There is a massive update coming for the oculus quest 2. That is adding two major features, a couple of other gimmicky ones, but two major features that i think are going to make the oculus quest 2. An even better headset than it already is, which is already pretty amazing, let’s get this thing. Music, alrighty guys share on my screen. I have an article pulled up here and there’s, a ton of articles covering this exact topic, and i kind of picked this one because well, first of all this picture here, why is she wearing the headset outside the first thing? It says in the instruction manual was not to use the headset outside and it’s well known in the vr community that you don’t wear an inside out tracking ie with the little camera pass throughs headset outside because it scorches the screen in there. Not to mention you look like a goober because she’s on her way to the bus, stop right now, tripping over everything in sight and it’s messing up her hair. It looks like a wicker broom anyway. Moving away from that, though, there are two major features coming with this. This update, and by the way the update is rolling out soon, so we don’t have an announcement. However, uh facebook has been pretty that’s. The owner of oculus facebook has been pretty on the ball when it comes to not announcing things too early, so when they mention a new patch or update or feature it usually is only about a month or two out before it actually comes into existence.

So, first of all, we are going to get what’s called airlink, which is a way to wirelessly play pc games with the headset, and you can already do this with virtual desktop. However, you have to install a third party application, which is twenty dollars, and it used to be a real pain in the took us to get it set up. You’D have to like run a script on there and then uh enable some developer features and stuff like that. Uh and now it’s pretty easy. You just pay the 20 bucks and you have virtual desktop, but this is going to be actually an included feature from oculus, which they call airlink that’s. One of the main selling features of this headset is that it can do three things quite well. It is a standalone, so you can literally just use the controllers and the headset and it has built in audio and everything and you don’t need anything else. You don’t need a gaming pc. You can play everything uh, you know your games and apps from the in onboard oculus store or you can tether it up with the oculus link, cable to the front or back of your tower and your pc. As long as you have a powerful enough rig good enough gpu to push vr and you’ll be able to play the entire uh oculus rift lineup, as well as the steam library that’s, how i’ve been playing half life alex, which, by the way i’m gon na, be Streaming that game right here on this channel and then you can run what’s called virtual desktop, which allows you to play your pc games, wirelessly, which is a great feeling being able to play uh flagship, pc games untethered without tripping over a cable and getting all wrapped Up and basically choking yourself in a cable and, of course, to run this, you are going to need good, wi, fi, so basically a router and modem that support wi fi 6 to get an acceptable experience.

So you definitely want to have a solid home internet connection and then the next feature – and this is a big one – ladies – it is a thick boy – 120 hertz refresh rate, so the only headsets right now that support 120 hertz refresh rate are north of a thousand Dollars – and this is a 300 headset – the fact you’re gon na be able to wirelessly play pc games and have support for 120 hertz content is pretty impressive. Do do i think these will work in conjunction? No, i think, in order to get the 120 hertz refresh rate, you probably will still need to be tethered via the oculus link, cable or a third party cable to your pc to get that uh refresh rate, but we’ll have to see there now. Currently, we do have 90 hertz, and that is supported on a lot of titles. It just has to be the developer of the gamer. Application has to support it uh, but all games are at least 72 hertz, which is still not bad it’s. Still a relatively fluid experience and then they’re making a bunch of buffs or changes to infinite office, which i think is completely niche completely gimmicky. I don’t see any practical application for this whatsoever. Basically, it puts you into a virtual environment which is cool if you’re doing something like watching youtube or netflix, because you sit on a virtual couch in a cool environment. You have like a 100 inch projector in screen in front of you, but infinite office is for productivity, so you’re, actually you’re typing up a subpoena for the lawyer that you’re working for remotely or you’re doing some uh, some audio design or some graphic design.

Some cad you’re doing some video editing, you’re doing some freelance work or something like that, but you’re in a virtual environment. I don’t, i can’t think of anybody. That’S gon na be like man. You know what really increase my productivity and really uh boost, my workflow being in virtual reality, Laughter. How about you get your own bottle, but basically, what it does is it uses the hand tracking built in board to the oculus 2 to see your hands while you’re typing on a keyboard. However, this is only currently available with one keyboard through logitech, so yeah it’s an 80 keyboard, and i believe it is wireless it’s, not a bad keyboard by any means. It’S, definitely it’s, not a gaming keyboard, it’s, not mechanical or anything like that. It’S, a productivity style keyboard, so this is pretty exciting stuff. In my opinion, i mean 120 hertz, like i said the only headsets that can even hit that are like a thousand dollars plus and if they get oh, my god, if they can get that to work in conjunction with the wireless, if you can play 120 hertz Wireless there would be no need to buy any other headset, which there already pretty much isn’t unless you have a super high end flagship pc and you want the absolute best experience when it comes to outside in or external tracking. So you want full body tracking. Then you get yourself something like the valve headset, but 92 percent of people.

I would say the quest 2 is the headset to get just because it does wireless and wired pc gaming uh all in one solution. By far one of the lightest and smallest headsets out there – and it has just a ton of features going for it good hand tracking, you can actually pinch on menus and whatnot. Just a ton of features. You usually only see on very high end flagship devices, so that’s awesome, they’re able to cram that into a 300 device. However, it’s not perfect, you have to have an active facebook account, the onboard audio isn’t great and the uh stock battery life is not good. We’Re. Talking like two hours and then no fast charging, so two hours of charge, two hours of play, two hours of charge, two hours of play, granted a lot of people don’t like to stay in vr for longer than two hours anyway, because they get a little bit. Nauseous uh, or they just wan na, be back in the real world. You know unplug from the matrix so to speak, but i’m really excited about this as an oculus 2 owner. I think this is going to be phenomenal and i cannot wait to play some games. Uh wirelessly i’ve already done it with virtual desktop, but the fact that you know now it’s free granted i’ve already bought virtual desktop, but for new owners it is free and i think it’ll actually be a little bit more streamlined and smooth as it is integrated directly With the oculus software it just should just just boot up and go and the 120 hertz i mean that’s a big jump 90 to 120.

You know if it was something on a gaming, pc that’s, not a big leap right there, but in vr, where you want the most fluid experience, because it’s on your head, whenever you look around you’re moving around the game world and that’s going to make a big Difference so just want to share this information with you guys if you enjoyed the video liking, it helps to get seen by more people which, in turn helps me grow this little channel, which i do greatly greatly appreciate, subscribe for more content like this.