The matepad pro 12.6 is a tablet available at 3’9, theorems harmony, os 2 runs the show and its a nice familiar experience. Youve got a dock at the bottom and little options to arrange the ui, like switching between small and large folders notifications are accessed via swiping from the left edge, whereas all your controls are on the right. The 12.6 inch size of the display also hits the sweet spot its bright and lets. You take full advantage of content at 2560 by 1600 resolution again having multiple applications, open, different windows and just general multitasking is great thanks to huawei software and also dont dismiss video watching here, because the speakers and oled display experience is pretty good. Sound is immersive, although we sometimes wish the screen. Bezel was just a bit smaller, but thats, not the biggest issue with the tablet. Harmony. Os 2 is great, but its limitation to not be able to use google services is crucial to counter this. Huawei has done something smart, the software features petal search, which, alongside app gallery, helps you find your favorite applications, but its not as intuitive as you might think. Searching for applications is easy and about 60 of the time youll find the application youre actually looking for, but even if you do, the install process is a bit complex. The tablet essentially looks for application package files online from reliable websites and prompts you to download them in that manner, but this still doesnt mean a true experience and, depending on where you download the applications from times to download can vary.

For example, youtube does not show up on the results at all, so we had to use an alternative called youtube advanced and installing youtube advanced has its own set of extra steps, whereas google keep it shows up as being available officially on the app gallery, but just Doesnt work: there are no alternatives to google keep either, so you have to use a web based version. If you do want to use it, you find a lot of local applications and even others like instagram and twitter, on app gallery and even be able to set up your gmail via huaweis default email application. The bottleneck is just when youre using core google services thats, where this tablet struggles even on harmony, os 2.. While we are talking of usage, its also worth mentioning that not all applications are optimized for a large screen experience in particular twitter, which is just a zoomed in version and instagram, which doesnt take advantage of the extra space at all. Although, when youre watching instagram stories, it does open up as a separate window now we dont know if this is a feature or just a bug, but if its a feature, its a really useful one, but other than that. The responsiveness thanks to the kirin 9000e chip and eight gigabytes of ram is great. You also get 256 gigabytes of on board storage, which can be doubled using huaweis nm card solution away from harmony, os 2 youll get huaweis matebook x pro.

This laptop is a design delight because it has the looks its got: a full aluminium chassis with a bit of a flex and creak, but this is huaweis answer to your typical laptop usage on windows. 10.. It skims out a bit on port selection with only two type c: usb ports, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a type a usb port, but inside youll find an 11th gen intel core i7 1165 g7 chip. This delivers a great performance package, although its not ideal. When it comes to chassis temperatures, the matebook x pro heats up quite a bit, especially on its underside, so its nice to have a 1.33 kilogram chassis thats only 14.6 millimeters thin, but perhaps to make it so thin. You do sacrifice on thermals. The trackpad on the laptop is extremely mushy, so not that satisfying, but the keyboard delivers to a large extent. Raw specifications like 16 gigabytes of ram or one terabytes of storage are also appreciated, but the standout feature for the laptop is its 13.9 inch ltps display its uniform allows for touchscreen input and makes for great visuals for 90 of the time. The blacks could be slightly deeper, but thats about all the complaints were going to talk about the beauty of having a laptop and a tablet. Combination from huawei, though, is that they can cross collaborate. If you want to learn more on how this works, you can definitely check out the video weve made earlier, but being able to interact with windows and harmony os 2.

So seamlessly is just a really nice experience. The wireless experience is good with a hint of latency when moving your cursor, but we wouldnt say its bad for casual video watching or typing, although with such an extensive lineup were still not done because for an even larger display experience, you have the mate view monitor This is huaweis entry into the smart monitor lineup, with a 28.2 inch, 3×2 4k plus ips display weve gone over the basics of the monitor in a previous video linked above. But what about its usage? It has a rich selection of ports and hooking up your pc to the monitor is very straightforward. Having that 3×2 aspect, ratio also helps with vertical space, so if youre scrolling through web pages or feeds, this is ideal, but programs that rely on landscape use. Things like video editing, for instance, will feel a bit cramped up. Multimedia also looks pretty good, but of course, youll have to adjust to those black bars on the top and bottom. We also noticed that the panel wasnt as uniform as it could be, with brightness higher towards the center than the edges. As for the build of the monitor there, isnt much to complain about it gives off an industrial vibe and the overall height and tilt of the device can be adjusted fairly well, but theres no rotation support something we touched on in the earlier video about the mate View was huaweis smart bar and having used it its both intuitive and not.

At the same time, we feel some things like navigation are just done faster with a typical joystick that youd find on any monitor, but for fine tune control. The smart bar definitely helps things like sliding across to adjust, brightness or volume. We think a smart bar with a click function could have been the sweet spot for this type of implementation from huawei. Although you dont find it here and oddly, when youre, using the smart bar extensively and when youre using wireless connectivity in particular, the smart bar region of the monitor, heats up extensively almost to an extent where you cant even touch it so thats. Something to keep in mind, but just like the laptop and the tablet, the monitor also brings in support for wireless connectivity. Although youll have to keep in mind latency this time around, because it is a bit higher than when we connected the mate pad and the mate book looking at huaweis lineup from an overall perspective, though theres definitely value to be had each device caters towards a different Working style and of the three weve particularly enjoyed the matepad pro 12.6 huawei also has a bunch of bundle options available on its website and we think the bundle with the matepad pro 12.6 and the mate view is the most standout in terms of value functionality and Features that youll be able to take advantage of, but thats all for this one. Thank you guys for watching and do let us know what you think about our overall experience and whether youd pick one up all the details for where you can pick up.

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