretty smooth and the pen pressure works pretty well, except for these lines right here that theyre pretty wonky. I think its just because Im standing while drawing this. But overall the lines are pretty smooth and if we go here to the orange lines right here., These lines are drawn with stabilization. On. Stabilization helps with creating smoother lines in case you have a shaky hand and you can see that theyre very smooth.

So, even though, if maybe there are any problems with the pen pressure, not being even stabilization is in every program and it can help you with drawing The weights here, work pretty well with a light hand and with a heavy hand, I didnt even have to press My pen down that hard in order to get like a full stroke of the size, Though, if youresomeone with a heavy hand, you can also justadjust the pen pressure settings in the driver Heres my thoughts after testing this thing, outmy screen wasnt as crisp compared to my Laptops But then I found my problems were because I mirrored the display, instead of using it as a second display.. My laptop actually had a smaller screen and a different resolution, so the tablets display made it look like the pixels were blown out and expanded., But then, after having the tablet as its own display as like you know, a second monitor, it came out to full 1080p.. So this is something to keep in mind if youre gon na get this, and your monitor is a different resolution than the tablet Drawing on this felt pretty fine actually. It took some getting used to. But then I got the hang of it. And creating art went pretty smoothly. I had no issues with the color as well. It came out looking fine., You can also adjust the settings and such, but I didnt have any issue with that.. I actually have a Windows pc only used for gaming, but it does have Clip Studio, so I tried tablet out and honestly it works pretty fine with no issues at all.

. I think part of it is because the driver is more stable on Windows. According to what Ive been looking up Again, the pen is a tad bit too light for my liking, but other than that it works without issue.. The tablet like the screen itself feels very professional, like sleek design and materials. It feels pretty solid. I I really REALLY like the adjustable stand like its really sturdy and I can adjust it to any angle. I want. The highest it can go is about 80 degrees. Its pretty vertical – and i can just prop it up if I need more space on my desk when Im not using it. Ive, seen like other screen tablet stands that are in you know its locked in specific positions, and I heard its an issue for some artists.. This is just something that Ive seen on the internet Now. Should you get this If youre an intermediate artist? Looking for an upgrade like I dont want to use a tablet anymore, or I have a screen tablet, but its small. I want a bigger one, then sure keep this one as an option, but be mindful of the size, though it is 21 inches its huge, and it will need a lot of space. So make sure you got a workspace that is big enough for it.. Also, the pricing is just 469.99. I have to convert this so thats, like 16k Thai Baht, like listen, thats, actually really affordable compared to its size and quality like man.

This is something I could have saved up for when I was younger, like back in the day. Pen displays are something really out of my reach, its something I couldnt even dream of getting because theyre super expensive and the market was really small. There was only one brand really that made screen tablets.. It was still new tech and it was very expensive and im really glad that artists these days will get better access to these things. Now.. If you watch this review and you think it looks good, keep it as an option, but one thing to keep in mind is that ive never used any other screen tablet before so personally, I cannot compare this to other models or brands for you Once again. Thank you so much to Veikk for sending me this VK 2200 Pro for me to try out..