It is huaweis newest edition in its flagship laptop line, and there are some subtle improvements. You have a 14.2 inch 3.1 k display, and one of the biggest upgrades to a lot of people is that the selfie camera the webcam its now no longer hidden in the keyboard, instead its back up at the top bezel. So when youre doing video calls, the angle is a little bit more flattering. Otherwise, you have all the internal spec pump that youd expect the keyboard is still probably the best in the business right now: 1.5 millimeters key travel, pretty decent sized track pad, and you have a new six speaker systems that sound pretty good, hey dot. Last season, after that, unexpected run to the playoffs. We had the momentum in the city. I have not had time to really use this laptop thoroughly yet so i will have a review later, but this video takes a look at this laptop, not by itself but in its relation in the huawei ecosystem, because also at mwc huawei introduced the system called super Device, its a software concept that basically connects this laptop to all huaweis accessories, which several of which are here so the huawei maple expo 2022, is designed to work with everything. Here you have the huawei mate 11, the huawei p50 pro and the huawei mate view. This is my favorite monitor its a three by two monitor. I use it to edit videos – and this is also a relatively new product by huawei announced mwc, its a new laser printer from huawei.

So obviously the matebook x pro now is connected to the huawei mate view, fire usb c cable, but you can also connect wirelessly, ive unplugged it. So i just have to go into the control center. Youll see right here, super device. This is a new panel that you will now find across all huaweis consumer devices. Laptops tablet phones, so you tap on super device and you get this little map that shows you all the huawei products around the maple x4. You see the maple expo is the center of the universe and you have these other products in its orbit. So if i drag the main view icon into the middle like this, it should initiate pairing and the main view should turn on and just connect wirelessly. So now i am connected wirelessly now, obviously its not as smooth as using a wire, but you know sometimes your laptop cannot be right. Next, to your monitor, lets say: im working at the couch and i can connect wirelessly like so so once youre connected, you can now use the second screen as an extended display. This is like the most basic setup. To be honest, its super device is much more fun when you pair it with these two guys right here so well get our super display. So first see i just dragged me view away and i now may feel disconnected im going to drag me pad 11 to the macbook x pro to connect these two now, okay, so now the main powder 11 is connected to the mate book x.

Pro now i have an extended display right here. This collaboration between two devices can do a little bit more. So if you jump into huaweis, pc manager actually do multiple things. You can mirror your screen. You can extend your screen, which is what i have done right now, and you can also do collaborate which allows you to drag and drop files, so this is pretty cool, so right now ive gone to collaborate mode. So now the tablet is back working as a standalone tablet, but then my mouse cursor from the pc carries over to the mate pad and then, if i go into the photo gallery in the main pad, so this is the mate pattern photo gallery. I can drag and drop files over to the pc so now i dropped it over, and i have have this picture that i took on the maypath webcam over here, and that is not all. You can also view your tablet files. So now you can youre basically using this as a hard drive, so lets say you have a pdf document thats only in this device you can now access this on. Your pc lets go back to extend mode because there are more cool things you can do with extend mode. So when youre extending a screen connecting to a pc to a tablet, you usually think of the tablet, as the second screen for the pc. But then huawei allows you to interact with your pc software on the tablet too.

So, for example, lets open up a sketch pad right here now you can draw your finger on a pc screen, but its a little bit tough to do on a laptop right. So just drag this window over here to the main pad, and now i can use the m pencil to sketch on this now its much better right, because i actually have a proper stylus and when im done, i can just bring it back over to the pc Side – and i will have that sketch on my pc, so this is a level of synergy between laptop and tablet that other brands may not have gotten there yet, and this is huaweis vision they want to base everything around the computer like this is the center of The universe and everything else works around it. Likewise, if youre using a huawei device, you can connect a huawei phone to your laptop now. You can also use super device to connect. As you can see here, the huawei p50 pro is listed, but i actually like this way better. You can just tap it on the pad. You see it picked it up. Now i just tap connect. Now i have my huawei p50 pro screen directly on the macbook x pro screen. This is not a new feature, its been around for several years, but its still very useful. A lot of times, im working and im getting like whatsapp chats, rechat messages and i dont have to respond on the phone.

I can respond directly here. I can access phone apps directly by tapping onto the screen. You can also cycle through your phone interface, with your finger on the computer screen, and you can also see the camera viewfinder too, so i can zoom all the way out to the street, but then you can see the viewfinder here see what this guys up to. Okay hes wiping his uh his mouth and you can also access the files that are inside your phone on the pc now so same thing. You can use this as a hard drive and finally theres a huawei printer. Now, unfortunately, i am completely out of paper, so i cannot show you the printing action but um. This is a pretty seamless device that same thing you can connect to your laptop or your maypad or your phone via that super device manager. Once youre connected, you can just select the file to print and then it will print out here and then, if you come look at here, you have a huawei sharepad. So that means, even if you dont, have a pc thats connected to the printer lets say you just have a huawei phone. You can just tap your phone on the printer like this to transfer whatever file you want to print to here, and that also means, even if you have a friend over or lets say youre in office, anyone with a huawei device can print whatever files they need From their phone just by tapping on the printer and itll come out so so this is for a super device.

In a nutshell, it is a new, interconnected ecosystem that connects all huaweis consumer products with the pc laptop computer, whatever as the center of the universe. So i have a lot more content coming up, including a review of this macbook x, pro 2022 and several other stuff that are being announced at mwc. So, if youre interested in keeping up to date with all the latest gadgets, please consider subscribing to my channel.